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Romantic song list mp3 wap

03 April 2015

Julio Iglesias - Romantic Classics (2006)

Julio Iglesias - Romantic Classics (2006) EAC Rip | 11 tracks | APE (image) - Log - Cue | Covers | Release: 2006 | 241 MB Genre: Pop | Label: Sony BMG | HF +FS There's something irresistible about Julio Iglesia's singing. He exudes an effortless passion of romance in nearly every song he touches. It's no surprise that finally he has released an album concentrating solely on romantic tunes. However, at first glance, some of his choices might seem out of character. With two Foreigner songs, I Want To Know What Love Is and Waiting For A Girl Like You, Julio injects dreamy casualness that begs a listen from worldly lovers. Harry Nilsson's Everybody's Talking has a spirited freshness and the Bee Gees, How Can You Mend A Broken Heart? is a completely new interpretation. Tracklist: 01. Everybody's Talking [02:45] 02. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart? [03:51] 03. Careless Whisper [04:34] 04. Always On My Mind [03:43] 05. Waiting For A Girl Like You [04:02] 06. Drive [03:52] 07. I Want To Know What Love Is [04:22] 08. Right Here Waiting [04:00] 09. This Guy's In Love With You [03:48] 10. The Most Beautiful Girl [03:09] 11. It's Impossible [03:11] Download From FileServe:
18 March 2015

Karaoke Song List Creator by Airwer Ltd

Karaoke Song List Creator provides a fast and easy way to catalogue all your Karaoke discs. The excellent interface consists of a toolbar, pull down menus, a disc code window, and the song list window. The software holds a complete list of all Karaoke discs. When you select a disc's manufacturer from the list, the disc code window jumps to that maker's list of codes. You then check the box next to the code that matches your disc and hit the Create List button, and all the tracks appear in the bottom song list window. The Add button lets you import you own custom CDs. After creating your list you are then ready to print your songbooks. You can choose the font type, size and color. I was very impressed with the print output. Karaoke Song List Creator can sort your list by artist, title, track number or manufacturer.Anyone who owns any Karaoke iscs will really appreciate Airwer Karaoke Song List Creator.
15 April 2015

Mantovani - All Time Romantic Hits + Mantovani by Mantovani (bonus)

Mantovani - All Time Romantic Hits + Mantovani by Mantovani (bonus) MP3 320 Kbps CBR | Release: 1991 | 125MB Genre: Easy Listening, Instrumental Tracklist: 01 Together 02 Deep Purple 03 The Very Thought Of You 04 Tribute to Maurice Chevalier -Gigi -Louise - Thank Heaven for Little Girls -Valentine 05 Isn't it Romantic 06 Dearly Beloved 07 You Were Meant For Me 08 Tribute to Noel Coward -London Pride -Someday I'll Find You - Zigeuner -Mad Dogs and Englishmen - I'll See You Again Mantovani by Mantovani (bonus-record) 01 Cara Mia 02 Manhattan Lullaby 03 Piccolo Bolero 04 Serenata D'Amore 05 Italia Mia 06 Midnight Waltz 07 Last Summer 08 Deserted Shore 09 Our Last Affair 10 Theme from A Western Download From FileServe:
13 April 2015

VA Romantic Guitar

VA Romantic Guitar MP3 320 Kbps CBR | Release: 2007 | 107MB Genre: Instrumental, Guitar Tracklist: 01. I Just Called To Say I Love You 02. One Moment In Time 03. Always 04. Lost In Your Eyes 05. The One That You Love 06. Always On My Mind 07. Something In Your Eyes 08. Slow Hand 09. Careless Whisper 10. Tonight I Celebrate My Love 11. Close To You 12. Casablanca 13. Woman In Love 14. Just One 15. Straight From The Heart 16. Crazy For You Download From FileServe:
11 February 2015

Harlequin's Romantic Short Stories.

Harlequin's Romantic Short Stories English | Publisher: Harlequin | Collection | PDF,HTML,OPF | 133.12 MB Shannon Vanderhoff learned early that everything in life is fleeting. That's why she won't let herself get attached to anything. Or anyone. Not the traumatized little boy in her care. And definitely not art therapist Greg Hawkins, who seems as determined to care for her as he is to heal her nephew.
28 May 2015

