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Sniper goes

17 February 2015

Sniper Elite USA Wii [4.3 GB]

Sniper Elite USA Wii [4.3 GB] English | Platform: Wii | Publisher: Reef Entertainment | Developer: Rebellion | Region: USA | 4.3 GB Genre: Shooter / Action[/b] Sniper Elite takes place in war-torn Berlin during the final days of World War II. As the Soviets and Germans are locked in a life and death struggle, the western Allies fear the looming Cold War. Assuming the role of a lone American sniper trained by the OSS, a player must infiltrate hostile enemy environments using their stealth and sniping skills and keep the Soviets from shifting the balance of power. The Wii version of Sniper Elite makes full use of the Wii's control system with movement and gestures, is compatible with the Wii Zapper, and contains new levels and a raft of additional features, making this game one of a kind. Screenshots Download (Filesonic)
25 May 2015

Sniper: Art of Victory - Wrapper [Intel-Wineskin]

Sniper: Art of Victory - Wrapper [Intel-Wineskin] Mac | City Interactive | Navarre | Wineskin | 97.88MB Genre: Historic Tactical Shooter This wrapper was made in order to accommodate Snow Leopard users that want to play the recently uploaded game Sniper Art of Victory. The crossover wrapper the game came in is not compatible w/ SL so I decided to create this self contained Wineskin wrapper for use with this game. I'd like to make two suggestions however you do not need to do this to play the game. 1.Inside the Sniper - Art of Victory gamefolder, navigate to the Data folder and open VideoSettings.src with your favorite text editor. On the 16th line you will see the word 'resolution' Change the numbers in the brackets to whatever you preferred screen resolution may be. Widescreen Gaming Forums wrote:
26 February 2015

Sniper: Path of Vengeance

Sniper: Path of Vengeance PC game | Genre: FirstPerson Shooter | 276 MB Using the LithTech engine, Sniper is a first person shooter Mafia game set in the 1980s. Dominick is a top hitman who recently lost a prominent member to death from his crime family in Las Vegas. A dispute unfolds from this so naturally a war breaks out with this prideful family. Youll have a chance to plan the attack, set up the prime location, and pick the target. Beware though, the hunter could become the prey. Threads of conspiracy from Rome and Chicago link some how back to Vegas. Features # First Person Action using the powerful Lithtech Jupiter Engine # A host of weapons to exact your vengeance with: Sniper Rifles, Sigs, Hand Grenades and more # Blooddrenched combat with over 25 levels # Unique Character Building elements to create the perfect Killer # Wage war against the Mob, Chinese Crime Bosses, and crooked Cops
09 February 2015

Sniper Elite V2 - SKIDROW

Sniper Elite V2 - SKIDROW Language: English | Publisher: Namco | Developer: Rebellion | Number of Players: 1 Player | DVD ISO | 5.13 GB Genre: Action In Sniper Elite, players assume the role of an American sniper, disguised as a German soldier and dropped into war torn 1945 Berlin by the American OSS to gather intelligence on the top-secret German Atomic research. If his mission fails, control of the worlds Atomic technology will fall into the hands of Stalin and the Soviet Army, throwing the worlds political climate into chaos. In the undercover mission, players utilize their sniper training to gain access to key positions by taking out machine guns, armored vehicles, guard posts and sentries through stealth and pinpoint accuracy. Like a true sniper, players must follow their wits and instincts and utilize both first and third-person perspectives to negotiate through 28 open-ended levels in war-torn Berlin. In taking aim at enemy soldiers, players need to consider gravity, wind speed, heart rate, breathing and posture to successfully hit their target in one of the most authentic sniping mechanics ever devised. Players can even take up the fight or go head-to-head with a friend in the cooperative or competitive offline play modes, or even engage in a game of worldwide cat-and-mouse with up to eight players online. Buy a Premium Account Rapidgator or Ryushare to download file with fast speed:
05 March 2015

BayGenie eBay Auction Sniper Pro

BayGenie eBay Auction Sniper Pro | 6.68 Mb BayGenie ebay Auction Sniper Pro tracks eBay auctions and automatically places bids in the last seconds of auctions. Features integrated browser. Supports bidding groups. Supports 19 countries of eBay global sites. eBay login integration. Supports all time zones. Multi-user support. Configurable columns. Secure connections (ssl). Fast data transmission. BayGenie can snipe eBay auctions It automates the process of placing bids on an eBay auction at the closing timen. With its seamless eBay integration, you can login to eBay and search for items using its integrated browser. Once you have found an auction that you are interested, you can add it to your watch list and setup how long before the end of the auction you want BayGenie to place your bid. Then all you have to do is sit back and relax. BayGenie will automatically place the bid for you, even if it's 3am in the morning. BayGenie can track eBay auctions. It also contains an auction tracking system that tracks all the items that you are watching, bidding, won or lost. It shows important information for each item, such as the current highest bidding amount, ending time, etc. It also supports multiple users so that different eBay users can use the same BayGenie without affecting each other. Home Page - www.baygenie.com
10 April 2015

