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Personal relationships

26 January 2015

Wheel Of Life Lite by Rylstim

The program helps you to easily find out your life balance by assessing the main areas of a human's life: business and career, finances, health, relationships with family and friends, love relationships, personal development, entertainment and physical environment. Just assess each of these areas separately and get the overall picture of your life as a pie chart - that is your Wheel of Life. With this Wheel of Life, you can easily determine, in which area of life you've got everything set up right, and which area requires more of your time and attention, so that you could make your life even richer and more interesting.
16 April 2015

Take Your Sales to the Next Level: Advanced Skills to Build Stronger Relationships and Close More Deals

Take Your Sales to the Next Level: Advanced Skills to Build Stronger Relationships and Close More Deals Publisher: McGraw-Hill | 2010 | ISBN: 0071745432 | Pages: 224 | PDF | 11,61 MB Expand your customer relationships into higher levels of commitment-and close more sales! You may have many great customer relationships-but there's a good chance you have an even greater number of relationships that aren't where you want them to be. With the lessons in Take Your Sales to the Next Level, you can move those stalled relationships to the next level-and increase sales dramatically. Sales expert Charles D. Brennan helps you: Gain solid commitments from your contacts Direct conversations to reveal new, previously undisclosed information Minimize and neutralize resistance Build a sales closing map from start to finish When you suddenly find yourself deftly moving conversations beyond the predictable dialogues, you'll know you're on your way to greatness. Make it happen with Take Your Sales to the Next Level.
23 January 2015

Homemakers - Summer 2010

Homemakers - Summer 2010 English | PDF | 88 pages | 18.7Mb Homemakers - Reflects the goals and concerns of today's woman, from the traditional areas (food, fashion, beauty and home decor) to politics, career aspirations and community responsibilities, with particular emphasis on personal relationships. Download From FileServe:
20 January 2015

HOW-2 Meet Women by Brindlesoft

HOW-2 Meet Women: The Shy Man's Guide to Relationships. This e-text book, in HTML format, deals with most aspects of meeting and relating to women from a shy man's perspective, with a special emphasis on developing social skills. Topics covered include conversation, speaking on the telephone, dealing with loneliness, nervousness, rejection, flirting, writing love letters, writing and answering personal ads, parties, the first date, and traps and pitfalls. Complete with real life examples, a troubleshooting guide, an F.A.Q., and even a self-test and a study guide. This is an Internet best-seller, with an estimated 250,000+ copies downloaded.(Win 3.1/9x/ME/XP, NT/2k, Mac, Linux, BeOS)
24 April 2015

Will Bowen - Complaint Free Relationships (Audiobook).

Will Bowen - Complaint Free Relationships (Audiobook) English | Publisher: Random House Audio (December 29, 2009) | ASIN: B0032COUYK | MP3 128kbps | 368 MB A revolutionary approach to improving every relationship in your life, Complaint-Free Relationshipspicks up where the internationally successful A Complaint Free World left off, with all-new methods to help you overcome toxic habits and build strong, successful connections with others. The original Complaint-Free movement has exploded into an international phenomenon, with 5.5 million people in more than 80 countries taking the pledge to create a complaint-free life, as well as national media attention. As this movement expands, it is clear that the real focus of achieving true complaint-free living lies in our relationships. People complain to bond with others. It's easy to feel connected by common annoyances. But most complaining is about people, and this leads to negative and unhealthy foundations for our relationships with others--from family, lovers and friends to our more casual connections with people in our daily lives. Complaint-Free Relationships provides insight and helpful tools to see, understand, and engage in our relationships through the lens of complaint-free living. It incorporates new studies about complaining, inspiring and illuminating stories from Will Bowen's experience both as a minister and founder of the Complaint Free movement, and practical exercises at the end of each chapter. By providing the tools you need to escape the trap complaining creates--feeling unfulfilled and inadequate--Complaint-Free Relationships offers new clarity and encourages you to create happy, stimulating and mutually satisfying relationships. About the Author WILL BOWEN is the lead minister of the One Community Spiritual Center in Kansas City, MO. He has been featured on Oprah, Today, CBS Sunday Morning, the ABC Evening News, Fox News Channel and in hundreds of TV and radio interviews around the
03 March 2015

Lynda.com - FileMaker Pro 11 Essential Training

Lynda.com - FileMaker Pro 11 Essential Training | 569 MB Genre: eLearning In FileMaker Pro 11 Essential Training, Cris Ippolite demonstrates the principal features and functions of this popular database software, including creating tables and relationships, managing fields and records, and working with layouts. The course shows FileMaker developers how to find, sort, and share data as well as how to create reports, calculations, and scripts. It also covers brand new features in FileMaker Pro 11 such as the Inspector tool, charting, and portal filtering. Exercise files accompany the course. Topics include: •Creating databases from templates •Creating fields in spreadsheet format •Creating tables and relationships •Defining key fields •Adding validation and auto-enter values to fields •Managing records, including duplicating, locking, and deleting records •Creating and managing layouts •Formatting layout objects •Finding and sorting data •Creating calculation fields •Building reports •Printing and saving as PDF or Excel •Writing and triggering scripts •Using relationships throughout a database Screenshot Download:
02 June 2015

Kevin Hogan - Body Language.

