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15 May 2015

B.B. King - Collectors Edition [3CD Box Set] (2008)

B.B. King - Collectors Edition [3CD Box Set] (2008) 3CD | EAC Rip | APE (Image) + Cue + Log + Covers | Rar 3% Rec. | 775.6 Mb MP3 | 320 Kbps | 10 + 10 + 10 Tracks | 291.2 Mb Genre: Blues | Label: MADACY SPECIAL MKTS TrackList: CD1 1. The Thrill Is Gone - B.B. King, Hawkins, R. 2. To Know You Is to Love You - B.B. King, Wright, S. 3. Confessin' the Blues - B.B. King, Mcshann, J. 4. Everday I Have the Blues - B.B. King, Chatman, P. 5. I Like to Live the Love - B.B. King, Crawford, D. 6. I'll Survive - B.B. King, Ling, S. 7. Sneakin' Around - B.B. King, Robinson, Jessie M. 8. Why I Sing the Blues - B.B. King, Clark, D. 9. Fools Get Wise - B.B. King, King, B.B. 10. Ask Me No Questions - B.B. King, King, R. CD2 1. Paying the Cost to Be the Boss - B.B. King, King, B.B. 2. Rock Me Baby - B.B. King, Josea, J. 3. Watch Yourself - B.B. King, Gross, L. 4. Better Not Look Down - B.B. King, Sample, J. 5. Ain't Nobody Home - B.B. King, Ragovoy, J. 6. Gambler's Blues - B.B. King, Pate, J. 7. Help the Poor - B.B. King, Singleton, C. 8. I Want You So Bad - B.B. King, King, B.B. 9. Never Make a Move Too Soon - B.B. King, Hooper, S. 10. Sweet Sixteen, Pt. 1 & 2 - B.B. King, Josea, J. CD3 1. Sweet Little Angel - B.B. King, Taub, J. 2. Night Life - B.B. King, Breeland, W. 3. Chains and Things - B.B. King, Clark, D. 4. Don't Answer the Door - B.B. King, Johnson, J. 5. Get off My Back Woman - B.B. King, Washington, Ferdina 6. How Blue Can You Get? - B.B. King, Feather, J. 7. I'm Gonna Do What They Do to Me - B.B. King, King, B.B. 8. Ghetto Woman - B.B. King, Clark, D. 9. So Excited - B.B. King, King, B.B. 10. (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons - B.B. King, Best, W. Download From FileServe:
05 March 2015

indian art, Artist, Paintings by Copalart

Founded in 2005, Copal Art is a leading Indian Art Advisory and Placement Firm with a vision to create wealth with aesthetic pleasure. Copal, over the past five years has been firmly committed to its core business philosophy of creating new collectors and promoting Indian art. Copal in the past has launched three Copal Art Portfolio Series ? an innovative and inimitable delivery linked art investment model that allows new collectors to understand and purchase undervalued and future potential artists artworks as long term investment and at the same time they gets to embrace aesthetic wealth.
04 March 2015

Baraha by Baraha Software

Baraha supports Kannada, Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Gurumukhi, Bengali, Assamese, Manipuri, and Oriya languages. Baraha - a standalone program for editing, printing documents. BarahaPad - a standalone program for editing Unicode documents. BarahaIME - an Input Method Editor for typing Indian language text in any Windows application; compatible with MS-Office. BarahaSort - sort Indian language text. BarahaConvert - convert documents from one script to another. FontConvert - convert documents between Baraha and other 3rd party fonts. E-mail, blog, build web-sites, and DTP in Indian languages. Phonetic keyboard for Indian languages. Brhkbd Keyboard - a user friendly keyboard for Indian languages. Inscript Keyboard - a govt. of India standard for Indian languages. TrueType fonts for Indian languages. Script Override converts Indian language text from one script to another; Useful for learning one script using another. Export the documents as Text, RTF, UNICODE, HTML documents, and as BMP, GIF, JPG picture files. Supports latinized Indian language text (ISO 15919, IAST) Braille script for sightless people. and much more...
08 May 2015

MB Free Vedic Astrology by MysticBoard.com

MB Free Vedic Astrology is an unique combination of different Vedic (Sidereal) or Indian Astrology softwares. This includes softwares to calculate your Rashi (Vedic Moon Sign), Nakshatra (Birth Star), Lagna (Ascendant), Janam Kundali (Birth Charts in North Indian and South Indian Styles), Muhurtha (Elections) andVargas (Divisional Charts). Thus this software aims to give one an overall view about his ownself and personality.The program is a remarkable and an accurate tool with an easy to use interface.
29 April 2015

