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Mobile repairing tutorial

23 January 2015

Mobile Restore Mac by Mobile restore mac

Efficient and reliable corrupted data repairing software provides integrated solution to salvage erased photo albums from virus infected mobile phone media storage drive in just few easy mouse clicks. Company presents mobile phone data restoration software to retrieve accidentally formatted media files saved in all major file formats such as jpg, jpeg, bmp, tiff, mp3, mp4, avi, wav etc. Macintosh cell phone data recovery software provides profitable solution to restore damaged media files in all major data loss situation such as virus attacks, failure of mobile phone battery, blocked cell phone, improper usage etc. Risk free mobile phone data restoration tool has easy to install facility which helps to recover accidentally erased wallpapers saved in your mobile phone without any changes made in original file functionality. Technically designed Macintosh data restoration tool has effective recovery algorithm to restore your lost precious digital photographs from inaccessible mobile phones without requiring any additional software supports. Mobile phone data repairing software for Mac provides comprehensive solution to restore phone book memory saved crucial photo albums, snapshots in just few easy mouse clicks. Cost effective data recovery software for Mac restores virus infected screensavers from cell phone with effective thumbnail preview option to salvage all or only selected media files before actual recovery procedure starts. Software features: *Data recovery software for Mac facilitates to restore corrupted wallpaper from inaccessible mobile phone media storage drive. * Download mobile phone image recovery software to solve all your data loss problems caused due to accidental deletion. * Cell phone data recovery software has GUI wizard which helps non technical users to salvage formatted cell phone saved media files.
13 March 2015

Phone Mac File Recover by Phone mac file recover

Company presents erased data repairing software to recuperate accidentally erased your favorite game application from mobile phone in just few easy mouse click. Macintosh data restoration program has cost effective utility to salvage mobile phone saved files with advance thumbnail preview facility before actual recovery procedure starts. Data retrieval software for Mac restores erased media files from all major brands of mobile phone such as Nokia, Samsung, LG, Micro max, Motorola, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson and various others. Full fledged deleted data restoration program for Mac has powerful disk scanning facility to recuperate mp3, mp4 songs from virus infected cell phone in minimal span of time. Download Mac data retrieval software to restore damaged digital images with full support to all major file formats such as jpg, jpeg, mpeg, bmp, tiff, avi, wav bitmap and all others. Mobile phone data salvage tool has advance recovery algorithm to solve all your data loss problems caused due to virus attack, blocked cell phone, accidental, deletion, mobile, phone, battery, failure etc. Risk free data repairing application provides comprehensive solution to salvage erased digital images saved in mobile phone without any complexity in secure manner. Mac mobile phone data recovery software has explorer based GUI wizard which helps layman users to salvage deleted files without any requirement of prior technical knowledge. Economical Apple Mac OS X based cell phone data repairing software revives contact details including dialed and fixed numbers in easiest way. Software features: *Mac mobile phone data recovery software restores deleted wallpapers lost due to accidental deletion without losing original integrity. * Mobile phone data revival software restores accidentally erased contact numbers along with contact name with full accuracy. * Mac mobile phone data recovery program has GUI wizard which helps non technical users to salvage damaged media files in simple steps.
29 May 2015

PHP Tutorial: PHPMySQL for Beginners

PHP Tutorial: PHP/MySQL for Beginners English | 5+ hours | AVC 1024x768 15 fps | AAC 96 Kbps 48.0 KHz | 6.7 Gb Genre: eLearning So you're getting comfortable with HTML, CSS and javascript? You're up for the next challenge? The PHP programming language coupled with the mySQL database is the final step toward making a complete application Many commercial e-commerce sites, meMbership sites and even online communities use PHP. Once you learn PHP online you can use this free technology to build just about any type of web presence you can imagine. If you're a mobile developer, you need to learn PHP and MySQL too. Most mobile devices consume web-based services. There is no easier way to create web services designed to be consumed by mobile devices than PHP-- guaranteed! In this PHP and MySQL training course you'll join master trainer Mark Lassoff as you learn all of the major concepts that beginner PHP developers need to master. You'll be able to code along with Mark as he demonstrates everything from simple PHP commands to more advanced database applications. Each lesson features a companion lab exercise, which will help you retain, reinforce and remeMber each concept in the course. DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resumming ability)
18 February 2015

