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Trace mobile no location exact

23 April 2015

Trace a mobile number 1.0 by Trace a mobile number

Trace a mobile number If you have searched on the Internet for ways to trace a person's mobile number, then you probably have found that there are numerous reverse phone number lookup services available. However, don't be fooled. Just as in any business, some offer legitimate, quality service while others are closer to a scam. Performing a phone address lookup can be a frustrating task when it involves a cell phone number. But, as more and more people do away with home phones and have only cellular phones as the primary method of contact, finding cell phone numbers has become more and more important. First, one must understand that cell numbers are not publicly available like many landlines and home phone numbers are. Cell numbers are not in phone books and public databases where they can be easily found. And simply doing a free phone address lookup on the Internet for a person's cell number will only end up giving you everything but a person's cell number, wasting your time in the process. But, if you find the right company and are willing to pay, you can find a person's cell phone number. Trace a Mobile Number will give you instant access to: * Owner Information * Address History * Carrier Details * Location Details
19 March 2015

Visual IP Trace by Visualware Inc.

Visual IP Trace helps identify hackers, validate websites, and investigate IP addresses. Trace analysis reports provide detailed information about IP addresses and web domains, identifying the estimated physical location, network provider contact and abuse reporting information, and domain registration information. The analysis reports enable users to verify a website prior to submitting confidential information, trace a hacker or suspect to their location, and report Internet abuse or illegal activity.Features include: IP location analysis, domain registration reporting, network provider reporting, one-click traces from MS Internet Explorer, instant traces directly from the Windows task bar, analysis of Internet applications running at the target location, and automated abuse reporting.
08 January 2015

Alien IP by ArmCode

Alien IP is trace routing software that resolves domain names, pings IP addresses, and shows the location of remote hosts on the world map. It supplies detailed information about remote domains, email senders and web site visitors. Alien IP has a clear and straightforward interface that provides an abundance of information about remote domains that connect to your system. In the broadband world of today with the large number of site visitors daily, it is sometimes difficult to track down every domain that connects to your system. Often, however, there is a need to do so. In those cases, Alien IP can track the geographical location and show it on the map. The program will help you pin down unwanted domains so their access to the user system can be blocked. For instance, if you market a product on the Internet, knowing the nationality of the lead can help you make a more targeted campaign. The new version of the program also offers much more than just showing a domain's location. It allows you to process web logs, ping remote addresses, and trace the route to their exact location. The ability to quickly trace a domain can also help to stem the leak of important personal information. And we kept the program interface clear and simple so it doesn't bog down the user. The detailed world map, toolbar and a status bar are the key elements of the interface, providing access to all program features. To start tracing the route to a domain, the user just pastes the name or IP address into a drop-down box on the tool bar and clicks on the go button. Alien IP v2.0 Features at a Glance: - Trace routes and ping domains by name and IP address; - Resolve domain names, IP ranges and address lists from files; - Translate IP address into alternative numerical notations; - Calculate IP ranges and subnets; - Display domain location and coordinates.
19 May 2015

Location Spy by MobileBugStore

Location spy will enable you to send an SMS and retrieve the location (GSM or GPS) of the handset delivered to you via SMS. The location informationas responded by the Location Spy depends on the model of the phone. If the phone has GPS capabilities, the GPS coordinates will be retrieved, which can be used to obtain exact location on any popular GPS software. To retrieve the GPS Coordinates from a Target Device, send a special SMS Command, and within a few minutes you will receive the GSM/GPS Coordinates. Incase you receive the GPS coordinates, you can plug this information in any popular mapping software and see exactly where the target device is currently situated. This product does not require GPRS or Internet connectivity on the device to be operational. Moreover this product is a life time purchase and does not require you to purchase a subscription of any type. For more information on the Location spy software visit: www.mobilebugstore.com
07 April 2015

Easy Ringtone Editor for Free Ringtones by MonkeyBongo.com

RingtoneEditor lets you edit your existing MP3 ringtones to your exact liking. You can import your newly created MP3 ringtones or select a CD track and select the exact location and length of the final ringtone before uploading to your phone. You can select and play as you edit so that you get the exact ringtone you want to have. You can even change the bit rate of the selection to have better file size control. This is a powerful editing software. You can select the exact part of a song you wish for a ringtone!And it is free!
13 May 2015

Earth Location for Java ME GPS Phones by 8Mail

Ideal for business or families. Revolutionary GSM mobile phone tracking technology now allows registered users to locate a mobile and then displays the GSM mobile phone tracking system via the GPS-TRACK satellite network. Based on repeater triangulation, the system tracks mobile phones using GPS Java ME. Find a mobile - Worried where your children, car, items are? Anxious if they stay out late? Free Registration to get peace of mind by discreetly tracking your mobile phone with our online Mobile Phone Tracking service from Internet Cafe in realtime! Mobile phone location and tracking service. Features service overview and functionality, ordering and FAQ. For businesses with a mobile workforce, location and communication. (SonyEricsson Mobiles/ Nokia Phones)
01 June 2015