King Arthur v1.0.0.917 Portable

King Arthur v1.0.0.917 Portable | 160.41MB Genre: Adventure, Hidden Object Game Follow Arthur's rise from boy to king! Narrated by Merlin, King Arthur traces the well known tale of Arthur from the time that he was a boy, and happened to pull the enchanted sword out of the stone, to his years as the greatest king of all of England. Use magical runes as you battle the evil Morgana and Mordred, who attempt to usurp the throne of England, in this fun Hidden Object game! * Beautiful artwork * Original soundtrack * Follow Arthur's rise! System Requirements: * OS: Windows XP/Vista * CPU: 600 Mhz * RAM: 128 MB * DirectX: 6.0 * Hard Drive: 188 MB ( You should buy Premium account to download with High speed )
06 March 2015

King's Bounty: Crossworlds (2010ENGPCAdd-on)

King's Bounty: Crossworlds (2010/ENG/PC/Add-on) | 1.44 GB King’s Bounty: Crossworlds is the expansion for the famous King’s Bounty: Armored Princess role-playing game. The new release in the series will include the “Orcs on the March” expansion, the two new independent campaigns “Champion of the Arena” and “Defender of the Crown” and a convenient editor with help system. This editor will allow you to create additional content for the game and alter it in any way you wish. King’s Bounty: Crossworlds requires King`s Bounty: Armored Princess installed on your PC! Download King's Bounty: Crossworlds (2010/ENG/PC/Add-on):
08 May 2015

The King by Trian Software

The King is a challenging card game. The game is recommended for children and adults who want to develop own memory and logical thinking. Each game of King as ten different hands, being six of them to negative points (your score goes down) and four for positives (your score goes up). Your aim is to get as more score as you can. You have to play against three partners. Original cards were created specially.
16 February 2015

B.B King Live (2008) Blu-ray 720p x264 DTS - MySiLU

B.B King Live (2008) Blu-ray 720p x264 DTS - MySiLU MKV AVC 1280x720 3916kbps | English DTS 5.1 1536kbps | 118 min | 4378 MB Genre: Music Video, Blues, rock and roll Filmed over four nights in B. B. King's own Blues clubs in Nashville and Memphis, this production features the B.B. King Blues Band, a band that has performed with him all over the world. This group is tight, and always ready for whatever twist and turn King will inject into his music. Track list: 1. Manhattan Blues (by B.B. King's band) 2. Two I Shoot (by B.B. King's band) 3. Why I Sing The Blues 4. I Need You So 5. Bad Case Of Love 6. Blues Man 7. When Love Comes To Town 8. All Over Again 9. Ain't That Just Like A Woman 10. A Whole Lot Of Loving 11. Don't Answer The Door 12. You Are My Sunshine 13. Darling, You Know I Love You 14. Rock Me Baby 15. Key To The Highway 16. The Thrill Is Gone 17. Guess Who 18. When The Saints Go Marching In Screenshot Download From FileServe:
20 February 2015

Fatloud Hip Hop Construction King 4 Multiformat DVDR

Fatloud Hip Hop Construction King 4 Multiformat DVDR | 544 MB Hip Hop Construction King 4 from Fat Loud brings the King back! Looking for anthemic sounding Hip Hop Construction Kits? This awesome pack is for you, featuring five Construction Kits (composed from nearly 100 loops) full of brass, strings, synths and punchy drums.
12 February 2015

Kings Smith 2 v1.4.6.

Kings Smith 2 v1.4.6 PC Game | 133 MB Anya worked incredibly hard to become the King s Smith, until a sudden betrayal changed everything! Waking up with memory loss Anya must unravel the mystery behind her idnapping, and figure out exactly what is going on. Protect the king as you work your way back up to the royal court in King s Smith 2! Use your Time Management skills to succeed and help Anya discover the traitor in King s Smith 2 Immersive atmosphere Wonderful magic spells Become the King's Smith! System Requirements: OS: Windows XP/Vista CPU: 1.8 GHz RAM: 1024 MB DirectX: 8.0 Hard Drive: 210 MB INSTALLATION NOTES Install Setup.exe. ***** is preinstalled, launch the game from the shortcut
04 March 2015

King's Smith II (Full).

King's Smith II (Full) Mac Os X | 106 MB You had lived a peaceful and honorable life on a castle as a royal king's smith. But malicious betrayal changed it all forever. As a young blacksmith Anya try to figure out what happened and why have you been taken out of a royal court. Despite your memory loss you will slowly discover hidden plans beyond your kidnap. Kingdom is in danger and King needs your help! Travel and learn new patterns, meet many strangers and discover power of rare magic cards. Punish the betrayal, save kingdom from danger and become the King's Smith once again! Features: Manage your own smithery. Enjoy immersive atmosphere with deep storyline. Discover rare magic cards and powerfull spells. Reclaim your lost King's Smith title! And much more...
30 April 2015

