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Whats app with colored letters and more

30 April 2015

Whats Up by SoftSpot Software

Whats Up is a challenging Scrabble / Upwords type word game with a 3D twist ! Try to score as many points as you can by forming interconnecting words on the board. You start with seven letters, and the tiles have differing score values. Whats Up includes three dictionaries (Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, English UK and English US). The dictionaries can be updated to suit your needs. The game supports from one to four human or computer players. The computer players are intelligent and you can choose from various skill levels. Other features include a hint option, game save, timer, selectable background images, anagram and missing letter analysis, and more.
19 January 2015

Personalised Letters by www.mybooksoftware.co.uk

Personalised Letters Print high quality personalised letters based upon any name, choose from different designs to produce the perfect gift for friends & family Santa Letters, Sanat Letters Software, Personalized Letters, Personalised Letters, Easter Bunny Letters, tooth Fairy Letter, Personalised Gift, Personalised Gift, Easter Gift, Christmas Gift, Xmas Gift, Valentines
17 March 2015

Best Business Letters by Best Business Letters Inc

Your business requires to look and sound professional in your business letters.We have over 3,000 professionally prepared business letters available on our site to assist you with your everyday business needs.100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Save time and money!Yours to keep forever!Quick software download! No Installation Required!Free Lifetime Software Updates!
10 March 2015

Stencil fonts by CAD-KAS GbR

Create stencil letters out of any installed true type font. The program will insert apertures so that the letters stay connected when you cut it out. You can print or plot the letters or export the letters as DXF file.
05 May 2015

All Business Letters by DiZiSoft

The most compressive business writing software contains huge collection of business, sales and marketing letters and also writing guidelines, editing and communication tools. Including 4,500 essential Business, sales and marketing letters, correspondences and also writing guides in more than 1,000 categories that covers all business situations. All-Business-Letter also presents robust built-in word processor, Send fax system, document archive & management system, automatic spell-check system with word and phrases databases in general English, technical, law & legal firms, powerful search and index system and etc. All-Business-letters brings you ability to export your letters and documents to many formats. Print your letters and documents to PDF format with ability to set security options such encryption and username/password. All-Business-Letters bringing together professionals and expert in each field and the efficiency of an executive secretary. All-Business-Letters is the solution for companies and organizations in any range and also self-employed and home business who need to facilitate letter writing in standard format. Save valuable time, money and effort, and start concentrating on the core activities that impact your bottom line!
20 May 2015

Romantic Love Letters Free Sample by Love Letters Inc

Instant Love Letters to Win Any Heart, Anywhere, Anytime!!! Love Letters are a great way to capture the love or your dreams, surprsie him/her with love notes, win back your wife or husband, become more than friends, bring the romance back in your life, seduce a friend or lover, enhance your sex life!!! For only $24.95, you can Guarantee that our Love Letters will bring the love and passion that you desire!!!
30 April 2015

Tooth-Colored Restoratives: Principles and Techniques

Tooth-Colored Restoratives: Principles and TechniquesISBN: 1550091557 | 316 Pages | PDF | 7 MB How a material is used is always considerably more important than which material is used. Tooth-Colored Restoratives Principles and Techniques, Ninth Edition offers a comprehensive discussion on dental materials and a guide to creating highly esthetic, long-lasting direct restorations. Preparation and simplified techniques for creating more durable, more esthetic restorations are well supported by this abundantly illustrated book. Completely revised, updated and expanded, this ninth edition explains the nature, benefits and limitations of resins and ionomers. Products currently available and those soon entering the market are classified by material type and clarified as to their appropriate use. Principles and guidelines for working with each specific class of material when performing posterior and anterior restoration treatments for common esthetic procedures are also examined. Download Links :
24 April 2015

All Business Letters by CorrectPrice, Inc.

All-Business-Letters is the most comprehensive library of business letter samples available today. Bringing together professionals and expert in each field , and the efficiency of an executive secretary.Including over 4500 high-quality and professionally written essential business, sales and marketing letters and writing guidelines in more than 1,000 categories which virtually covers all situations in any business.
26 May 2015

Epta by Grapecom Ltd.

Epta is a simple game for improving the logical thinking. This game improve your logic, abstract thinking, risks assessment and forecasting different situations. The goal is removing of colored squares by combining them in the one-colored group with 4 or more squares.
20 March 2015

mosascii m2 by Robert DeFusco

mosascii m2 is an application that converts an image into an HTML mosaic made out of ASCII characters. mosascii m2 can also create animated HTML mosaics. The HTML mosaics and animated mosaics look just like the original image or animation except they are created out of colored ASCII characters. mosascii m2 has lots of features, such as image actions and effects, and more! mosascii m2 has lots of features, such as image actions and effects, different modes for the mosaics (custom text, numbers, letters, binary, hex, and smart text). mosascii m2 can be used for fun, or for educational use, for example, if you are doing a project on President Abraham Lincoln, you can create a mosaic of his picture using the text of the Gettysburg Address. Highly-anticipated in this latest release you can now create full-color Animated HTML Mosaics in the new Animation mode! Easily create stunning animations that are viewable in all browsers, using your own image frames or importing from an existing animated GIF image. mosascii m2 is freeware.
13 March 2015

Whats New In Pro Tools 8 TUTORIAL ESD

Whats New In Pro Tools 8 TUTORIAL ESD English | H264 768x432 | AAC 128 Kbps | 348 MB Genre: eLearning Presented by Pro Tools wizard Michael Costa, this awesome collection of video tutorials will show you all the important new features in the amazing Pro Tools 8. From the new templates, customizable windows and colors to the new MIDI editor window and comping features, it’s all here. Whether you’re coming from Pro Tools 6 or 7 or just want to know what’s new in Pro Tools 8, this is the collection for you… Product Hightlights 18 Tutorials / Over 2 Hours Total Runtime For all intermediate to advanced Pro Tools 8 users Tutorials written by Pro Tools wizard Michael Costa Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC Viewing Options: Online, Download, Disc, iDevice Streaming
03 April 2015

Alphabet Shoot by ePlaybus.com

Those who wonder why in the world they ever took a course in physics can derive some satisfaction from playing this game successfully; it requires just a modicum of understanding of the basic principles of physics. Fire the alphabet letters to the matching letters. You only have a few shots for each level.
27 March 2015

Build Magazine 2010 Full Year Collection.