Log4VB by Klemens Schmid

As a software developer you know that professional software without Trace capabilities is almost inconceivable. Tracing is one of the most important trouble-shooting techniques during development as well as after delivery. With Log4VB your apps can create structured trace output, which can be displayed and analyzed while your app is still running. The highlights of Log4VB are: Create meaningful, well structured trace output including the name of the application, the component name, source module and source procedure. APIs for creating trace output in various development environments like VB, C++, .NET. Trace viewer showing the trace output immediately without ending the program. Visual Basic add-in, which trace-enables your VB project within seconds. All components of your application (e.g. COM components) contribute to the same trace output. Supports dialog-oriented applications as well as applications running on servers. Activate the trace via the trace viewer rather than via your application. Freeware version available. You may deliver and install this together with your app. No need to search your hard disk looking for trace files. Trace output is available while the app is running. The Freeware version of Log4VB is intended for being delivered with your app. Your customers can use it to record the trace output and send it to you for trouble-shooting purposes.The Shareware version allows you to load the trace file and analyze it. Various search and filter capabilities support you with this. Program user interface and documentation is currently available in German and English.
16 April 2015

Without A Trace by ILD Software

Without a Trace is a layman's guide to Forensic Sciences. Microsoft Windows Platform Software Who should purchase this software? Are you a CSI Fan? Have you ever wondered, Can they really do that? Do you know what your rights are in a criminal investigation? Have you been wrongly accused of committing a crime? If any of the above questions apply to you, then I would most defiantly recommend purchasing a copy of this software. REMEMBER - Sometimes what you don't know CAN HURT YOU! Key Features Fingerprints Glass Traces Dust Traces Hair Traces Shoe Traces Blood Traces Textile Traces Tool Traces DNA Evidence Arson and Fire Traces Crime Scene Investigation National Crime Information System And Many More!
09 March 2015

Phone Guardian by SymbianGuru

Are you afraid that one day somebody will steal your expensive Series 60 smartphone or you may justleave it and someone can use your confidential data? Just stop worrying and secure your phone with Phone Guardian. In case your mobile is forgotten or stolen, Phone Guardian will allow you to remotely secure and auto lock your Symbian mobile by sending a lock SMS. Furthermore Phone Guardian allows to lock the mobile automatically or when a lock SMS is received. Once locked the phone remains secured. It will not be possible to use your mobile or to uninstall the Phone Guardian software without knowing the password. New in version 3.0: -You can choose to install Phone Guardian without icon and launch it by dialing your secret number -You can trace the phone not only with CellID, but also with GPS now, including network based GPS -New SMS commands for better remote handling -You can buy the application directly from your mobile - Now alarm SMS can be sent to 3 numbers. 2 alarm SMS numbers and the number you are sending the lock SMS from Now Phone Guardian is more secure. Now you can easily find out the location of your mobile phone with the help of GPS tracking option. You should just tune your internal GPS module or use network based GPS. You can turn on and off the GPS tracking remotely with SMS. Now you can select the method of Phone Guardian launch. You can launch the software: - with the help of Application icon, which was the only one way to launch Phone Guardian in previous versions; - with the help of Activation number, which you can set manually after the installation - and using both these methods Registration Information The trial version is limited for 5 days. A license code based on IMEI is provided upon purchase.
18 May 2015

GPS2day by Sergei V. Lepitko

GPS2day is a small Windows Mobile application designed as Today Screen plug-in. It shows following information for users: current geographical coordinates (latitude, longitude), speed, course, some information about satellites, exact date and time, battery life status. This is the useful personal informer in your mobile device.
11 May 2015

Print and Trace Designs by BlackLetterMedia.com

200 Adorable Printable Arts & Crafts Images For Creative Projects like tole painting, stencils, sewing, wall designs, scrapbooking and more! Simply print and trace your favorite designs using any printer or paper. Hearts and bows, animals, flowers, ribbons, scarecrow, country designs, dolls, angels, farm animals, stars, balloons, clouds, wreaths, food, strawberries, and more! You get all 200 designs PLUS bonus editions in color. Simply download, print and trace into your favorite personal or commercial project! Download the free screenshots and see just how adorable these designs are!
19 May 2015