Sniper: Ghost Warrior (2010ENGPCRIP)

Sniper: Ghost Warrior (2010/ENG/PC/RIP) | 1.5 GB Studio City Interactive represents a new project, which is entirely devoted to heavy workdays of military sniper. The modern world is rich tyrants who occupy the country and impose their policies. This happened in the country Isla Trouin. To protect civilians from the tyrant, the U.S. organized a covert military operation to remove a tyrant and freeing the oppressed policy. Promised realistic physics of a bullet, the calculation traektorii flight, Incorporation of wind and heart arrow ... Features: - Realistic sniper shooter on everyday life - Calculation of a bullet, Incorporation of the various amendments of its flight - Great graphics - Passage of missions using two different characters - Hard murder in the melee - squeezing the eyes and throat-slitting System requirements: - Operating system: Microsoft ® Windows ® XP / Windows ® Vista / Windows ® 7 - Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz / AMD Athlon X2 1964 2.4 GHz - Memory: 1.5 GB (Windows XP) / 2 GB (Windows Vista / Windows 7) - Video: 3D-graphics adapter with 256 MB / 512 MB compatible with DirectX ® 9.0c, and support for Pixel Shader 3.0 or better - Sound: Sound card compatible with DirectX 9.0c - Free space on hard drive: 10 GB - Additional software: DirectX 9.0c or DirectX 10 - Controls: A keyboard and mouse Features RIP: - Cut out the useless introductory video - Fixed some game problems, such as audio and textual errors, as well as some bugs geimpleya - Installation takes 30-40 minutes Download Sniper: Ghost Warrior (2010/ENG/PC/RIP):
20 January 2015

Sniper Ghost Warrior Full RIP Unlea

Operating System / XP / vista/seven System RAM 1gb for xp -- 2gb for vista , seven CPU Sped Intel Pentium IV at 3.2 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Video Card 256 MB Shader Model 3.0 support Download
26 January 2015

AntiSpam Sniper Pro by BestSecurityTips LLC

Keep your e-mail clean and safe! E-mail has become an indispensable system of communication for the average man not to mention its importance in the business area. However, where there's a light there's also a switch - the high percentage of spam over the last years has sometimes made e-mail unreliable and has significantly affected this way of sending out messages, info or files. This is where AntiSpam Sniper Pro steps in - whether for personal use or for protecting your business this program is the one of the most viable solutions to the ever-increasing problem of spam. E-mail spam is a subset of spam that involves sending nearly identical messages to numerous recipients by e-mail. Spam wastes time, clogs mail servers, and is very difficult to get rid of. Think of AntiSpam Sniper Pro as a buffer zone between your e-mail client and the Internet where every incoming e-mail is thoroughly examined and those containing spam are filtered out. The process runs discreetly in the background. This utility is very effective in deleting all evident, aggressive spam without downloading it to your PC allowing you to have a clean and unclogged correspondence. AntiSpam Sniper Pro has an interface so built as to let you easily view and sort message headers in the most conveniently way. Although you get to control the main features of the program and the process of fighting spam altogether don't think of it as a tedious and time-consuming task. The program works very well without your assistance. The security of your correspondence is also taken care of thanks to most trash messages and viruses being prevented from infiltrating into your computer. Last but not least - this software is as easy as it gets. No need for special previous skill. Enjoy this FREE program and also fell free to recommend it to your friends!
13 January 2015

