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Windows file recovery software rating

02 June 2015

Data Rescue v4.0.1 Mac OS X

Data Rescue v4.0.1 Mac OS X | 10.1 MB Data Rescue is a robust and reliable data recovery solution for your Mac. Data Rescue has a 5-star average rating on the Mac App Store a 4.5 star rating on Amazon, in addition to over 150 industry awards for best-in-class Mac recovery since it's debut in 2002. Works on all Mac hard drives even if they fail to mount or only partially operate. Data Rescue v4.0.1 Mac OS X Use Data Rescue to recover:crashed, corrupted or non-mounting hard drive deleted, damaged, or lost files reformatted or erased hard drive One powerful new feature found in Data Rescue 4 is BootWell. Your Mac's main hard drive (sometimes referred to as the Main HD or Boot Drive) is where all of your computer files are stored. When there is a problem with this hard drive it can be very difficult, frustrating and time-consuming to get those files back. BootWell is an all-new feature that makes recovery of your main hard drive painless, fast, and easy. Works on all Mac hard drives even if they fail to mount or only partially operate Recovers digital pictures from your camera media even after it has been erased or reformatted Recover your entire Mac hard drive or just the files you need. Recovers all file types from any HFS/HFS+ formatted hard drive Tuned for all modern OS X versions 10.7.5 and later Recovers from any iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, MacPro, including Retina displays RAW data recovery is enabled from the entire Mac hard drive Supports Data recovery from NTFS-based Boot Camp Partitions Data Rescue v4.0.1 Mac OS X
20 May 2015

MS BKF Recovery Tool by MS BKF Recovery Tool

MS BKF Recovery software is an able to restore bkf file from any type of corruption. Are you getting such error message backup file contains unrecognized data during the BKF file recovery? In case, you should use MS BKF recovery tool which is feasible and flexible software to repair bkf file. BKF repair tool is an effective BKF file recovery tool to repair and recover bkf files when backup file contains unrecognized data. Windows BKF repair utility has following features such as: Quick scan, Deep scan and Range Based scan option. MS BKF recovery tool supports all Microsoft Windows OS: 98, 2000, 2003, Vista, Windows 7 as well as Windows 8. You can get this software in 89 USD personal license and 180 USD business license. Visit - www.msbkf.backuprecoverytool.com
14 May 2015

Exchange Recovery Tool by Exchange Recovery Tool

A well known Exchange recovery tool is provided by the PDS groups to solve all corruption problem of EDB File by repairing or recovery exchange EDB file into PST file. Use exchange EDB to PST Recovery Software if you want to fix EDB File and recover exchange EDB to PST File with original messages formats- TXT, HTML and RTF formats. Through Exchange Recovery Tool you can smoothly recover emails from EDB file into outlook file with email properties- To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, Date, and Time in just few minutes. The wonderful exchange mailbox recovery tool speedily recover exchange mailbox from EDB File into PST File with full attachments- Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, Draft, Journals, Tasks, Calendars, Notes, and Contacts In the matter of seconds. There are some features of Exchange Recovery Tool * Repair damaged or corrupt EDB File * It works on EDB file version up to 2010 * Allows you to recover emails from EDB File * Smoothly recover data from EDB File into PST file * Convert exchange database into PST Outlook file * With demo you can import EDB o PST at free of cost To restore EDB to PST get full version at USD 299
30 March 2015

NTBackup Recovery Tool by NTBackup Recovery Tool

If you have NTbackup or Veritas BKF file then use this NTBackup Recovery Tool to recover corrupted/damaged BKF database safely. NTBackup recovery software can simply scan the corrupt BKF file that recovers each and every file separately. With the help of BKF recovery software that entirely preview of all BKF components that contains lots of valuable data. Download Illustrating the feature of NTBackup recovery tool which is obtainable at free of cost. This NTBackup recovery tool show the preview of all recovered or repaired BKF files at once, but not save them. If you want to save all recovered or repaired NTBackup file, then you have to purchase comprehensively functional product version of Backup recovery tool which is available at $89 only. Read More Information - www.nt.backuprecoverytool.com
19 January 2015