Kevin Hogan - Body Language English | 1h 23mn | 352 x 240 | AVI XVID 894 Kbps | MP3 128 Kbps | 534 MB Genre: eLearning Kevin Hogan is a highly respected teacher of influence & persuasion, hypnosis, NLP and he is particularly known as an expert on body language & non-verbal communication. ” If you want to get the same body language training as my seminar attendees at the comfort and privacy of your own home - at a tiny fraction of they are paying- then you'll be thrilled with my Complete Body Language Home Study course on CD/DVD and online. This program has been designed to teach you how to read people's body language quickly and correctly. In most cases, you can read the signs of liking, disliking, honesty or deception... in less than 10 seconds, with remarkable accuracy. It's designed for the benefit of both business and personal relationships. Why? Because the nonconscious mind, which directs almost all body language, doesn't know if you are at the office or in the kitchen. It just reacts. I converted the scientific aspects of body language into a foolproof system that even a 12-year old can understand. In this program, I'll hold your hand and walk you step-by-step through the entire process. I'll teach you all the key secrets of body language to skyrocket your sales, get your dream date, enjoy satisfying relationships, and be successful in your daily interactions with people. Site: http://www.kevinhogan.com/bodylanguage1.htm
06 May 2015


SAGE ACT PREMIUM 2011 V13 - ADDICTION | 634 MB ACT! by Sage 2011 helps you organize all the details of your customer relationships in one place for a complete view of the people you do business with. Improve your marketing effectiveness to attract new customers and get more from existing relationships. And, take action on your most qualified sales leads with total visibility and control of your pipeline. In a weaker economy, it’s tempting to wait it out, but consider the cost of doing nothing. ACT! helps you grow your business by attracting new customers and getting more from existing relationships. Organize all the details of your customer relationships. Strong business relationships are essential to your success. Get a complete view of the people you do business with, plus instant access to past interactions and e-mails sent. Next time a customer calls, you’re prepared with a response about what you discussed last time, as well as personal details to set your business apart Generate actionable demand with end-to-end E-marketing1. Not only can you create and send striking e-mail and drip marketing campaigns using a simple online editor, you’ll also be able to quickly identify your most interested prospects using a ranked call list so you know who to reach out to first. Take action on your most qualified sales leads. Focus on your most viable leads by capturing and managing each lead through the sales process. Record detailed progress notes, include your products and services, and see the probability of close. This gives you total visibility and control of your sales pipeline. Be more productive right away. Don't worry about a learning curve. ACT! is easy to learn and use. In fact, you can be 25%2 more productive by simply choosing ACT! over the competition. See how. Integrate with your existing business solutions. Take full advantage of the familiar solutions you've already invested in. Integrate ACT! with your e-mail, calendar, and more than 10 popular
05 May 2015

Shape Casting: Fourth International Symposium 2011

Shape Casting: Fourth International Symposium 2011 Publisher: Wil ey-TMS | 2011 | ISBN: 1118029372 | 334 pages | PDF | 20,4 MB In a career spanning almost six decades, Prof. John T. Berry has made significant contributions towards building our understanding of solidification and process-structure-property relationships in shaped castings. Celebrating his contributions, the Fourth International Shape Casting Symposium, which takes place at the 2011 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition, has been organized in his honor. Shape Casting 2011 contains the proceedings of the symposium in which scientists and engineers from around the world presented their own research findings, discussed challenges in the field, and projected future directions. Papers explore such topics as liquid metal quality; filling and feeding systems; process modeling for shaped castings; structure-property relationships; performance of shaped castings; and machinability of castings.
29 May 2015

Personal Loans by Personal Loans

Bad credit personal loans with no credit checks or turn downs. No faxing required. Receive your can loan in about a hour. No credit or bad credit is not a problem.
03 April 2015

Happiness: Secrets to Change Habits - Be Happy and Healthy

Happiness: Secrets to Change Habits - Be Happy and Healthy English | .MP4, AVC, 1000 kbps, 1280x720 | AAC, 64 kbps, 2 Ch | 1.44 Gb Genre: eLearning Everything you want to achieve in life--from a successful career, thriving relationships, improved health, or simply increase your happiness and wellbeing-everything starts with habits. Everything! If your goal is to double your income, get a new job, do well on an interview, lose weight, gain weight, start exercising, start meditating, improve relationships, change your diet, become happier - or anything else in life - this course is for you. This program is based on my bestselling book - Habits and Happiness: How to Become Happier and Improve Your Wellbeing by Changing Your Habits, my Habits and Happiness workshops, individual coaching sessions, and many years of helping others change their life for the better in the areas they believe are most necessary. Regardless of what areas of your life need improvement - income, career, heath, relationships, spirituality or anything else - you can only make that happen by changing your habits. In this course, you will learn: How to increase your chances of success in any areas of your life How to start any new habit How to increase your willpower How to change any habit How to implement a new habit The basic science behind habits 7 Tools to help you change any habit How to get your own happiness chemical Practice Routine Changing Tools How to make a commitment to new habits and stick to it Habits and Happiness Udemy Program coMbines years of research by experts in the field of habits, neuroscience, traditional and positive psychology, and teaches you how to apply this new information in a very simple and practical way. This program will help you understand your habits: why you have them, why you can or cannot change them, and how they can work to help you live a great life. Implementing habitual behavior in accordance with this program will help you become happier
25 February 2015