Sniper Elite V2 (2012PCMULTi3Repack) by Dumu4

Sniper Elite V2 (2012/PC/MULTi3/Repack) by Dumu4 | 2.88 Gb Year: 2012 | Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd Person / Stealth | Platform: PC | Language: English, Multi3 | Publication Type: Repack Publisher: 505 Games | Developer: Rebellion The sequel to the highly-acclaimed 2005 game Sniper Elite, Sniper Elite V2 continues to offer gamers the most authentic World War II sniping experience by putting them in the middle of war-torn Berlin amidst the frenzied final battle between German and Russian forces. With an emphasis on learning to handle the anticipation and pressure of the hunt, players are forced to use skill, patience and cunning to achieve their missions as they find themselves facing life-altering choices. The celebrated “bullet cam” from Sniper Elite makes its return and will be more gratifying than ever. Skillful shots are rewarded with a slow-motion sequence of the bullet running its full trajectory from barrel to target as well as featuring graphic detail of the effects of the bullet entering and destroying a target. Features: Sniping Simulation: Sniper Elite V2 features detailed sniping simulation with advanced ballistics, taking into account gravity, wind, velocity, bullet penetration, aim stability and more. Guaranteed to provide players with the most realistic simulation of military sharpshooting yet available. X-Ray Kill Cam: Amazing “kill cam” technology showcases what really happens when a bullet enters an enemy’s body, allowing players to see hearts and lungs tear, livers burst, bones and teeth shatter and entrails fall out. Authenticity: The game features authentic World War II Berlin locations as well as vehicles, weapons such as the Springfield M1903, the Gewehr 43 and the Mosin-Nagant 1891/30 and uniforms modeled after the original versions. Use The Environment: The slightest changes in the environment need to be taken into account to move into the perfect position, observe the quarry, take the shot and slip away unnoticed. Snipers Choice:
23 January 2015

STALKER: Call of Pripyat MISERY (2012 ENG a crack MOD)

STALKER: Call of Pripyat MISERY (2012/ ENG / a crack / MOD) PC | 2012 | English | Developer : GSC Game World | Publisher : N. Aaroe supported TrueZoneProject (a crack Version 1.5 from 22.1 .2012) | 2.48GB Genre : Action Complete a change of atmosphere Call of Pripyat Adjust the balance of weapons and damage Business Intelligence NPCs The choice of specialization YY sniper, scout, attack RPG correction components of the original game the behavior and reaction HS Dialog system, depending on the chosen specialization New weapons Items Weather effects (enabled AtmosFear Mod 3.0) The policy of reducing the number of meat System Requirements: Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / Se7en Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz / AMD XP 2200 + Memory: 1 GB RAM (2 GB Vista / Windows 7) Video Card: 128 MB DirectX 8.0 nVIDIA GeForce 5700 / ATI Radeon 9600 Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX 9.0c Installation: Well, in general case. 1) Put the game Call of Pripyat and the patch 6.1.02 2) Mount the image MOD 3) Put yourself in the root of the game modes, and choose whom you want to play a sniper scout, attack aircraft. 4) Put the patch patch 1.5 Patch 1.6 5) Mount the image localizations, and select the same crack for whom you are playing a sniper scout bomber. 6) Play
09 January 2015


Snipers PAL XBOX360-COMPLEX | 7.3GB Platform: XBOX 360 | Region: PAL | Size: 1 DVD | Languages: English Genre: Action The year is 2024 and you are a dangerous sniper on a mission. It's kill or be killed in this futuristic urban environment devastated by war. And now it is time for you to prove you've got the skills to be last man standing. Equipped with the most advanced modern weapons and tools you prepare for battle. With your elite training you know better than toleave anything to chance. It's confrontation time. Will you reign victorious? Master combat maneuvers and techniques to evolve. Purchase new weapons and equipment to trap your enemies. Play with up to 12 opponents in online multiplayer mode. Features 6 futuristic sniping guns 2 handguns and 20 different types of gear. ATTENTION: Online game, make sure your fully stealthed before playing!!!
14 January 2015

Mass Effect 2 + 22 DLC (2010PCENGRePack)

Mass Effect 2 + 22 DLC (2010/PC/ENG/RePack) | 6.21 GB List of DLC: 1. Companion Zeed 2. Blood Dragon Armor 3. M-29 Incisor Sniper Rifle 4. Normandy Crash 5. Sentry Interface 6. Collectors Weapon And Armor 7. Terminus Weapon and Armor 8. Inferno Armor 9. Umbra Visor 10. Recon Hood 11. Cerberus Armor 12. M-22a Eviscerator Shotgun 13. Arc Projector 14. Firewalker Pack 15. Alternate Appearance Pack 16. Kasumi Goto17 17. Archon Visor 18. Capacitor Helmet 19. Overlord 20. Aegis Pack 21. Firepower Pack 22. Lair of the Shadow Broker Download Mass Effect 2 + 22 DLC (2010/PC/ENG/RePack):
12 March 2015

Buyer Auction Manager (Full) by Buyer Auction Manager

Buyer Auction Manager (Full) provides better eBay buying experience. It contains two main modules that will help you find great deals on eBay and help you save money.Win It Now module will scan for newly posted Buy It Now listings to find you great deals.Sometimes people post items on eBay with low Buy It Now price.Those listings end very quickly.Win It Now module will help you find those listings before other people find it.Sniper module will place your bids in the last seconds.This will help you avoid bidding wars because other people bidding do not have enough time to increse their bids which will help you save money.There is also Browser module that integrates with Sniper so you don't need to leave the application to add Snipes.Try it free for 30 days.
30 March 2015