Mobile Phone Recovery for Mac by Mobile phone recovery for mac

Award winning data repairing software for Mac has non destructive utility to restore formatted audio, video songs from damaged mobile phone storage media drive in just few easy mouse clicks. Economical erased file salvage tool provides comprehensive solution to retrieve virus infected media files from inaccessible cell phones with effective support to all major file formats such as jpg, jpeg, bmp, tiff, wav, bitmap, png, avi and all others. Innovative data restoration program recuperates accidentally deleted inbuilt cell phone data without any changes made in original file functionality. Cost effective data retrieval application provides integrated solution to solve all your data loss problems caused due to accidental deletion, virus attack, improper device usage, battery failure, human error etc. Macintosh application based data restoration program provides best solution to recuperate formatted audio, video music files from virus infected cell phone without any complexity. Full fledged erased data restoration tool for Mac retrieves deleted files and facilitates thumbnail preview feature to restore all or only selected media files. Mobile phone data recovery software for Mac has new streamlined GUI wizard which helps non technical users also to restore crucial media files in just few easy mouse motions. Simple yet powerful erased data restoration tool provides effective recovery solution to solve all your data loss problems in easiest way. Software feature: *Mac mobile data recovery software restores deleted wallpaper from formatted mobile phone without any requirement of prior technical knowledge. * Macintosh based data repairing software restores deleted contact numbers along with name from inaccessible memory card. * Technically advance data recovery software restores formatted digital images saved in mobile phone in secure manner.
12 January 2015

Adobe After Effects Training Series - DigiEffects

Adobe After Effects Training Series - DigiEffects MP4/AVC, 567 kb/s, 640x480, 15 fps | AAC, 108 kb/s, 44.1 KHz, 2 ch | 08:07:54 | 3.56 GB Genre : Elearning Training series for Adobe After Effects. Requires DegiEffects plugin pack. Episode List: “ 01. Damage - Introduction on User Interface Tutorial 02. Damage - Imitate a CRT switch using Skew Tutorial 03. Using Damage Artifact for a Transition Tutorial 04. Camera Mapper General Tutorial Tutorial 05. Delirium Wave Displace Tutorial 06. Delirium HLS Displace Tutorial 07. Introducing digieffects Delirium 08. FreeForm Flowing Cloth Tutorial 09. FreeForm - Staircase Tutorial 10. Create a Surprising Billowing Cloth Reveal 11. FreeForm - Liquid Pour Tutorial 12. FreeForm - Terrain Tutorial 13. FreeForm - Image Fit Tutorial 14. Camera Mapper Intro Tutorial 15. Camera Mapper Tutorial 16. 3D Paper Crumple with Freeform AE 17. Camera Mapper Intro San Francisco Tutorial 18. Aged Film 1971 bicycle Tutorial 19. Aged Film Family Portrait Tutorial 20. Falloff Lighting Corner Tutorial 21. Falloff Lighting Basic Training Tutorial 22. FreeForm Metal Man Part 1 of 3 Tutorial 23. FreeForm Metal Man Part 2 of 3 Tutorial 24. FreeForm Metal Man Part 3 of 3 Tutorial 25. FreeForm Filmstrip Part 1 of 2 Tutorial 26. FreeForm Filmstrip Part 2 of 2 Tutorial 27. Atmosphere Driving Range Tutorial 28. Camera Mapper Training Tutorial 29. 3D Mesh Warp Beating Heart Tutorial 30. Basic FreeForm 3D Displacer Tutorial 31. Damage v2 What's New Tutorial 32. Damage v2 Skew and Interference Tutorial 33. Damage Secret Agent Tutorial 34. Quick Tip Patriotic FreeForm Using Stereoscopic 3D Tutorial 35. Depth Intro Tutorial 36. VanGough Depth + Camera Mapper Tutorial 37. Damage + VideoCopilot Twitch Yo Cat Tutorial 38. Delirium v2 Overview Tutorial 39. Hyper Harmonizer Electron Tutorial 40. Hyper Harmonizer Transition Tutorial 41. Delirium v2 Light Wrap Tutorial 42. FreeForm Enhancement Pack - Mylenium Edition - Video Tutorial 1 of 2- The Basics 43. FreeForm
22 January 2015

