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Network map maker for ubuntu

05 February 2015

Ubuntu 10.04.1 amd64 LTS update Linux

Ubuntu 10.04.1 amd64 LTS update Linux Size: 686.14 MB Robbie Williamson has announced Ubuntu 10.04.1, the first maintenance update to Ubuntu's 10.04 LTS release: This release includes updated server, desktop, and alternate installation CDs for the i386 and amd64 architectures. This is the first maintenance release of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, which continues to be supported with maintenance updates and security fixes until April 2013 on desktops and April 2015 on servers. Numerous post-release updates have been integrated, and a number of bugs in the installation system have been corrected. These include security updates and corrections for other high-impact bugs, with a focus on maintaining stability and compatibility with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.
24 April 2015

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat alpha 3 i386

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat alpha 3 i386 | 683 MB Operating System The Ubuntu developers are moving quickly to bring you the absolute latest and greatest software the Open Source community has to offer. The Maverick Meerkat Alpha 3 is the third alpha release of Ubuntu 10.10, bringing with it new features for the next version of Ubuntu. This is an alpha release. Do not install it on production machines. The final stable version will be released on October 10, 2010. Burn .iso to disk Boot from disk Follow prompts Download
29 January 2015

Ubuntu-10.04-desktop-i386 [Linux - 1CD - Multi]

Ubuntu-10.04-desktop-i386 [Linux - 1CD - Multi] Works great! Clean install as always with Ubuntu. NOTE: If you wanna use Vista and Ubuntu together, YOU CAN... Just download wubi.exe and it will make it happen Folder Link:
04 May 2015

Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 2.7 (ENGx641xDVD)

Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 2.7 (ENG/x64/1xDVD) Size: 2.51 GB Ultimate Edition 2,7 is based on Ultimate Edition 2.6 (Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04). The main difference is that this version is completely updated. Based on the Ubuntu Live DVD with the possibility of installation, which includes hundreds of additional packages, pre-configured mediakodekov, additional themes. Particular attention is paid to the developers to ensure the operation of its distribution with wireless networks out of the box, available effects Compiz Fusion.
23 April 2015

Portable Ubuntu For Windows

Portable Ubuntu For Windows Size: 1.8 GB Super-fast and great-looking, Ubuntu is a secure, intuitive operating system that powers desktops, servers, netbooks and laptops. Ubuntu is, and always will be, absolutely free. about: The developers of the project Portable Ubuntu for Windows, using CoLinux (Linux kernel, adapted to work in Windows), Xming (X-Server for Windows) and Windows port of the sound server PulseAudio, Ubuntu created the assembly integrated into Windows. Ubuntu applications are available to run through the additional control panel, but after starting work as a separately running win32 application (in the taskbar tray, and Windows appears as a separate process), have access to the file system, Windows (/mnt/C) and integrated into the overall desktop environment. Extras. Information: The distribution includes typical basic set of Linux applications (Firefox, Pidgin, Audacity, GIMP, etc.), and does not require for its operation of any configuration that is ideal for use in display purposes only (default user is running under the login pubuntu the password to execute sudo - 123456). If necessary, you can install any application from the standard repositories Ubuntu. Screenshot System requirements: -OS: Windows XP, Vista, Seven Installation: run file run_portable_ubuntu.bat. Interface Language: multi File format: rar Platform/OS: x86
03 February 2015

UbuntuStudio 10.10 .

UbuntuStudio 10.10 | 1.75 GB UBUNTU STUDIO is a multimedia creation flavor of Ubuntu is aimed at the GNU/Linux audio, video and graphic enthusiast as well as professional.UBUNTU STUDIO provide a suite of the best open-source applications available for multimedia creation. Completely free to use, modify and redistribute. Your only limitation is your imagination.
31 March 2015

Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal Alpha 1.

Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal Alpha 1 | 716 MB what is Ubuntu? Ubuntu - a community developed, Linux-based operating system that is ideal for use on personal computers, laptops and servers. It contains all the necessary programs that you need: the viewer Internet, office suite for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations, programs for communication to the Internet and many others. Release Date: 2010 Title: Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) Alpha 1 Version: 11.04 (Natty Narwhal), November 2010 The latest version: version 10.10 (May 2010) Architecture: Any laptop computer. Desirable: PC (Intel x86), 64-bit PC (AMD64), having a CD-ROM drive to load in trial mode (live CD). This system is not so demanding on resources as a very popular products at Microsoft. Type drive: DVD (image size is 716 MB) Treatment: not required, is not applicable to this operating system Type of medicine: the license file Size: 716 Mb Promise of Ubuntu • Ubuntu will always be available free of charge, including enterprise versions and security updates. • For Ubuntu is available full commercial support from Canonical Ltd. and hundreds of companies around the world. • Ubuntu includes the best translations and accessibility of facilities for people with disabilities that exist in the form of open source software. • Disks c Ubuntu contain only free software, we encourage the use of free software and open source software, improve it and spread. Additional Information: This system is freely available, that is licensed by GNU / Linux. Do you have an opportunity to be among the first to test the new version (still Alpha 1 version) system. Treatment procedure: Treatment is not required, the system is freely available, it is only necessary to accept the terms of the license GNU / Linux Info: socket to the left terribly reminiscent of Unity. So this smart panel» Gnome terribly in my buggy - no compatibility with mozilla firefox. Well there is an opportunity to switch to the regular version.
10 April 2015

Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop Edition 2010 [2xCD]

Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop Edition 2010 [2xCD] | 1.36 GB Ubuntu - a distribution of Linux, based on Debian, renowned for its reliability, careful decisions functioned well and a huge selection of software. Ubuntu - this is a relatively new distribution, but it has already surpassed its progenitor in popularity because of its simplicity and extraordinary user-friendliness. Ubuntu is perfect for all types of computers - for notebooks, desktop PCs or servers. Will you use it at home, at school (institution) or at work, in Ubuntu there are any programs that you will ever need - from word processing and Internet applications to software powerful network servers and a wide variety of tools for programming . Ubuntu is completely free. You can download it, use alone or together with your friends and family, at school or in business; can burn it to disc and distribute - all this is totally legal and free. Community launches new desktop and server Ubuntu releases every six months. This means that you will always have the latest versions of applications that only the world of open source can offer. Complete base set of programs that are on the same installation CD-ROM provides you with a complete working environment. Huge selection of additional software is available online, via the Internet. All right you can easily find a large quantity of mirrors that are scattered around the world. In Ubuntu, for this purpose includes special tools that make the whole process of searching for programs to download and install just a couple of mouse clicks. If the operating system detects that to perform a task, it lacks the individual modules (such as a video codec to watch a movie), she will ask your permission to download the missing. Obtain your consent, Ubuntu quickly finds herself the right, download it, install, and will continue to work. Graphical installer enables you to install Ubuntu Linux quickly and easily. Standard installation usually takes less than 25 minutes. In this
09 March 2015

Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition i386 (1xCD2010).

Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition i386 (1xCD/2010) | 695 MB Ubuntu Netbook Edition - a simple, safe and reliable way to use your laptop computer. Ubuntu Netbook gives you instant access to all the free applications that you need, wherever you are. Costoyalsya long-awaited release a new version of the popular Linux distribution Ubuntu. In the first few hours, if not minutes, the network was filled with joyful messages with links for downloading images. The vast majority of reviewers have written about the system and shared their impressions, but most did not notice the yield and netbukov version, which also suffered significant changes. This version of Ubuntu specifically designed for devices with small screen with poor hardware performance. Ubuntu Netbook Edition interface looks great on small screens, and provides a comfortable feel, even on low-power machines. As we can see, Ubuntu is balanced in every sense of the desktop, in which the workspace is involved to the maximum. All programs are divided into categories that have clear ithat will not let messy. A very long time the biggest challenge of any Linux distribution has been its interface, but the company Canonical, like no other, gives him a lot of time and effort, resulting in Ubuntu can be called one of the friendliest distribution. When you run Ubuntu, you will see the docking bar, which is located on the left, and a standard Ubuntu bar, which passes above the full width of the workspace. To start the application you want simply click on the icon in the Dock bar. If the application is running, but currently inactive and collapsed, then when you hover on its icon it seemed to be activated and you will see all the open windows of this application. This is made possible in Windows 7, when the cursor hovers over the icon in the super-bar running application, it displays the windows of the program. If the program has several windows, then when you move all windows will be displayed in such a way that would
06 February 2015

Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 2.8 Lite MULTi.

Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 2.8 Lite MULTi | 581 MB Ultimate Edition 2.8 Lite - Light version of the assembly based on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat (Linux), having a small size distribution (CD-version) and very low demands on system resources, due to what will fly even on old Computers. Can be used as a LiveCD or as a working operating system. Ultimate Edition is based on Ubuntu but not a direct project within Ubuntu. The main difference between them is that the Ultimate Edition has its own repository, which contains a rare multimedia driver, as well as packages for installation that require user license agreement for the installation. This goes against the philosophy of Ubuntu (freedom of vote). Ultimate Edition can not install the multimedia codecs are rare by default, as it is against U.S. law, but they and programs, their use can be easily installed after the system using iupdate or Ultamatix without having to add a new repository. Ultimate repositories also contain the latest upgrade packages that are supported by the official repositories Ubuntu. Removed: - Abiword - Free word processor - Ace-of-penguins - graphical solitaire-style game Penguin - Lxterminal - a standard terminal emulator for LXDE - Leafpad - text editor for Unix-like systems - Gnumeric - analog spreadsheet OpenOffice - Mplayer - Player - Chromium - browser - Xpad - virtual notes to your desktop - Cheese - a program to work with webcam - Hardinfo - application that displays information about your hardware and operating system - Simple-scan - program for scanning - Osmo - Organizer - Some of the topics Integrated: - Blue deck theme pack - light theme - Terminator - multi-terminal - Gedit - text editor - Vlc - Player - Firefox - Browser - Ultamatix - Tool to download additional applications and games, the original order, icons, etc. Language: Multi Year: 2010 Developer: Ultimatix Team OS: Ubuntu 10.10 x86 (Linux)
21 January 2015