KelbyTraining - Shooting with the Elinchrom Quadra System

KelbyTraining - Shooting with the Elinchrom Quadra System English | 854x480 | H264 | 29.97fps 789kbps | AAC 128kbps | 966.07 MB Genre: Video Training The Elinchrom Quadra lighting system is a frontier unit, meaning that it goes beyond the power of a small flash while still being lighter and more portable than a big flash. Photographer Joe McNally takes the Quadra system out into the field to multiple photo shoots and kicks the tires to see just what the unit is capable of. Introduction (01:42) Overview of the Quadra Flash Unit (03:44) Taking the Quadra into the Field (00:36) Safety When Shooting with Firearms (01:35) Sniper Shot, Part 1 (17:01) Sniper Shot, Part 2 (08:47) San Francisco Dancer (07:37) Ballerina in the Fog (02:38) A Conspiracy of Beards (11:02) Controlling the Light (10:04) Motorcycle on the Pier (12:41) Studio Review of the Motorcycle Shoot (04:17) Fashion Shoot on City Streets (04:55) Shooting a Moving Motorcycle (09:55) Racing the Light: Evening Shoot (14:56) Studio Review of the Evening Shoot (01:47) Conclusion and Summary (01:16) Bonus: Buttons and Dials, Part 1 (04:36) Bonus: Buttons and Dials, Part 2 (15:27) Bonus: Buttons and Dials, Part 3 (06:00) TOTAL: 02:20:36
27 May 2015

K-Rino - Annihilation Of The Evil Machine (2010) - RPLC7

K-Rino - Annihilation Of The Evil Machine (2010) - RPLC7 Rap | MP3 | 2h 06min | 147 Kbps | 135.34 MB Once again K-Rino hasn’t disappointed his fan dope lyrics over hardcore beats his heart and soul went into this album if you a true fan you gonna love it if it’s your first time hearing K-Rino you wil b wondering where this guy been a mus hav mad luv Wizard. Track List Disc 1/2 01. Intro (Prod. By Alpha Beats) 2:57 02. Annahilation Of The Evil Machine (Prod. By Heat-Up Prod.) 6:21 03. Natural Born Artist (Prod. By Boss) 4:30 04. Anything That Moves (Prod. By X-Prod.) 4:15 05. He Say, She Say (Prod. By Vandalized Prod.) 4:35 06. The Plan (Ft. Sniper) (Prod. By G-Style) 3:35 07. God’s Voice (Ft. Justice Allah, Rapper K & Big Wrath) 4:45 (Prod. By Paragon 08. Duality (Prod. By 57 Red) 5:26 09. I’ll See You (Prod. By Spiktakula) 4:31 10. Change Yo Ways (Prod. By X-Prod.) 5:00 11. Price On His Head (Ft. Ganksta Nip & Point Blank) (Prod. By 4:25 Boss 12. When You Hate To Love (Prod. By Unbeatables) 3:45 13. Release It (Prod. By Roo-Roo) 5:00 14. Mention My Name (Prod. By Boss) 4:35 15. Flow Session Number 1 (Prod. By X-Prod.) 3:50 Disc 2/2 01. Wicked Land (Prod. By Unbeatables) 3:50 02. The Scorceror’s Den (Prod. By DJ Kru) 4:03 03. Self Made (Ft. Trae The Truth) (Prod. By YFP Prod.) 3:50 04. The Epitome (Prod. By X-Prod.) 4:00 05. Fall Down (Prod. By X-Prod.) 4:35 06. Certified (Ft. Z-Ro & Kaza) (Prod. By BP) 4:05 07. Last Letter (Ft. Sniper, Rapper K & K.O.) (Prod. By Sinima) 4:32 08. Perfect Union (Ft. Rain, Mayadia & Hoodizm) (Prod. By 5:05 X-Prod 09. Time To Grow Up (Prod. By Unbeatables) 3:30 10. Remember (Ft. Mayadia) (Prod. By X-Prod.) 4:00 11. Under The Radar (Ft. Dougie D.) (Prod. By DJ Kru) 3:17 12. Ninety-7 0:48 13. Oblivion Scroll (Prod. By DJ Kru) 2:50 14. Spit Somthin’ (Ft. VA) (Prod. By Antes) 11:00 Download From FileServe:
22 May 2015