PST File Recovery by PST File Recovery

PST File Recovery tool is capable to recover PST file without losing original PST file data. If you want to get full edition of the PST data repair tool, then you can visit on our website ( http://www.corruptpstrepair.com/pst-file-recovery.html ). So try this and forget all you?re every Outlook problems related with it. PST file recovery tool quickly fix error messages like as ? OL2000: Unable to Use Your Personal Folder File if it exceeds the 2 GB Size Limit ?OL97: Error Opening a Shortcut to an Item in a PST? Our PST file recovery software simply recover PST file and smoothly workable with all Windows OS ? Win8, Windows 7, vista to 98. While using demo version, try software capability, which recover PST file and show recovered Outlook items on your screen. If you want to buy wholly operative version of Outlook recovery tool, just pay $49. Get technical assistance, if you need it. Click here to get the details: http://www.corruptpstrepair.com/pst-file-recovery.html
05 June 2015

Android file recovery by Android file recovery

Data or files could be lost accidentally or unknowingly from your Android devices. And without any backup, recovery is not easy to make. But with the availability of Android file recovery software, there is nothing to worry about. Since, the software is so powerful to make the safe and quick recovery of your lost files from your Android device, by using just few steps. It won't take much of your valuable time for making the recovery of your lost files. The software is very easy to operate and suits well to both, Windows and Mac OS. It also has the support for latest version of Android 2.2 and higher than it. It also supports various audio and video file formats like,AVI, WAV, FLV, JPEG, TIFF and many more, which makes it capable of making recovery of lost files from any file formats. So, a very handy tool to use for making lost or deleted Android file recovery.
04 May 2015

Linux File System Recovery Software by Linux File Recovery

One of the most advanced and usable Linux file system recovery software that provides highly powerful Linux file systems recovery tools for all Linux OS users. This Linux recovery tool provides finest file systems recovery solution for Linux hard drive also. Recover Data for Linux recovery software to recover & restore linux files from Linux file system (ext2, ext3) of Linux based hard drive. Advance file system recovery for Linux program can smoothly recover Linux hard drive data from deleted, corrupted or formatted linux hard drive. Linux file system recovery tool easily provides deleted data from Linux hard disk or any other types of data storage media. Linux file system recovery program is the most trustworthy and leading provider data recovery Linux tools and file systems recovery software. Our all Linux file system recovery software easily and quickly recover Linux file system data such as picture, song, videos, text and any other significant data from corrupted or logically damaged Linux hard drive. Linux file system recovery tools having self guided techniques and attractive user interface. Our Linux recovery specialists can successfully retrieve lost Linux data from hard drives corrupted by one of the following cause: * Linux hard drive corruption due to virus attack. * Linux hard drive corruption due to smoke, fire, and heat. * Linux hard drive corruption due to lightning strikes. * Linux hard drive corruption due to water, flood, and moisture.
19 March 2015

MS Outlook PST recovery Utility by MS Outlook PST recovery

MS Outlook PST recovery Utility tells you the beneficial recovery process to recover MS Outlook PST database. MS Outlook PST recovery program is the blended mixture to technicalities and experience. It has as many features as much you need while doing recovery for Outlook PST file. Recover corrupt Outlook PST file by taking help from such an experienced tool. Download demo edition of MS Outlook PST recovery Utility and solve how to recover Outlook PST file. This is the answer of all the serious queries or the mishappening that has happened with Outlook. If you are well satisfied with it then you can buy the full version of this tool at $49. Technical advisors are also there to guide you while recovering your damaged Outlook data. Collect further information by clicking this single link and enhance your knowledge: http://www.msoutlook.pstrecovery.net/
08 May 2015

MS Backup Recovery Software by MS Backup Recovery

Get MS Backup Recovery Software is the result oriented software to recover and repair corrupt BKF file when backup fie got error message as the backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used. BKF Recovery Software has following features as Quick scan: if you want to quickly recover and repair backup file then use quick option. Deep scan: In case you have large backup file want to recover all corrupted backup file then use deep scan algorithm. And Range Based scans: This option provided for users can recover and repair corrupted BKF file with percent based. Corrupt MS Backup Recovery Software offers free download and check functionalities your corrupted BKF file. If you want full version of BKF Recovery Software then purchase and save permanently recovered BKF file which is available at just $89. For More Details: www.msbackuprecovery.biz
13 February 2015