Song List Generator 5.0.1

Song List Generator 5.0.1 | 10.14 MB Generate professional song books from your MP3, MP3+G karaoke, or video files in just a few clicks! Song List Generator simply reads the music files right from your hard drive and creates a printable book of songs, sliced and diced any way you want (by Artist, Title, DiscID, multi-column, various font sizes, custom messages, custom paper and margin sizes). Exports to PDF format that you can have professionally printed or posted on your web site to download! Advanced users can export raw song data to Microsoft Excel® for further processing. If you use binders with punch holes and want to print double sided, Song List Generator can alternate the left and right margins on odd/even pages for maximum space on each page. - Reads the files right from your hard drive. No database maintenance required! Reads either file name format or MP3 ID tag. - Save space by adjusting font size and generating multiple columns per page - Save space in your karaoke song books by eliminating song duplicates and displaying the different versions all on the same line - Utilize the maximum space on your pages with adjustable margins - For pages with binder punch holes, alternate left and right margins on odd and even page numbers for double sided printing - Automatically correct for underscores and common capitalization problems - Supports AAC AIF AVI BIN DIVX FLAC FLV GVI KAR KFN KMA KMF KMH KOK M4A MID MOV MP3 MP3+G MP4 MPG MPEG OGG RA RAM ST3 VOB WAV WMA WMV ZIP - NEW! touch screen support with finger scrolling and pinch to zoom.
14 May 2015

Orchester Ambros Seelos Romantic Sax

Orchester Ambros Seelos Romantic Sax MP3 320 Kbps CBR | Easy Listening, Instrumental | 113,37 MB 01 - Schau ich in Deine Augen 02 - Bodensee 03 - Memories Of Love 04 - Die Bergwelt 05 - Fallt ein Stern 06 - Don't Leave Me 07 - Endlich wieder nach Hause 08 - Du mein Herz 09 - Wei?t' wofur die Liebe ist 10 - Weil mein Herz 11 - Blue Lullaby 12 - Nicht nur mit den Augen mu?t Du schau'n 13 - Ein liebes Wort 14 - Vergi?' die Freude nicht Download From FileServe:
31 March 2015

Best Duplicate Song Finder by Best Software

Best Duplicate Song Finder - is the program to Find Duplicate Songs. This duplicate song finder software is the best duplicate song finder to find duplicate song in the music collection, the best duplicate song finder software to automatically find duplicate songs in any folder and even the best duplicate song finder to find duplicate songs anywhere on computer. The best duplicate song finder can find duplicate song, automatically find duplicate music and find duplicate MP3 files on your PC. The best duplicate song finder is the easiest way to find duplicate songs in music collection of any size. This duplicate song finder will perfectly fit as the best duplicate song finder for both home and large business music collections. This software is the best duplicate song finder to find duplicate songs, delete duplicate song files and automatically remove duplicate songs in any music collection. Find duplicate songs in your music collection with the best duplicate song finder. How to find duplicate songs? How to find duplicate songs with the best duplicate song finder? Where to download the best duplicate song finder to find duplicate songs? Find identical songs on hard disk with the best duplicate song finder from Best-Software.us How to find duplicate songs from different folders and how to find duplicate song in collection - all this questions are already answered with the best duplicate song finder software. How to find duplicate songs on your computer? Just download and run the best duplicate song finder program. No more duplicate songs with the best duplicate song finder. This computer software can find duplicate songs, find duplicate music and automatically find MP3 files anywhere on your computer. The best duplicate song finder software will find duplicate songs, delete duplicate songs and easily remove duplicate songs on your hard disk and on music player. Find Duplicate Songs - Download the Best Duplicate Song Finder!
20 January 2015

LyricsGetter by Krojam Ltd

100% FREE song lyrics grabber. Search for song lyrics by song name and artist or search for atists by songname. Fount song lyrics can be printed, saved to text file or copied to clipboard.You can also search for song lyrics for currently playing winamp song.
29 January 2015

Teklora Duplicate Song Remover by Teklora Corporation

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13 February 2015

EZPlay by QuickerSoft

Makes it easy to play your WAV, MP3, Midi and CD Tracks. Enables you to browse through your audio files and pick up to 100 songs at a time to be played. Quickly skip to the next song with just a click of the mouse. If you stop play during a lengthy pick list it will begin play again with the last played song. You can minimize to your system tray during play. Mute audio play and easily control the volume up or down. Change audio file type with just one click. A very tiny simple to use audio player that includes 2 custom skins. Create your own custom skins with your favorite graphics editor. Purchasing entitles you to all future updates.
06 April 2015

A Random Music Player by MY PC OK

A random Mp3 player that allows you to listen your favorite music without having to worry about anything. Just tell the program where the songs are located in your computer and it will play them randomly. You can also be the DJ and at any time select a music on mp3 list playing it. features are: -> Works in USB drives -> Music non stop, computer plays new songs randomly -> At any time you can play a song you like by clicking it on mp3 list, be the DJ of you party -> You can pause or repeat a song using buttons -> Track and volume control -> You can set it not to repeat songs at random play mode -> Plays mp3 and wma -> Doesn't stop when playing corrupted song files -> Easy to use
19 March 2015