CTU Marine Sharpshooter

CTU Marine Sharpshooter PC game| Genre: First-Person Shooter | 101 MB You are a Marine Sharpshooter, member of the elite Counter Terror Unit, a covert American military force waging a silent war against terror across the globe. Dropped behind enemy lines, you have uncovered a terrorist plan to construct a nuclear weapon and detonate it on American soil. You must follow the plot from the desserts of Afghanistan through the Russian winter and into the jungles of a small south Pacific island. Armed with an arsenal of authentic sniper weaponry, your only assistance is provided by your observer, your eyes, ears and close quarters machine gun. Make every shot count, your country is depending on it. Features # 10 expansive missions that span 3 exotic locales: Afghanistan, Chechnya and a South Pacific island # Fully scripted storyline with musical score # Voice acting and cut scenes immerse the player in the action # Use the authentic sniper weaponry including m40a3, the Barrett m82a1a and the accuracy international AW # 3 difficulty levels, including 'one shot one kill' where players have to make every shot count # Improve your accuracy with multiple sniping positions & scope zoom # Command your observer to defend and cover your position when the action heats up Install Notes 1.) Unrar 2.) Run SETUP.BAT 3.) Start game with 'CTUMS.exe' ( You should buy Premium account to download with High speed )
20 January 2015

Men Of War Vietnam STEAM CRACKED-3DM (Full Rip2011)

Men Of War Vietnam STEAM CRACKED-3DM (Full Rip/2011) 2011 | PC | English | Developer: SoftKlab | Publisher: Publishing EU | 2.26 GB Genres: Strategy (Real-time / Tactical) / 3D Men Of War: Vietnam- Military strategy with tactical elements illuminates the terrible events of the war from the perspective of American and Soviet soldiers. The first came to Vietnam by coincidence, the second - real professionals on duty who was trying to do their work quality. They had nothing against each other, they just wanted to stay alive. Features -The game features two story campaign, consisting of five missions. -The first player to manage a group of four characters: two Russian instructors, saboteurs - past the Second World sapper, demolition, and a young sniper sent to the territory of South Vietnam to the Viet Cong soldier training, and the two men well-trained North Vietnamese army - the driver and interpreter. The attack Americans and the Army of the Republic of Vietnam Ranger small group was in enemy territory, and now he is by all means necessary to get through to her. -In the second campaign under the control of the player will be subversive and intelligence team of five professional U.S. military: commander, gunner, sniper, grenade throwers and demolition. The detachment will need to perform a number of disparate Special Assignments from sabotage and participating in major battles to the relatively small forces rescue American POWs from a camp near Hanoi. -Large selection of firearms and bladed weapons, which was used during the Vietnam War. -Access to manage military equipment, the ability to capture and use of any combat aircraft, including the enemy. -Destructible environments, as well as the ability to use any object as cover. Minimum System Requirements: System: Windows XP (SP1) / Vista Processor: Pentium IV 2.6 GHz / Athlon 3000 + or better Memory: 1 GB Video Card: GeForce 6200/ATI Radeon 6900 with 128 MB VRAM or better Sound card: compatible with Direct X 9.0c
06 January 2015

Breach (2011Eng)

Breach (2011/Eng) Language: English | PC | Developer: Atomic Games | Publisher: Atomic Games | 780 Mb Genres: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person / Online-Only Breach - a multiplayer first-person shooter about the elite CIA operatives, designed for 16 people. In Breach players will assume the role of members of the Division of Special Events CIA, which performs a variety of military operations for the U.S. government. Gameplay is based on the idea that the game has no impenetrable shelter. Destroyed everything here, for what can hide soldiery. So get ready for a very rapid fire, active movement, lightning deaths and are converted into crumb cement walls. Naturally, some objects can not be destroyed as it is impossible to destroy the very foundation level, but the eternal shelter in Breach really do not find it. Screenshots Features: * Classes will be five characters - Rifleman (Marksman), Gunner (Gunner), Sniper (sniper) and Support (Engineer). Fifth grade Recon (Scout) will be opened immediately, but only for special military services - newcomers will have to choose only four professionals. * Since flushing is more or less standard - kill people, earn experience, which can then spend to upgrade weapons and buy gadgets. Say, for the purchase of bionic ear, allowing easy pinpoint the enemies on the map by the sound of their footsteps. * The number of game modes happy. Infiltration - your team needs to get deep into the card, eliminating the path of enemies. Operations - we must find and choose the faster opponents containers with biological weapons. Convoy - one team must escort a truck from point A to point B, and another command to this in every way. Team Deathmatch - I think no comment. Cards - all three pieces. Fourth developers made available a couple of weeks after the game. Recommended system requirements: # Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.88 GHz # Memory: 2 GB RAM # Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT, GT240 and ATI HD 2600 or better # Free space