Recovery PST File Program by Recovery PST File

Recovery PST File - These days the security is the main concern of the all Outlook users because without security they are not able to work properly and could not able to maintain the work flow. So use some third party tool that will help you to recover PST file when they got damaged. This is the best way to cure any kind of Outlook problems. So use PST file recovery or recovery PST file tool and recover PST emails with all the data of it. Recovery PST File Program tells you the very effective methods of recovery like it can solve how to recover corrupt PST file. Download the feasible utility to perform the recovery of damaged data and in the demo version user is allowed to recover the data through the process of scanning but the user is not able to save the data in their destination folder. To enable the saving option you should get the version in which all the features are working in just $49. This is the nominal amount in front of the recovery process. So get it as soon as possible and recover your Outlook data effectively without any complaints. Click here and gain more knowledge: http://www.repairpst.biz/recovery-pst-file.html
03 March 2015

Advanced MS Backup Recovery by Advanced MS Backup Recovery

Do you know how to recover corrupt MS Backup file? Try Advanced MS backup Recovery Software gives perfect solution to recover corrupt MS Backup file. Get MS backup recovery utility and easily recover MS backup files. BKF Repair Tool provides advanced recovery of corrupt MS backup file even after MS backup file gets corrupted and damaged due to any horrific reasons. Advanced MS backup recovery utilities do not require any technical skill even a non background user can use it easily. Advanced MS Backup recovery software provides FREE MS backup viewer utility which helps you to open and view corrupt MS backup file without paying any cost, but this utility cannot permit you to save entire database on your system. If you want to save entire recover MS backup database then you have to Purchase our Advanced MS backup recovery tool at just $89 as Personal License and $180 for a Business License.
08 May 2015

Excel File Recovery Tool by Excel File Recovery Tool

Are getting problem like Unable to read Excel file, yes get Perfect Excel File Recovery Software is the powerful for users can repair corrupt Excel file. If you need an application which is quickly recover the data from unlimited files without losing any information then excel file recovery tool is potent. This is an effortless application to restore the data and is fully convenient with you. So, group provides an all in one excel recovery application. For excel file recovery only, there are thousands of alternatives available in online market.From all the available products, the choice must be one for better excel file recovery. Now, if you want software which, convince you to recover all damaged files without losing any data excel recovery is potent enough. You can use of this software as an external resource which makes the task effortless. Take a trial tour with excel file recovery tool freeware and preview excel damaged data files. But freeware tool preview excel damaged data but not save. If you want to save the data then get license of software. This license version can recover all excel damaged files. Read More: www.en.excelrecovery.biz/excel-file-recovery-tool.html
26 March 2015

Repair Corrupt Word File by Repair Corrupt Word File

Get Word Recovery Software to repair corrupt Word file which is the world reliable tool to repair corrupted word file when word file get corrupted due to virus. Now word file recovery tool provides the ability to repair corrupt word file with reliability and consistency. Word recovery software is generally used to repair corrupt word file which is corrupted due to some reasons. Word file recovery tool has some unique features like quick and image recovery by which you can easily able to do recovery of corrupt word files. Word recovery software supports all windows versions like: Windows 95, Win98, Windows2000, Win XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Demo Version software is free of cost, you can easily display of recovered doc files, but software restrict the user to save them. Purchase Personal License at $45 for saving your recovered doc files.
04 May 2015

Damage DOC File Recovery by Damage DOC File Recovery

Get Perfect Word Recovery Software is the highly and user friendly repair tool to recover and repair damaged Word file. How to repair a corrupted Microsoft Word file that would not open? Endeavor Damage Doc File Recovery process with Word Recovery Software provided for users can recover, open and repair Doc files from corrupted damaged and virus infected word 2003 Doc file. Word Recovery Software has following features like Quick Recovery, Image Recover and Salvage Recovery. Quick Recovery: If y you want to recover text, images, pictures, clip arts and formatting with quickly repair and recover word files. Image Recovery option provided for users can repair and recover all images from corrupted word Doc file. Salvage Recovery algorithm: If you have heavy corrupted word file data, want to recover all entire data images, text, macros files, and pictures and formatting from large word Doc file and folders. Word Recovery Software offers for users can free download and check view the original contents from corrupted word Doc file. After that you satisfied Word Recovery Software demo version and save permanently repaired Word Doc file then purchase full version of Word Recovery Software.
09 February 2015