Sonic Academy How To Make Deep House In Ableton Part 1

Sonic Academy How To Make Deep House In Ableton Part 1 | 89.54 MB Genre: Video Training In this tutorial we take you through all the steps needed to create a hypnotic, groovy deep house track. We build drums, bass, atmospheres and do a lot of work with stabs and massive reverb/delays. A lot of the techniqes in the course could be applied to techno and tech house too!! yipeee!! Videos Overview Tutorial 1 - Drums Part 1 Tutorial 2 - Drums Part FX Tutorial 3 - Kick Bass Tutorial 4 - Stab Resample Tutorial 5 - Stab 1 Tutorial 6 - Stab 2 Tutorial 7 - Stab FX Tutorial 8 - Atmosphere Tutorial 9 - Vocals Tutorial 10 - Melody PLATFORM: Ableton Live LEVEL: Intermediate
26 January 2015

Sonic Academy How To Remix Ableton Live

Sonic Academy How To Remix Ableton Live | 298MB Genre: eLearning Get inside the mind of remixer and Ableton expert Phil Johnston to find out how he used (and abused) Ableton Live 8 to put together this massive remix. Videos Overview Tutorial 0 - Playthrough Tutorial 1 - Setup We take a look at our remix parts and get them synced up with our project. Tutorial 2 - Finding Chords A look at how the chord pattern from the original parts can be used as our main synth Tutorial 3 - Synth One We program our main synth part using the Sylenth 1 Tutorial 4 - Synth 1 FX We add the some reverb and FX to our main synth part Tutorial 5 - Drums Now that we have some of our sounds sorted we bring in the beats Tutorial 6 - Arrangement 1 We start laying out some basic structure Tutorial 7 - Harpsicord We use the harpsichord part that our chords came from as an FX bed Tutorial 8 - Arrangement 2 We continue to layout our arrangement Tutorial 9 - Arrangement 3 We continue to layout our arrangement Tutorial 10 - Arrangement 4 We continue to layout our arrangement Tutorial 11 - Arrangement 5 We continue to layout our arrangement Tutorial 12 - Bass We add our bass part using Abletons simpler and Studio Devil Amp Simulator Tutorial 13 - Strings We Duplicate our main synth part and use it program a lush string sound using Sylenth 1 Tutorial 14 - FX Sweep We add some mega sweeps to really lift the build up. Tutorial 15 - Fills We use hi pass filters in our transitions to make or sections more effective Tutorial 16 - Top Tail In our final video we add a DJ friendly intro and outro to our track Homepage: http://www.sonicacademy.com/Producer/Course+Description/?content
13 January 2015


YooTutorials Video training | 660 Mb Install a Joomla template In this tutorial we show you, how to install a template in your existing Joomla installation. This tutorial can be used for Warp templates and Pre-Warp Templates. Install a template with democontent This tutorial is a step-by-step guide that will show you how to install a Template Demo Installation Package. This tutorial can be used for Warp templates and Pre-Warp Templates. Use the template parameters This is documentation about the template parameters in the Warp 5.5 framework. Set up the menu In this tutorial we show you how you use the Menusystem of the Warp Framework. Set up the modules In this tutorial we show you how to setup the module system for a template based on the Warp Framework. javascript & CSS compression This tutorial explains how to enable the CSS/JS compression for YOOtheme templates Warp 5.5 templates. How to update Here is a brief instruction on how to update a template based on the Warp framework without uninstalling and reinstalling the template.
03 April 2015

JAVA VIDEO Programming Tutorial.