Network Your Computers & Devices Step by Step [PDF-Epub]

Network Your Computers & Devices Step by Step [PDF-Epub] ISBN: 0735652163 | 344 Pages | PDF-Epub | 174 MB This book is focused mostly on Home Networking with Windows 7, and shows how to use the network-related features included in that operating system. However, there are dedications sections that cover network ineroperability between Windows 7 and: Windows XP (Service pack 3), Windows Vista (Service Pack 2) Mac OS X v10.6 (Snow Leopard), and Ubuntu Linux v10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) I: Introducing Home Networking a) Op Systems Covered in the Book b) Assumptions II: Minimum System Requirements III: How to Access Your Online Edition hosted by Safari IV: How to Download the Online Edition To Your Computer V: Features and Conventions of This Book VI: Getting Help a) Getting Help with This Book b) Getting Help with Windows 7 and Homegroup c) More Information Chapter 1: Setting Up a Router and Devices (6 Subchapters) Chapter 2: Setting User Accounts on All Computers (14 Subchapters) Chapter 3: Setting Up Your Libraries on All Windows 7 Computers (8 Subchapters) Chapter 4: Creating the Network (16 Subchapters) Chapter 5: Customizing Network Settings in Windows 7 (3 Subchapters) Chapter 6: Creating the Homegroup and Joining Windows 7 Computers (7 Subchapters) Chapter 7: Sharing Libraries and Folders (10 Subchapters) Chapter 8: Sharing and Working with Devices (13 Subchapters) Chapter 9: Streaming Media Over the Network and Internet (9 Subchapters) Chapter 10: Sharing Between Windows 7/XP/Vista Computers (13 Subchapters) Chapter 11: Sharing Between Mac OS X and Windows 7 Computers (9 Subchapters) Chapter 12: Sharing between Ubuntu Linux and Windows 7 Computers (8 Subchapters) Chapter 13: Keeping the Network Secure (32 Subchapters) Chapter 14: Installing Parental Controls Chapter 15: Troubleshooting Network and Internet Problems (5 Subchapters) Glossary Appendix A: About the Author(s) a) Ciprian Rusen b) 7 Tutorials Team Index About the Authors
16 April 2015

Satfish aka ubuntu 10.04

Satfish aka ubuntu 10.04 | 1.41 GB Assembling made on the basis of the original ubuntu 10.04 and sharpened (added driver and attendant mana) for satellite fishing in order to gather all in one unit of fire As for the sat_fish all good lies here / usr / share / satfish /, b23 is set at 31.5 can be run and will soon be caught, just fried Sorter set immediately to work with this skaem will sort the norm in the folder drova_man are those firewood are all asked to siphon mana from the known to us the people there are all signed, and that it: firewood: dvblipl01072008 s2-liplianin-121a74559a2e v4l-dvb-9b63860cd18a blueman-1.21 omicom-linux Prof_linux_driver s2-liplianin-75331e740f61 v4l-dvb-commits-6ed71bd9d32b immediately dvbbuffer man'y dvb-bufer Running under Ubuntu maps TT-1600 (3200), szap-s2, skynet A small tutorial on setting up Ubuntu to run sdlskynet Compiling dvb-modules with a larger buffer (for Ubuntu) Increased memory reserved for the kernel Ubuntu 9.10 (suitable for 10,04) Page with a pyramid with the same Manami there more like a beautifully wrapped little respect samba rassharina folder sort (sorter stock here) on the following principle path = / usr/share/satfish/skynet_1b23/sort comment = Shared documents readonly = No guest ok = Yes everything works! Gnome Keyring Turning off the regular password prompt, it can be annoying if you often connect to wifi, or by using mailer evolution, etc. rm .gnome2/keyrings/login.keyring is not mounted USB-device, it is possible that the problem in the module floppy. switch off sudo modprobe-r floppy reboot should work, more prelink sudo prelink-afmR Every day, cron will run prelink, will relink only the newly installed packages or updates. In a global update, updating the serious libraries such as glibc, libc6, X ', etc. should perform the last command. A good habit to run this command once a month or two. As for software: wine kaffeine conky Google Chrome Opera qutIM Ubuntu Tweak Krusader - at the request of
23 April 2015

