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12 May 2015

Game Studio! - Game Creation Software by

Have you ever wanted to Create your Own Computer Game but don't know Where to Start? Well if you answered Yes, Then Game Studio is for You! Game Studio is an Advanced, Microsoft Windows Game Creation Software that allows you to develop Commercial Quality Computer Games Without the Need to know any advanced programming languages. It was Written and Developed For Non-Programmers and for people with programming skills with it's built in Python Like Programming Scripting Language Even Programmers can cut their time in half by using Game Studio! With Game Studio there's NO Need to know any complex Programming even beginner Computer Users can Create their own Computer Games Without knowing any programming. What makes Game Studio Better then Most Game Creating Software on the Market is being able to Create Microsoft Windows Computer Game With-Out any Programming or Even Scripting with its built-in Event System and Drag and Drop Style First Time Computer Users Will be Creating their own Commercial Games in Minutes. Game Studio Can Even Be Used To Develop Windows Applications Not Only Games. All Game Studio needs to run is Windows Xp or later and DirectX Game Studio Comes Complete With Several Game Examples... Creative Game Studio is Created and Maintained By Michael Hardy and Hardy Creations Inc. For Game Examples and Application Examples Visit the Site. Creative Studio is in constant Development... For New Released and/or Updates Visit the Web Site Often! This Game Studio Can Easily Be Translated into your Language...
15 May 2015

Gutterball 2 - ultimate bowling game (ENG) with keygen

The most realistic three-dimensional game of bowling with you again! Five new rooms, 25 new balls, striking to behold the original look, new game modes and the most realistic physics to date. Try the new version of the original 3D-bowling! About game: Title: Gutterball 2 - ultimate bowling game (ENG) with keygen Year: 2010 Genre: Sport, arcade, simulator, bowling Platform: PC Language: English Publication Type: License Crack: Keygen in archive File Size: 15 mb System requirements: Minimal Download Gutterball 2 - ultimate bowling game (ENG) with keygen:
09 March 2015

Ms. Pac Man - Java Game

Ms. Pac Man - Java Game Platform: java | English | 14 Mb | Screen Size: All The world-famous classic arcade game. The game has 256 levels, several designs of labyrinths and different levels of complexity. This game is already one of the most popular mobile games in the U.S.. Screen sizes: 128x128, 128x160, 176x208, 176x220, 240x320, 320x240, 352x416, 360x640, 480x800.
16 March 2015

Cubes Mania by Delphinatomic

Cubes Mania is a fascinating logical game. This game is a real find for those who wants to rest of the work at the computer and to play something not exhausting! The aim of the Cubes Mania- game is to make up a one- colour brick line of the length specified, consisted of the identical bricks. On each next level of the game the amount of the equal bricks and the line length may take on different values. In this game there are different bonuses, possibility of using the bombs and mixing of the field, if you come to a deadlock. There is a possibility of storing of the prior saved game. We will place with pleasure at our site all the points you collect while playing. In this game you must destroy all pair identical cubes. It will be a good substitute for a favorite logic game, like a tetris, lines, or solitare.
27 May 2015

Internet Freecell Hunter by www.graphichunter.com

Internet Freecell Hunter is an internet version of the Microsoft Window's game called Freecell, which itself is a single user desktop game. With Freecell Hunter, it provides an online game platform for a group of persons to play the same set of Freecell game and do competition over the Internet. The competition will stop when the first one finished all the Freecell game in the shortest time. The average time used per game will recorded and mark as his high score if it is faster than his history record. For example, Peter login Freecell Website and start a new game table of 4 users and play 5 freecell games. After the table is created, he will wait other users to join his table. After 3 other persons has joined the games, a set of 5 games numbers will be random generated, for example say 11223, 8481, 23, 45, 23344. Then each user will be asked to play the first game 11223. After the first game is finished, the second game 8481 will be followed, and so on until the last game is finished. The fastest user will be the winner.
09 April 2015

Game Overlay by GameOverlay.com

Game Overlay helps get back some of the multi-tasking functionality lost when playing full-screen games. It allows you view and interact with windows outside the game, but without Alt-Tabbing and requiring the game to reinitialize its graphics. It does this by actually rendering the window inside the game! For example, it could be used in the following ways... Keep up with the conversation... Overlay your instant messenger and communication programs! Know who's currently talking... Overlay the GUI for external voice applications such as TeamSpeak or Ventrilo. Never miss an incoming e-mail... Overlay a semi-transparent e-mail client over the game! Forget about writing down or printing cheat codes... Simply copy and paste them into Notepad, then overlay it! Keep one eye on your computer stats... Run a utility in the background checking temperatures, download speeds, etc, then overlay it! Game Overlay works with Direct3D, OpenGL, and DirectDraw games and applications.
09 March 2015

Space Game by Freeware Updates

Space game is multiplayer top-view space game. It features 8 different ships - each with their own unique abilities. The graphics and sound effects of the game are fantastic, and game play manages to keep up with it. Keyboard shortcuts allow for easy access to all the upgrades you have, and you never have to leave the action. Space Game has different styles of play, and it depends on the server. Some servers have free-for-all death matches, others have team matches, and some have ?capture the flag? games. There is a special Continuum sport, ?Soccer?. In Soccer, you pick up the ball, and try to shoot it at the enemy?s goal. System Requirements: * 90MHz Pentium or better IBM-compatible PC * Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP * 16MB RAM * Video card with at least 2MB of onboard memory * 56K Modem * Stereo Sound Card
22 April 2015