JAVA VIDEO Programming Tutorial | 574 MB Genre: eLearning Description java Programming Tutorial Compressed with Powerios in .daa from 767->574 MB 193 MB difference 25 % compression Java Programming Tutorial - 54 - Event Handler Program.flv (18604807) Java Programming Tutorial - 1 - Installing the JDK.flv (18249669) Java Programming Tutorial - 3 - Downloading Eclipse.flv (16207278) Java Programming Tutorial - 63 - JButton Final Program.flv (15566291) Java Programming Tutorial - 53 - ActionListner.flv (15514723) Java Programming Tutorial - 65 - The Final Check Box Program.flv (14783428) Java Programming Tutorial - 67 - JRadioButton Final Program.flv (14647719) Java Programming Tutorial - 75 - MouseListener interface.flv (14558268) Java Programming Tutorial - 85 - JColorChooser.flv (13472349) Java Programming Tutorial - 76 - MouseMotionListener interface.flv (13059526) Java Programming Tutorial - 66 - JRadioButton.flv (12974108) Java Programming Tutorial - 52 - Event Handling.flv (12889356) Java Programming Tutorial - 50 - Graphical User Interface GUI.flv (12836385) Java Programming Tutorial - 82 - Exception Handling.flv (12663516) Java Programming Tutorial - 83 - FlowLayout.flv (12616322) Java Programming Tutorial - 77 - Adapter Classes.flv (12424023) Java Programming Tutorial - 62 - JButton.flv (12269786) Java Programming Tutorial - 64 - JCheckBox.flv (11994428) Java Programming Tutorial - 72 - Multiple Selection List.flv (11773250) Java Programming Tutorial - 84 - Drawing Graphics.flv (11698381) Java Programming Tutorial - 51 - GUI with JFrame.flv (11494315) Java Programming Tutorial - 71 - JList Program.flv (11419474) Java Programming Tutorial - 44 - Enumeration.flv (11314862) Java Programming Tutorial - 69 - Drop Down List Program.flv (11296663) Java Programming Tutorial - 74 - Mouse Events.flv (11266066) Java Programming Tutorial - 49 - Inheritance.flv (11100429) Java Programming Tutorial - 41 - Building Objects for Constructors.flv (11075881) Java
20 February 2015

Lynda - Flash Mobile Essential Training

Lynda - Flash Mobile Essential Training Author : Arthur Phillips | Duration : 5hr49mn | 468MB Genre : eLearning | Video Tutorial Creating brilliant Flash applications for mobile devices isn't as simple as just making existing applications smaller. In Flash Mobile Essential Training, instructor Arthur Phillips tackles the challenges of developing specifically for mobile devices, including building static pages; creating navigational screens and buttons; programming gaming animation, memory and scoring; generating pages with XML; implementing video, text and graphics; and creating animations for the small screen. Exercise files accompany the course. Contents: Introduction 1. Understanding the Challenges 2. Design and Development Considerations 3. Getting Started with Flash 4. ActionScript Overview 5. Text Field Overview 6. Key Handler Overview 7. Building an Information Page 8. Applying Movie Clips to Modular Design 9. Building a Navigation Screen 10. Building an XML Data-Driven Content Screen 11. Building a Media Screen 12. Building a Static Screen 13. Building an Animation Screen 14. Building a Game Screen 15. OOD and Class-Based Development 16. Publishing an Application Conclusion Homepage: http://www.lynda.com/home/DisplayCourse.aspx?lpk2=463 Download: Hotfile:
28 January 2015

Sonic Academy - Synthesis 101 - FM Synthesis.