The Worksheet King (HW) by The Happy Mongoose Company

The Worksheet King is a replacement for photocopiable resources.Whether your children are tracing over their first letters, practising their joins, or learning to produce letters of the correct height, The Handwriting Worksheet King can help.And what's more - it's *completely free*. Simply enter the text you would like your children to practise, and The Worksheet King will do the rest! You can: * choose from a variety of line guides. * use any Truetype font installed on your computer (this means The Worksheet King can use any specialised fonts you already use in school).The program will automatically work out where to place guidelines to help your students write letters of the correct height. * automatically leave a ?copy under? line, for children that need to practise copy under your handwriting. select whatever colour you would like to output the text (so you can produce greyed-out text for young children to copy over). * save documents and re-open them at a later date
04 March 2015

Bookworm Adventures: The Monkey King (FINAL)

Bookworm Adventures: The Monkey King (FINAL) PC game | Windows | iWin | 29 MB Build words and battle nearly 50 warrior foes in Bookworm Adventures The Monkey King! It's up to you to save the world of books from its greatest threat yet! But this time you’ll have help from fighting friends, the Legendary Master and Monkey King! Boost your word power with all-new Rainbow Tiles and earn 8 new treasures along the way. And remember - the better the word, the badder the damage! You don’t want to miss this special single-mode edition of Bookworm Adventures 2! System Requirements: * Operating System: Windows XP or better. * Processor: Pentium or better. * Processor Speed: 1.2GHz or better. * System RAM: 512 MB or more. * Video Driver:DirectX 8 or better. Download:
15 May 2015

Chess: Danial King Power Play 2 Attacking the King with Video

Chess: Danial King Power Play 2 Attacking the King with Video Video training | 2.1 GB Checkmate ends the game – that’s an undeniable fact. Yet one sometimes gains the impression that players who gleefully and unashamedly play for the attack are treated as a joke by their colleagues. Launching a successful attack is a skillful business that often demands great creativity. And like most themes in chess, this is a skill that can be honed and polished. In this second DVD in the Power Play series, Grandmaster Daniel King looks at attacking play and asks, what makes for a successful attack? At the end of the DVD you can test your attacking and defensive skills by examining a series of specially selected test positions. The Power Play series is suitable for anyone looking to improve their chess, but also provides ready-made lessons and exercises for a trainer.
02 June 2015

Ancient Mysteries King Tut's Tomb (2010ENG)

Ancient Mysteries King Tut's Tomb | 2010 | ENG | 135 Mb The game on how the famous archaeologist, John Carter, is trying to detect and possible solutions to the mysteries of King Tut in his short reign. Along the way you run into traps set by ancient brotherhood who swore to defend the memory of the great pharaohs. Genres: Logic (Hidden objects) Language: English Year: 2009 Publisher: Big Fish Games Platform: PC System requirements: System: Windows XP(sp2), Vista / 7 Processor: Intel Pentium 4 at 2.0GHz Memory: 512 Gb Video: 128 Mb Download
28 April 2015

King Solomons Mines by Southern Ocean Software

King Solomons Mines by H. Ryder Haggard Allan Quatermain is a fortune hunter who is convinced by Jesse Huston to help her find her father, whos been lost somewhere in the African jungle during his last exploration..and the search for the fabulous lost treasure of King Solomons Mines!
21 May 2015

The Worksheet King (Maths Pack 1) by The Happy Mongoose Company

The Worksheet King is a replacement for photocopiable resources. It will: *Save you hours - producing worksheets with The Worksheet King is fast! Forget wasting your time adapting photocopiable workbooks or creating worksheets with your word processor. Spend your time more efficiently. *Stop you having to re-invent the wheel - do your children need further practise with an activity?Just click the ?generate? button and generate an entirely new set of problems at the same difficulty level. *Save you stress - The Worksheet King is easy to use.Changing worksheets is simple and intuitive. *Help you differentiate - you have full control over the difficulty of the worksheet, so producing differentiated activities for your children becomes a minor task. *Help you assess - The Worksheet King includes a ?Print Many? function to aid assessment.Each child can have their own, individual worksheet at the appropriate level - perfect for assessment, or in situations where you don?t want your children to work collaboratively. *Be relevant - The Worksheet King has been written by teachers, for teachers.We know from practical experience which activities encourage children to progress. *Reduce your workload - The Worksheet King, unlike a word processor, has been specifically written to produce worksheets - this means that you can concentrate on the problems you are setting your children, rather than having to focus on less important presentational issues that surface when using a word processor.No more wondering why those two lines won?t quite meet up nicely (we?ve all been there.) Help you mark - answer sheets can be printed out to accompany each worksheet. Give you advice - The Worksheet King comes with a generous help file, with ideas for using each worksheet
02 April 2015

Free Elvis Presley Screensaver by Your Own Screensaver

A free Screensaver of The King Of Rock 'n' Roll, featuring 175 images of The King and a twitter feed from Elvis.com to keep you updated of latest stuff happening.This is a MUST for ALL Elvis fans Elvis Aaron Presley(January 8, 1935 -August 16, 1977) was one of the most popular American singers of the 20th century.A cultural icon, he is widely known by the single name Elvis.He is often referred to as the King of Rock and Roll or simply the King.