Repair Corrupt Word File by Word Recovery

Most of the times word file gets corrupted due to some reasons like virus attack, suddenly system shutdown etc. And if you need to repair corrupt word file and didn?t find any way to do that, then don?t worry you should try our word recovery tool. Word recovery tool gives you the three scanning modes of recovery by which you can easily repair corrupt word file and that are: Quick recovery, Image recovery and salvage recovery. Three scanning modes have their own unique features like quick scan helps you to recover text, pictures, charts etc from damaged word file. Image Recovery: This helps you in to extract all images and pictures from corrupted word file. And last but not the least is salvage recovery: It helps you to retrieve data heavily corrupted word file. If you want to check ability of the software then you can try free demo version of the software. Demo version will preview all the content but restrict user to save them. And if you want to repair corrupt word file then you have to purchase full version of the software which is available at just $89. For any other help you can contact to our technical support team which is available for you 24x7. For More Info:www.ms.wordrecoverytool.com
12 May 2015

Word 2003 Recovery by Word 2003 Recovery

Word Recovery Software is the powerful utility provided for users can repair and recover corrupt Word doc file after MS Doc file found error message like Word cannot open the document. How to repair corrupt word 2003 Document files? Get Word Recovery Software has advanced features as Quick Recovery, Image Recovery and Salvage Recovery. Quick Recovery option provided for users can recover text, images, pictures, formatting, clip arts from corrupted and damaged word Doc files. Image Recovery: If you want all images from corrupted word file then use Image Recovery option. And Salvage Recovery: In case you have large word file want to recover all repaired word doc file then use Image Recovery algorithm. When MS Word Document files got damaged due to some reasons like virus attacks, software and hardware malfunction, media errors, sudden system shut down and macros errors Doc files. In such type problem you should need third party Word Recovery Software to recover and repair all damaged word files. Word File Repair Tool offers for users can free download demo version and view the original contents of Word Doc file and want to save permanently repaired Word file then use full version which is obtainable nominal price at $45.
20 January 2015

Recovery for Outlook 2010 by Recovery for Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 recovery software is very demanded tool in the whole Outlook PST database recovery market. Updated version3.8 of the Outlook recovery tool is capably do recovery for Outlook 2010 database without any trouble. Sometimes, you have to face Outlook issues such as PST corruption, show error messages etc. Don?t upset for this problem! Get Outlook recovery for Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003 and all Outlook ANSI file. After using easy Outlook 2010 recovery software, rapidly open heavy database (emails, contacts, tasks, journals, messages, personal folders, inbox, outbox, appointments etc) in Outlook application with all attachments. FREE DEMO of recovery program to fix Outlook 2010 and show all recovered Outlook data, but you cannot store your data in your system.Get full version of Outlook 2010 recovery program just at $49. Newest edition 3.8 of the Outlook PST recovery software simply recovers distribution member list and split damaged PST file by size from Outlook 2010 64 bit application database. To solve the Outlook 2010 problems you can contact our support team they will help you in every possible way.
16 March 2015

NTFS Partition Recovery by NTFS Partition Recovery

NTFS partition recovery software is one of the safe, secure and reliable NTFS file recovery tool to recover corrupt NTFS partition data without any trouble. NTFS partition recovery tool is very easy to use NTFS file recovery software which provides user-friendly interface and simple to understand NTFS recovery process to their users. NTFS data recovery can easily perform NTFS partition recovery task in every data loss condition such as: accidental file deletion, NTFS file system corruption, inaccessible hard disk drive, hardware & software failure, Master Boot Record (MBR) corruption or damage & any other. The latest version of NTFS partition recovery software updated with more advanced recovery features. Here are some important features of Windows NTFS recovery software are such as: easy to use graphical user interface, NTFS partition recovery software supports NTFS & NTFS5 partitions, perform NTFS partition recovery from lost, damaged or formatted NTFS partitions, supports almost all versions of Windows OS including Win 7. Our NTFS file recovery software provides easy & perfect solution to recover lost data from any storage media such as hard drive, pen drive, zip drive, compact flash drive, memory card and many more. Download the free demo version of NTFS Partition Recovery Software for free evaluation. By using demo version you can see the recovery process of NTFS data recovery. Demo version can only show you the recovered files to save them you have to buy full version at only $49. Click here and get more information about this tool - http://www.ntfsdatarecoverysoftware.com/ntfs-partition-recovery.html