Sonic Academy - Synthesis 101 - FM Synthesis | 177MB In the 2nd part of our Synthesis 101 range we take a look FM Frequency Modulation. We take the core elements of FM Synthesis and show how they are used to make up this unique sound. Covering everything from how the sound is generated with oscillators and modulators, what exactly a sideband is and how it is created, manipulating the sound with envelopes and creating complicated evolving patches using more than 1 modulator. Finally just to finish up we take some common FM sounds and show you how to recreate them using Ableton Lives Operator VST, but you should be able to apply the same principles to any FM Synthesiser. Videos Overview: Tutorial 1 - FM Synthesis Overview Tutorial 2 - Ratios Tutorial3 - Envelopes Tutorial 4 - Electric Piano P1 Tutorial 5 - Electric Piano P2 Tutorial 6 - Sidebands Tutorial 7 - Evolving Sounds Tutorial 8 - FM Bass Tutorial 9 - FM Pad Tutorial 10 - FM Bells
16 April 2015

Nettut+ Premium Tutorial: Writing Modular javascript.

Nettut+ Premium Tutorial: Writing Modular javascript English | 1280x800 | H264 | 30fps 325kbps | AAC 85kbps | 425MB When writing an entire web application in javascript, it’s very important to have well-organized code; maintaining a spaghetti-coded project will only cause you headaches and nightmares. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to modularize your code to make it easier to manage large javascript projects. More info: _http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/javascript-ajax/writing-modular-javascript-new-premium-tutorial/ Screenshots
18 March 2015

iPad Tutorial How to Setup GMail (Mac) by iPad Tutorial

Apple Mac - iPad Tutorial How to Setup GMail explained in Plain English. This easy video iPad training will show you step-by-step how to setup your iPad to check your GMail account.
10 March 2015

Spectrasonics Stylus RMX v1.5 Tutorial HYBRID DVDR.

Spectrasonics Stylus RMX v1.5 Tutorial HYBRID DVDR TEAM DYNAMiCS | 1.07GB Genre: eLearning This is the tutorial videos for Spectrasonics Stylus RMX. Stylus RMX is a completely new groove-based virtual instrument plug-in for Macintosh and Windows. Stylus RMX is the first product to offer the combined power of Groove Control™ with Spectrasonics Advanced Groove Engine (S.A.G.E.™) technology giving users dramatic new control over groove production and performance. Spectrasonics’ in-house development team created the new instrument from the ground up, with dozens of new features including the ground-breaking Chaos Designer™, a completely redesigned multi-page user interface, a new core library of sounds, all with a focus on realtime groove creation and performance. Release Info: Spectrasonics.Stylus.RMX.v1.5.Tutorial.HYBRID.DVDR-DYNAMiCS SUPPLiER..: TEAM DYNAMiCS PACKAGER..: TEAM DYNAMiCS FORMAT..: TUTORIAL Homepage: http://www.spectrasonics.net/instruments/stylusrmx.html
09 April 2015

iPhone Tutorial How to Use Folders (Mac) by iPhone Tips

Apple Mac - iPhone Tutorial - How to Use Folders explained in Plain English. This easy video will show you step-by-step how to make & use folders on the iPhone & iPod Touch
09 January 2015

