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18 February 2015

Juniper JunOS 10.4 JSR Olive VMWare Emulator

Juniper JunOS 10.4 JSR Olive VMWare Emulator | 734 MB Junos - a reliable, high-performance operating system with support for routing, switching and security network. It allows you to save time for the launch of new services and reduce network operating costs by 41%. Junos - is a reliable programming interfaces and software development kit Junos SDK to develop applications that will allow even more to optimize the network. Junos - single system radically changes its view on the principles of network operation. Single operating system: reduces the time required for design, installation and service network. Single sequence versions: allows regularly and safely perform the update functionality. Unified modular software architecture: ensures high reliability and scalability requirements change software. Network based on the Junos operating system provides the reliability, efficiency and security of networked applications. This operating system automates and thus greatly simplifies the maintenance of the network, freeing up time to deploy new applications and services. Junos operating system is scalable as the expansion and reduction, and provides a single, secure, stable operating system designed for developers and operators. These features enable significant savings. Ext. Information: http, telnet, ssh, em0 ip address =, root: L; eybgth! junos-jsr-10.4R1.9-domestic.tgz jweb-10.4R1.9-signed.tgz System requirements: Intel x86 32bit 700MHz, 512Mb RAM, 10Gb IDE HDD, Intel Pro PCI NIC Year: 2010 Version: 10.4R1.9-domestic Developer: Juniper Networks, Inc. Platform: Intel x86 32bit
31 March 2015

JUNOS OS For Dummies, 2 edition

JUNOS OS For Dummies, 2 edition Publisher: For Dummies | 2011 | ISBN: 0470891890 | 408 pages | PDF | 2,8 MB Learn to use JUNOS to make your network reliable! Providing network administrators with a reliable network operating system, JUNOS software is an award-winning network operating system that focuses on security and the avoidance of down time. This easy-to-understand book starts with the basics of JUNOS and walks you through its features so that you can quickly learn how to set up, operate, and add key services. Since the various JUNOS features are constantly being updated to provide your network with the best security possible, this new edition shares must-know information, helpful advice, handy tips, and essential cautions for working with JUNOS. Plus, you'll find out how to set up a routing protocol that automates configuration of routing tables for greater efficiency and how you can set up individual or group user accounts locally on the route, or on remote centralized authentication servers. Starts with the basics and introduces you to JUNOS Explains how to connect, manage, and troubleshoot routers and other Juniper appliances Offers tips for making your network more efficient and reveals essential cautions Walks you through setting up, operating, and adding key services Details ways to configure JUNOS default security features as well as restricted physical access to protect routers Breaks down advanced concepts into easy-to-understand segments so you can build your knowledge gradually This new edition gets you started using the sophisticated features and techniques of JUNOS today.
21 January 2015

Computer Security Enthusiast - Anti Hack Collection.

Computer Security Enthusiast - Anti Hack Collection English | PDF + CHM | 4.11 GB 101 Spy Gadgets for the Evil Genius.pdf 1337 h4x0r h4ndb00k.chm 19 Deadly Sins of Software Security - Programming Flaws & How to Fix Them.chm 22 Radio & Receiver Projects for the Evil Genius.pdf 50 Awesome Auto Projects for the Evil Genius.pdf 51 High-Tech Practical Jokes for the Evil Genius.pdf 802.11 Security.pdf A Classical Introduction to Cryptography Exercise Book.pdf A Technical Guide to IPSec Virtual Private Networks.pdf A , Network , Security Exams in a Nutshell - A Desktop Quick Reference.pdf AAA & Network Security for Mobile Access - Radius, Diameter, EAP, PKI, & IP Mobility.pdf Absolute OpenBSD - UNIX for the Practical Paranoid.chm Access Denied - The Practice & Policy of Global Internet Filtering.pdf Active Defense - A Comprehensive Guide to Network Security.pdf Administering & Securing the Apache Server.chm Advanced CISSP Prep Guide - Exam Q&A.chm Advances in Elliptic Curve Cryptography.pdf Advances in Enterprise Information Technology Security.pdf Advances in Network & Distributed Systems Security.pdf Aggressive Network Self-Defense.pdf Ajax Security.pdf Anti-Hacker Tool Kit, 2nd Ed..chm Anti-Hacker Tool Kit, 3rd Ed..chm Apache Security.chm Applied Cryptanalysis - Breaking Ciphers in the Real World.pdf Applied Cryptography & Network Security - 2nd International Conference, ACNS 2004.pdf Applied Cryptography - Protocols, Algorithms, & Source COde in C, 2nd Ed..chm Applied Security Visualization.pdf Auditor's Guide to Information Systems Auditing.pdf AVIEN Malware Defense Guide for the Enterprise.pdf Beginning Cryptography with Java.chm BigNum Math - Implementing Cryptographic Multiple Precision Arithmetic.pdf Biometrics & Network Security.chm Black Hat Physical Device Security - Exploiting Hardware & Software.pdf Blackjacking - Security Threats to BlackBerry Devices, PDAs, & Cell Phones in the Enterprise.pdf Bluetooth Security.pdf Botnet Detection - Countering the