All Mobile by CargarMovil.com

Load your mobile phone with ringtones, logos, melodies, screensavers, games and much more. CargarMovil.com All Mobile is a free software with everything you need for your cell phone including tens of thousands of logos, tones, polyhonics, voice ringers, fun images, screensavers, videos, games and more. Search your favorite ringtone, logo or game and download it to your phone in just seconds. All Mobile is as easy to use as 123 and has the most complete mobile content on the net including Top Ringtones, Logos, Images and Games Sections that you will not find anywhere else. The software allows you to view the logos and animations or listen to the complete ringtones music before downloading them to your mobile phone. With CargarMovil All Mobile software the best cell phone games are just a click away and you can see real time game demos on the java games section. Available in more than 50 countries, just click on your country flag to see what content is available at your mobile phone location. Your mobile phone can be a lot of fun with All Mobile software from CargarMovil.com. Enjoy it!
13 March 2015

MobiMonster Weather Forecast by MobiMonster

Weather Forecast (5 day worldwide forecast) An easy to use Mobile Application that provides you with an accurate five day worldwide weather forecast for any worldwide location/city.This mobile application is compatible for Windows Mobile and Symbian Series 60 devices and provides with information such as High, Low, Humidity, Wind speed and a general condition overview. Weather Forecast enables you to not only check for the 5 day forecast but also obtain the weather information by SMS (free service) for the next five days.Click Options > Weather by SMS and select the time at which you would like to be informed of the weather. The application will send you SMS to be updated on the weather conditions. The application is compact, but that does not mean that it lacks in speed, reliability and accuracy.Download a free five day trial and see for yourself. Main Features: - Quick responses. - Easy on your Mobile phones resources. - Compressed responses, ensuring low data usages means a lowered Data Transfer charges bill. - Accurate Five day weather forecast. Subscription Information: - Weather Forecast is available as a subscription product for 1 year. For more information visit: http://www.mobimonster2.com/Weather.asp
04 May 2015

WinTraceRoute by Filesland

This is a Windows based tracert/traceroute software to display path that network packets take when travelling across the global IP networks. Excellent tool for network troubleshooting, this utility incorporates the functionality of well known tracert and traceroute command line utilities and presents the trace information with a Windows based interface. You may print the results of the trace or save them for later research. Various network trace parameters such as number of pings, hops, host timeout value and DNS addess resolution are configurable in this software.
09 February 2015

Reverse Phone Lookup by Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

Have you ever had a missed call from any unknown number.Trace that phone call immediately.Reverse any Cell Phone or Landline phone number to easily uncover the details of the caller.You do not need any technical knowledge for this.Just put the phone number you want to trace in the search box and click on search.In seconds our application will get the details of the caller for you.
07 April 2015

Mobil Phone Live Surveillance by The Best of The Best

Wireless mobile phone video security software which gives you private monitoring and safety with real-time picture monitoring. You can watch live pictures from your webcams on mobile phone through any type of internet link from any location in the world. In case of invasion, a actual video helps prevent fake siren and stop supervise reports to avoid the penalties. Our know-how utilizes the most popular solution for remotely monitoring from anyplace in the world. This is a solution that changes any regular mobile phone into a high end monitoring device. How does cellular security work: you connect your camera (USB, IP webcam, or Camcoder) to your home pc and install our Program. Our Software captures picture and audio from camera and uploads it, as condensed media stream, to our web site. You opening our Internet server on your cell phone and see video from your camera. No particular software for your mobile phone is necessary.
29 April 2015

GPSJ by GPSJ Project

GPS/J is a console for all Bluetooth-enabled GPS receivers (now with 20000 European towns and cities!), a mobile navigation tool for cellular phone owners and the most affordable and convenient way to use location services. It is a J2ME application for JSR82-compliant devices, which means devices with a programmable Bluetooth interface. Saying GPS/J we also mean a project which aims at delivering mobile navigation solutions both for the consumer market and the business area.
26 January 2015

MyLaptopTracker Laptop Tracking Software by Laptop Tracking Software

My Laptop Tracker is ultimate data and theft recovery solution for your laptop. It arms your laptop against all threats of getting stolen. Laptop Tracker lets you track down the exact location of your laptop in real time as well as retrieve your data. My Laptop Tracker ensures that you receive constant alerts immediately after its stolen and tracking starts. Easy to use tracking software, you can block your system and prevent and data loss. Top features of My Laptop Tracker: * Wi-Fi Positioning enables you to track down your laptop within 10 meters in minutes. * Capture Images to identify the thief with integrated web cam as well as screen shots to track down thieves. * Receive alerts directly in email account as well as Flickr and Image shack account. * Retrieve your data remotely as well as hide or delete your precious files. * Remove Stored Passwords as soon as your laptop is stolen to secure your internet accounts. * Remote System Blockage to make your laptop completely inaccessible. * Remove Stored Passwords as soon as your laptop is stolen to secure your internet accounts. * Remote System Blockage to make your laptop completely inaccessible. * Easy Web Based Activation to start tracking as soon as your laptop is stolen from any location * Stealth Mode ensures that thief does not even get a clue that he is being tracked.