iDRAWGIRLS Collection

iDRAWGIRLS Collection | 3.46 Gb Tuts from iDRAWGIRL: 1. iDRAWGiRLS – Archetypes – Designing Manga Characters 2. iDRAWGiRLS – CityScape Fusion Environment – Environmental Concept Sketch Tutorial 3. iDRAWGiRLS – Dark Valkyrie – Chacarter Concept Tutorial 4. iDRAWGiRLS – Drawing Essential Female Figures – How to Draw and Sketch Female Figures with Pencil 5. iDRAWGiRLS – Face Constructed I – Draw & Render Faces 6. iDRAWGiRLS – Face Constructed II – Painting Portraits 7. iDRAWGIRLS – Face Constructed III – Male Facial Concept Design 8. iDRAWGiRLS – Female Figure Fusion I – Draw and Paint Body Tutorial 9. iDRAWGiRLS – Female Figure Fusion II – Female Body Tutorial 10. iDRAWGiRLS – Female Figure Fusion III – Painting Female Body Tutorial 11. iDRAWGiRLS – Female Muscle in Poses IV – Draw & Render Body in Motion 12. iDRAWGiRLS – Fire Dragon Blaze – Creature Concept Tutorial 13. iDRAWGiRLS – Imagine and Illustrated Part 1 & 2 – Sketch and Create Illustration Tutorial 14. iDRAWGiRLS – Male Character Concept I – Fantasy Art Dark WARLORD 15. iDRAWGIRLS – Male Muscle Concept I – Draw & Paint Male Body Tutorial 16. iDRAWGiRLS – Mecha Tutorial I Epsilon – Designing Mecha Robot Concept
05 June 2015

Data File Recovery Software by Data file recovery software

Professional data recovery software efficiently recuperates corrupted valuable MS office documents from any virus infected removable media storage drive including portable flash memory devices, MP3/MP4 players, portable gaming systems and even mass storage data connection enabled mobile phones in just few easy mouse clicks. Deleted data repairing software has cost effective utility to restore formatted files from inaccessible memory card without any prior technical knowledge or experience. Download data restoration software to successfully salvage all your formatted documents from logically corrupted memory stick of all popular brands such as Kingston, Sony, Transcend, Samsung, Canon, Casio, Epson, HP, Super Talent, Toshiba etc. Award winning pen drive data restoration software has advance facility to retrieve formatted media files even when ?drive not detected? or ?drive not formatted? error message is shown on your PC screen. Full fledged data retrieval software recuperates accidentally erased music collection and facilitates to save repaired files at user specified hard disk location for future usage. User friendly data repairing software has GUI wizard which facilitates layman users to restore corrupted files in minimal span of time. USB flash card data recovery tool restores deleted media files even when removable media drive is unplugged in running mode. Economical data salvage tool repairs inaccessible documents and successfully supports all major file formats including mpeg, wav, txt, doc, midi, bmp, jpg, gif, jpeg etc. Software features: *Download free removable media data recovery software to restore deleted music file, photo galleries from USB drive without any complexity. * Reliable data repairing software deeply scans virus infected media storage drive to retrieve erased media files within few easy mouse clicks. * Full fledged data repairing software retrieve erased digital images with full support to long localized filename.
15 January 2015

Lynda.com: Fireworks CS5 Rapid Prototyping (2010)

Lynda.com: Fireworks CS5 Rapid Prototyping (2010) | 602 Mb Fireworks CS5 Rapid Prototyping - In this tutorial, author Jim Babbage demonstrates how to create wireframes and prototypes for web sites, mobile devices, and rich internet applications. This course details the design process from start to finish, offering tutorials on creating custom wireframes, enhancing storyboards by adding graphics, creating custom swatch themes with the Kuler panel, adding interactivity to prototypes, exporting the final product, and testing mobile designs in Adobe's Device Central. Exercise files accompany the course. Type: Training Release Date: October 5th, 2010 Homepage: _www.lynda.com/home/DisplayCourse.aspx?lpk2=69793 Language: English Running Time: 5:02 File Format: .iso File Size: 602 Mb Topics include: - Planning and creating wireframes - Storyboarding - Creating multi-page mockups - Adding interactive calendars and pop-up windows - Embedding SWF files into an HTML prototype - Creating AIR prototypes with rollovers, events, and pages - Exporting to FXG 2.0 - Integrating with Flash Catalyst - Creating customized mobile designs in Device Central - Testing a mobile project