Kilogram Converter by mySoftwareFactory.net

Kilogram Converter is a compact utility which allows you to convert from kilograms to pounds and vica versa.Kilogram Converter takes the confusion out of converting between kilograms and pounds by allowing the user to visually see the relationships between the two systems as they use a slider bar up and down. For those who wish to convert an exact weight, Kilogram Converter comes equiped with a mechanism to allow you to enter in the figures.
05 February 2015

MDB Repair Utility by Repair MDB Database

MDB repair utility to repair corrupt MDB files or repair corrupt MDB files with MBD Repair software. MDB recovery software is one of the best MDB repair, MDB reader and MDB database viewer software reads MDB database and fix MDB file corruption. Access MDB Recovery Tool is a feature-rich MDB Database Repair Tool designed to repair corrupt MDB database. Software offers following superior features discussed follows: *) Repairs password protected MDB files *) Repair Access table relationships *) Repair Access file elements like Auto Number, Hyperlink and OLE object field in MDB tables *) Repair MDB database constraints including Primary Key, foreign key etc *) Repair Access table names, column names and relationships between the tables *) Repair MDB files and recover access database objects like, Queries, Tables, Forms and Reports etc *) Repair corrupt MDB files of MS Access 97/2000/XP/2003 *) Runs smoothly with Windows Vista, Windows 7 Recover Data for Access Repair Tool is very influential, simple and easy-to-use Access MDB repair software to repair MDB database and fix MDB file corruptions after almost all types of MDB file corruption scenarios such as: *) Virus attack, *) Improper database handling *) Software corruption *) Hardware corruption *) Application malfunction Get complete access database elements with MDB repair software including all tables, table structure, table data, forms, relationship, auto numbering and many more. With MBD repair utility tool can be tried free of cost by downloading the FREE Demo Version. Our MDB repair software in full working mode allows you to repair and save entire MDB files. Home User License of the software is of $ 99 and Corporate License costs you $ 169. You can buy the software whether in personal or in Business as per the requirement.
26 January 2015

BEEDOCS Timeline 3D v3.1 Mac OS X

BEEDOCS Timeline 3D v3.1 Mac OS X | 16.7 MB Timeline 3D is software for Mac OS X that makes it easy for you to present historical events in a way that reveals connections and clarifies relationships. Make timeline charts of world history, family trees, fictional events or business deadlines. Timelines can help you understand and present history with new perspective!
19 March 2015

Personal Ringtones

Personal Ringtones 27 mp3-aac | 256 Kbps | 5.6 MB List: A_client_is_calling_.mp3 A_co-worker_is_calling_.mp3 A_family_member_is_calling_.mp3 A_friend_is_calling_.mp3 A_person_close_to_you_is_calling_.mp3 A_salesman_is_calling_.mp3 Your_beautiful_date_is_calling_.mp3 Your_beautiful_girlfriend_is_calling.mp3 Your_beautiful_wife_is_calling_.mp3 Your_boss_is_calling_.mp3 Your_brother_is_calling_.mp3 Your_buddy_is_calling_.mp3 Your_coworker_is_calling_.mp3 Your_dad_is_calling_.mp3 Your_date_is_calling_.mp3 Your_friend_is_calling_.mp3 Your_girlfriend_is_calling_.mp3 Your_grandmother_is_calling.mp3 Your_grandpa_is_calling_.mp3 Your_husband_is_calling.mp3 Your_mum_is_calling_.mp3 Your_secretary_is_calling_.mp3 Your_sexy_date_is_calling_.mp3 Your_sexy_girlfriend_is_calling_.mp3 Your_sexy_wife_is_calling.mp3 Your_sister_is_calling_.mp3 Your_wife_is_calling_.mp3
21 January 2015

Woman's Day - 17 November 2010

Woman's Day - 17 November 2010 English | 160 pages | PDF | 41.50 MB Woman's Day magazine provides inspirational tips on topics of interest to all women, including family, career, money and relationships. Each issue of Woman's Day magazine promotes traditional home and family values. Download From FileServe:
14 January 2015

JMP 7 for Mac

JMP 7 for Mac | 450.23 MB JMP Statistical Discovery Software dynamically links statistics with graphics to interactively explore, understand, and visualize data. Designed for anyone who wants to discover relationships and outliers in their data, JMP provides a comprehensive set of traditional statistical tools as well as design of experiments and statistical quality control in a single package.
10 April 2015

Matchmaking by Matchmaking

Jealousy In Relationships and Dating ebook. How to deal with jealousy. Experiencing feelings of jealousy in a relationship can range from the minor, even flattering type, to the extreme and irrational. Understanding the differences in this behavior, what might be causing it and what options you have when dealing with the green eyed monster can help you to enjoy a successful and jealousy free relationship.. For more information please visit our website.