Music Alarm Pro by XFreesoft

Music Alarm Pro is a powerful yet easy to use Music Alarm Clock.You can use this Music Alarm Clock to wake you up in the morning by your favorite song or video file, remind you of important event. This Music Alarm Clock tool also allows you to set infinite alarms, edit your event list, write a reminder message, and set the alarm song. This Music Alarm Clock supports a wide file formats including MP3, AAC, WMA, WMV, MP4, MOV, FLV, Rmvb, VOB, and so on. Music Alarm Pro is a free to try software. You can free download and try this Music Alarm Clock for an evaluation period. Try this wonderful Music Alarm Clock, set one of your songs as an alarm!
14 May 2015

Phrase Trainer by desktopmetronome

Have you ever tried to play along with song like little wing (Hendrix or SRV,no meter)? You grab your instrument,sit down,start song and...you find that original song is in E-...so you can retune your guitar or quit with that song...sounds familiar? with SPT-667 you can retune song!...And start playing while inspiration is still here! The SPT-667 Phrase Trainer makes learning riffs by ear really simple. Say you want to copy a guitar solo. The Phrase Trainer lets you load song (wav,mp3,wma etc...) slow down the playback speed to as little as 50% (or double-speed,why not?)of the original without changing its pitch, and loop the playback to repeat the phrase over and over until you get it! Or,when you mastered lick you are working on,you can change pitch of the song and practise that lick in other tonality! SPT-667 Phrase Trainer is the ultimate training and jamming tool for all kind of musicians. For beginners or seasoned pros,SPT-667 is the perfect way to learn your favorite songs and licks! This tool is made by musician for musicians!
20 May 2015

Romantic Love Letters Free Sample by Love Letters Inc

Instant Love Letters to Win Any Heart, Anywhere, Anytime!!! Love Letters are a great way to capture the love or your dreams, surprsie him/her with love notes, win back your wife or husband, become more than friends, bring the romance back in your life, seduce a friend or lover, enhance your sex life!!! For only $24.95, you can Guarantee that our Love Letters will bring the love and passion that you desire!!!
03 February 2015

YouTube Song Downloader by Abelssoft

The YouTube Song Downloader allows you to easily download music of your favourite band as MP3 or video and it's 100% legal. Simply type in the name of a song and click on download to get it. Our new software will care about the rest.
20 January 2015

Delete Duplicate Songs by Delete Duplicate

Delete Duplicate Songs: How to Delete duplicate songs? Automatically delete duplicate songs with the software to delete duplicate song files. This computer software to delete duplicate songs, delete duplicate song files and smoothly delete duplicate songs can delete duplicate songs everywhere. Delete duplicate songs in the song collection, delete duplicate songs in the music collection and even delete duplicate songs in Mp3 music collection with this automatic duplicate song deleting software. Want to delete duplicate songs? What is the best way to delete duplicate songs in the music collection? How can I delete duplicate songs on my computer? Find duplicate songs, smoothly delete duplicate songs and remove duplicate songs files with automatic duplicate song deleting software. This program is designed to delete duplicate songs in the song collections of any size. For example you may delete duplicate songs in the home music collection. Also with duplicate song deleting software you can delete duplicate songs in the large song collections, for example remove duplicate songs on radio station or DJ songs. So, what is the best way to delete duplicate songs? How to delete duplicate songs easily? Delete Duplicate Songs: Download software for FREE to delete duplicate songs now!
19 February 2015

Cali Karaoke by Calikar

Cali Karaoke offers to convert any computer into a karaoke system. The program won't win any awards for its design since it mimics the DVD player, but it functions as a very simple and fun way for anyone to select a song then sing within seconds. By using the keyboard as a DVD player's remote control, the program's interface is easy to operate. After a simple initial setup, anyone able to navigate the software with only a few keyboard commands. The music is clear. All karaoke files were recorded in real-time so they sound very realistic and not so mechanical. The lyrics scrolled across the screen and stayed with the music perfectly along with the photo slidshow background. The entire package flow well and is fun for anyone to sing or play a musical instrument along with. ?Play 20,000 songs on a single DVD ?Select song from on-screen or printout Song Lists ?Queue songs to playback in order it was enter ?Add songs to Favorite List ?Background photo slideshow ?Change playback volume ?Change playback melody volume ?Change playback key (pitch) ?Change playback tempo (speed) ?Play/Pause/Skip to next song in queue/Restart current song ?Forward/Review 2 measures for practicing/learning a song ?Change lyric colors ?Print/Export Song Lists