Football pair pictures game by ABC Football

football game. A free flash football game for you to play online, based on the sport played in the NFL. Football plus brains equals power. Improve your math skills with a fun game.
11 February 2015

shroomz by Game Trust Game

Get your daily dose of action, adventure, and puzzle solving with this unique game. Awarded Billboard's Web/Downloadable Game of the Year, Shroomz mixes a fairytale storyline with exciting puzzle game play. Guide your heroine, Bashful, through a mystical underworld to rescue her lost puppy. With many explorable levels, exciting twists, and beautiful graphics, this game will enchant and electrify you..
27 April 2015

Web Game Builder by Promotionsoft

Web Game Builder is an innovative tool for game developers to bring games or applications online. It can convert your normal exe games to cool web games. You needn't know Java or Flash, most work can be done in a few minutes by clicking mouse. Web Game Builder will pack the game, then generate all files automatically including the html code. The code works with complex web pages, all you have to do is to insert it anywhere you like in your page. This program will greatly save your time and effort in developing web games, make potential customers access your products more easily and build up the regular traffic by acttracting them to play games on your own site.
27 January 2015

Mahjong Solitaire by Mahjong Solitaire

Match tiles in puzzle game Mahjong Solitaire. Mahjong is a traditional Chinese tile game, and solitaire is an American card game played by one's self. Put the two together and you have Mahjong Solitaire: a limitlessly entertaining strategy board game. Beat Mahjong Solitaire by matching tiles together to remove them from the board. Once all mahjong tiles have been removed, you win Mahjong Solitaire! This strategy game has a hint button in case you get stuck while playing. And, if you have poor eyesight, this board game has a full screen button. Every time you play mahjong solitaire, this puzzle game keeps track of how long it takes for you to win. Every time you return, you have another opportunity to beat your old high score, and thus validate yourself as a true master of mahjong solitaire!
21 May 2015

Jade Bratz Dress Up Game by Dress Up Games

New game from Bratz game series. Dress up Jade Bratz doll. Feel yourself like a professional fashion designer, making Jade stylish and fashionable. This game is for girls, however women who love fashion will enjoy it too. Game is free and easy to download and install.
27 March 2015

Doctor Barbie Dress Up Game by Dress Up Games

This Barbie girl is a doctor. Help her dressing up, select from more than 30 dresses and professional clothes.This game was initially available at our site http://dressupcookinggames.com . This game is just one more game from our professional dress up series.
02 February 2015

Checkers EFG by Exotic Flash Games

Play the classic game of Checkers against either another player or the computer. The difficulty of the computer opponent can be customized which allows the player to alter the difficulty of the game according to their own skill. The game of checkers is also known by other names. The other names that it is known as include draughts in the United Kingdom, American checkers, straight checkers and draught. Checkers is a form of board game that is played on an eight by eight square board that is similar to Chess. This game features subdued and rather interesting black and white visuals that help immerse the player in the action while playing the game against another person or against the computer. The difficulties that can be chosen for the computer player are normal and easy. Regardless of whether you are playing against a person or a computer you are sure to get the best checkers experience possible from the comfort of your own home.
26 March 2015

Hasbro Family Game Night

Hasbro Family Game Night | PC | 250 Mb Hasbro Family Game Night consists of 6 separate games - BATTLESHIP, YAHTZEE, BOGGLE, CONNECT FOUR, SORRY! and an entirely new and previously unknown SORRY! Sliders. These games are popular in many countries around the world and will please all your family and friends. Play can be two or four - depending on the selected mini-games. In Hasbro Family Game Night, you can set the desired atmosphere, easily changing the look of the game room and game elements, and even setting their own, appropriate to your rules. Will be in Hasbro Family Game Night and mini-games to help pass the time: Match the Pattern, Shake for Words, Bomb Run and many others. During the game you will receive various bonuses and awards, which can then be used to decorate a virtual playroom. For a large company regime exists Game Party. In this mode, you can choose a few games, the number of players and to determine the time for which will determine the winner. For the Party Game mode, you can use a different set of tests and games, including Match the Pattern, Shake for Words, Bomb Run, etc. The game will give you the opportunity to spend every free evening in the company of friends and relatives really fun and interesting. Game Information: Title: Hasbro Family Game Night Year: 2010 Genre: 3D Arcade Developer: EA Redwood Shores Publisher: Electronic Arts Platform: PC Language: English Publication Type: license Size: 250 Mb Download:
12 March 2015

Classic Solitaire by VilleMobile, mobile games

Classic Solitaire is the most popular solitaire game. A minor change of the game rule makes the game more fun. The game can be paused at any moment and continued from where it is paused, so it is convenient for you to play the game on the go.The object of the game is to use all the cards in the deck of sever playing stacks to build up the four suit stacks in ascending order, beginning with the aces.
06 March 2015

Game Developer Magazine 2010 Full Collection.

Game Developer Magazine 2010 Full Collection English | True PDF | 12 issues | 201 MB Game Developer magazine is a monthly trade periodical for the video game industry. The magazine is available free to qualified game professionals in the USA, and paid paper subscriptions and a paid digital edition are also available. Individual issues can be bought at Gamasutra. Game Developer was launched in March 1994 and is now distributed to 35,000 readers, mainly in North America.
09 February 2015

Soko Hunter by Etiumsoft

Soko Hunter is a very addictive strategy game similar to the classic game Sokoban. In this game, You must help our hunter catch all animals by pushing some cages. The rule is so simple and the levels look very easy at first, but they become more and more difficult, you'll find them really challenging to your brain! That's why the sokoban games have been very popular in the world for about twenty years since it was first invented in 80's. Soko Hunter has greatly improved the original game in graphics, sound effect and controls. It's a good coffee break game for you and your family fun. Try it!