RtfEd by Les Hardy

RtfEd is a simple RTF editor for Linux. Files can be saved as RTF, TEXT, HTML or PDF. Versions available for Ubuntu 10 to 13, or X11. No need to install. Just run it from anywhere.
17 April 2015

Easy Gif Maker by 789soft

Easy GIF Maker is a tool for building Gif Animations.It provides many tools to make GIF animation quickly and effectively.Wheather you are creating animations for the Web or other application,Easy GIF Maker is necessary for you.Easy Gif Maker can import frame(s) from various image files,such as BMP, JPG,PNG,TGA,ICO etc..The imported frame(s) can be composed to a pretty animation you desire. ConvertBMP,TGA,JPEG, PNG ,ICO image series to GIF file. bmp to gif,jpg to gif,tga to gif,png to gif,ico to gif. Compose pictures to gif files . Support file format :bmp,jpeg,ico,tga,png. Can add all images in a folder one time. Can set the converted gif file size. Can set the delay time between two images. optimizes size of GIF- files;
27 February 2015

Cheetah DVD Maker 1.24

Cheetah DVD Maker 1.24 | 11.3 MB Cheetah DVD Maker - video recording DVD from JPG, BMP, FLV, AVI, DivX, WMV and MP4 formats. Cheetah DVD Maker can be written in NTSC or PAL modes, DVDs are compatible with DVD-R and DVD + R discs. It has options for creating different types of menus or DVD menus, not only heads. With Cheetah DVD Maker - you can make a DVD slideshow with photos, video and audio. It's quick and easy to use program for creating home DVD. Features Make a Video DVD from JPG, BMP, WMV, AVI, DivX, FLV, and MP4 videos Make a Slide Show DVD from JPG, BMP, WMV, AVI, DivX, FLV, and MP4 videos Video DVD - UDF/ISO9660- Bridged file systems - Version 1.02 Burn NTSC and PAL Video DVDs Burn your Video to DVD-R or DVD + R discs Burn a Video DVD with or without a Menu Burn a DVD with a scene selection menu to different chapters Add Background images to your DVD menu from JPG, BMP, or videos ( You should buy Premium account to download with High speed )
06 February 2015

Calendar Software Maker to make calendars by Calendar Software Maker to make calenda

Calendar,Maker!,A,calendar,maker,software,to,create,professionalcalendars,,photo,,calendars,,personal,photo,calendars,inseconds!,Customized,versions,of,the,calendars,available,as,well!Calendar Maker Software to:* Customized Calendars make great gifts! Save money, plus show you care with calendars for birthdays and holidays!*Share photos of your loved ones and children easily!* Capture pictures of your pets such as kittens as they grow up, and mark it on a calendar!* Save TimeMoney! To print only one calendar professional costs more than software! Plus, you can print as many copies as you wish, giving it to friends and family, letting them remember you!
15 April 2015

Wireless Hacking LiveCD FBI (Jun 2011)

Wireless Hacking LiveCD FBI (Jun 2011) | 625MB An edited and slightly new version of your popular LiveCD for working together with wireless networks. According to Ubuntu, offers a graphical interfeys.Disk boot, you will find a script being set up on isn't even close to hard disk or perhaps a virtual machine (VirtualPC is not supported). Integrated over 50 tools to utilize the network - scanners, sniffers, password crackers, and many others. utility.Krome in this - a full Linuhe sustainable yadrom.Posle set up on hard disk system is usually Russified, supplemented, adjusted to taste vladeltsa.V addition for the Back Track 4 - quite a powerful tools to utilize networks from the beginning - besprovodnymi.Imeetsya a fair set of drivers for most types adapterov.V inete within models has been known since 2007, the favored view that his creation revolved around the FBI. Download (Oron)
02 June 2015

Web Cartoon Maker Player by Web Cartoon Maker, SP

Web Cartoon Maker is a free web tool for development of animated cartoons online. Web Cartoon Maker Player is required to play the compiled cartoons and convert them to AVI and other formats. The setup program will install the Player and links to Web Cartoon Maker online. The tool is true freeware. No adware/spyware will be installed on your computer. Web Cartoon Maker is different from many other animation tools available. It does not pretend to be a WYSIWYG application. You need to write simple C++ scripts and compile them using online compiler integrated with great C++ animation library. You do not necessary need serious programming skills to create simple cartoons. You can use characters, images, text objects, sounds and even 2D camera. You can move, resize, rotate objects and do many other operations. The characters can speak your audio files or any text using integrated text to speech engine. They can wink and walk. You can move, rotate and scale their parts.