Build Magazine 2010 Full Year Collection English | True PDF | 6 issues | 215,59 Mb Build Magazine is a Localy owned and run magazine made for all automotive enthusiasts who enjoy everything there is about cars, trucks and bikes. the mag WILL NOT be full of editorial B.S. telling you whats cool, whats not, what to buy or what not to.
27 January 2015

Justice Whats The Right Thing To Do Episode 04

Justice Whats The Right Thing To Do Episode 04 Video training | 836 Mb PART ONE: THIS LAND IS MY LAND The philosopher John Locke believes that individuals have certain rights so fundamental that no government can ever take them away. These rightsto life, liberty and propertywere given to us as human beings in the the state of nature, a time before government and laws were created. According to Locke, our natural rights are governed by the law of nature, known by reason, which says that we can neither give them up nor take them away from anyone else. Sandel wraps up the lecture by raising a question: what happens to our natural rights once we enter society and consent to a system of laws? PART TWO: CONSENTING ADULTS If we all have unalienable rights to life, liberty, and property, how can a government enforce tax laws passed by the representatives of a mere majority? Doesnt that amount to taking some peoples property without their consent? Lockes response is that we give our tacit consent to obey the tax laws passed by a majority when we choose to live in a society. Therefore, taxation is legitimate and compatible with individual rights, as long as it applies to everyone and does not arbitrarily single anyone out.
14 May 2015

Video MSU Cartoonizer VirtualDub plugin by Graphics&Media Lab Video Group

The filter is designed for artistic painting and animated cartoon rendering. MSU Cartoonizer filter has many parameters, which allow to obtain very interesting results. MSU Cartoonizer includes a variety of styles such as colored and non-colored pencil, watercolor andoil painting. The main goal of this filter is its ability to convert movies into cartoons and also to transform images into artistic paintings.MSU Cartoonizer supports job contol allowing the filter to be used by AviSynth. This filter is connected with the area of non-photorealistic rendering.
30 April 2015

The Worksheet King (HW) by The Happy Mongoose Company

The Worksheet King is a replacement for photocopiable resources.Whether your children are tracing over their first letters, practising their joins, or learning to produce letters of the correct height, The Handwriting Worksheet King can help.And what's more - it's *completely free*. Simply enter the text you would like your children to practise, and The Worksheet King will do the rest! You can: * choose from a variety of line guides. * use any Truetype font installed on your computer (this means The Worksheet King can use any specialised fonts you already use in school).The program will automatically work out where to place guidelines to help your students write letters of the correct height. * automatically leave a ?copy under? line, for children that need to practise copy under your handwriting. select whatever colour you would like to output the text (so you can produce greyed-out text for young children to copy over). * save documents and re-open them at a later date
20 April 2015

Life Software Colorwheel by Life Software

You have propably have seen many ugly looking Webpages with wrongly selected colors.These sites would really see better if their colors had been seen selected smartly.Artists have created Colorwheels to correctly choose color combinations.With LifeSoftware ColorWheel you can easily create professional looking color schemes using a software Colorwheel.No more wrong color combinations ! You can see a preview of how your design will look like with these colors (Logos Preview,Webpage preview,Table preview,Links preview,Colored Scrollbar preview). You can also get the HTML for colored Tables , a colored Webpage and a colored Scrollbar with professional looking color combinations. Moreover you can easily convert any color code to its RGB , HTML and HTML Websafe value. With 2 colorwheels to choose from only for 19$ !
08 April 2015

personalized santa letter by personalized santa letter

Build self esteem with a personalized Santa letter. Yes, it can be done!I have sent a personalized Santa letter to each of my children every Christmas for years, (and I send them directly from the North Pole).These Santa letters are used for a different purpose than the usual ?be good? warning?they promote self-esteem in children.They don?t just tell them to be good or Santa will pass them by.They are not used as bait for presents under the tree.Rather, a personalized Santa letter makes children feel good about themselves and celebrates their accomplishments throughout the year. It builds their self confidence and showcases the ways they are really great.Did your daughter learn to ride her bike in July?Did your son whack the winning home run last Spring?Were their grades excellent or were they great in school?Why not remind them now with a letter from Santa Claus, during a season of giving?A season which promotes hope and faith and love?Instill confidence in your children and in yourself as they giggle and rip open their very own personalized Santa letter.Go ahead, tell your kids how much you love them; that you notice the great things they do.Use Santa, the icon, to tell your children how awesome they really are. Customize your Santa letters from start to finish with details only you (or someone watching!) would know.And then, add a paragraph saying anything you wish.Is sending a personalized Santa letter the only thing that you can do to raise your child?s self esteem?Probably not.But, parent to parent, when Santa letters arrive and he tells your children how wonderful they are, it certainly doesn?t hurt.What do personalized Santa letters do?A personalized Santa letter keeps the magic of Santa Claus and Christmas alive.They give parents a way to instill confidence in their children in a way that only Santa can?a way to realize and remember all the amazing things they can, and have done. Order your letters from Santa today.