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Itil flashcard

15 May 2015

iKode Service Desk X by iKode Software Technology Co., Ltd.

iKode Service Desk X provide a broad range of professional fully integrated Serive Managemnt tool and offers a low cost of ownership yet comprehensive service desk, whether your want an ITIL whether you want an ITIL Out of the Box solution for your IT service management or simply need to map clearer business processes in customer services or facilities management. iKode Service Desk aimed at the service desk where speed of deployment, easy to use, low cost of ownership.
08 May 2015

SupportCalls with Outlook by AssistMyTeam

An ITIL guided helpdesk with integrated asset tracking, SupportCalls system is a full featured and automated issue tracking system available right in your Outlook. Using Microsoft Exchange (can be hosted one too) as repository for storing support cases, it provides support staffs with all the necessary tools to log, collaborate, analyze and assist in the resolution of helpdesk issues. Monitor mailboxes and public folders and automatically process incoming emails to support cases, assign technicians on the fly and enforce service level agreements (SLA). With support for automated messaging and notifications using varied communication channels such as emails, phone calls or SMS, it offers your helpdesk to cut the overhead of manual tasks significantly while making it easier for team to work flexibly. Restrict access to administrative tools, customize email templates, frame predefined answers and reply to emails with a click. SupportCalls is also available via web access - perfect for remote support staffs. Furthermore, end-users can submit new support requests via a web form, check status, or search through the knowledge base, all via a web browser for first level support. With the inbuilt statistics, support cases data can be displayed in grids, charts and graphs, enabling helpdesk managers to evaluate the performance of the helpdesk and in-turn ensures timely decision making for improved service. To sum up, SupportCalls improves the efficiency of your helpdesk to enable faster response time and higher productivity for your organization at lower operating costs. After all, the for your helpdesk team is for your end-users to receive better and timely service.
24 February 2015

ARHANE=Bookkeeping+Warehouse+...=29.-EUR by ARHANE

The bookkeeping+warehouse programm - cash department, bank, the personnel, calculation of salaries the plan of accounts, a turn under accounts (with an opportunity filtering, sortings, balance, etc.), the account-invoice, waybills, the catalogue of the goods, debitors, creditors, the VAT, the basic means, reports, balance, the ledger, statistics, etc. Warehouse - The account of the goods, entering, internal and proceeding waybills, the account of forms of the strict reporting, buyers, suppliers, incomes, statistics, reports to a management, the catalogue of the goods (the description of a photo of a sale price), moving of the goods, a turn of the goods, unlimited quantity of warehouses, a sheaf with accounts department, cash department, bank, the Personell, calculation of salaries, the account-invoice, a turn under accounts, the basic means, reports, balance, the ledger, introduction of specificity, manufacture, etc. At data input in a waybill and sending under accounts - the program according to the specified technique creates or moves cards on warehouses, does postings in accounts department, sends data in blocks of reports, considers individual discounts, addresses of delivery, currency transactions, the control over the rest in a warehouse. A choice in the payment assignment for payment the account-invoices and waybills simultaneously with breakdown by various techniques. Report - Designer with an opportunity to create any listings, copying of listings on samples, change of listings. Also many other opportunities. Staff department - Personell cards, the account accepted-dismissed, contracts, the account of working hours, the account of the fulfilled hours, the account and charge of salaries,automatic charge of sheets and salaries. Operatively reflects a condition of the enterprise. Granting of reports to a management. Daily reports. The forecast. Modelling, etc. OS: Windows, Linux Comp. or FlashCard 8GB or FlashDrive 160GB Transl: EN, RU, LV
21 April 2015


IDS SCHEER ARIS PLATFORM V7.1.0-ISO | 3.91 GB Market-Leading Technology for Business Process Management ! IDS Scheer has been optimizing business processes for over 20 years, gaining a wealth of business process management (BPM) experience that has driven the development of ARIS Platform. Research by leading technology analysts highlights the market-leading position enjoyed by ARIS Platform due to this combination of extensive project experience and innovative software development. With its intuitive user interface, smart Web technologies, and high level of scalability, ARIS is the benchmark for enterprise-wide BPM. Integration with various modeling methods and frameworks, such as, EPC, UML, BPEL, BPMN, ITIL, TOGAF, DoDAF, TEAF/FEAF, ArchiMate, and Zachman, supports the deployment of ARIS in many different business areas. All these methods are combined in the central ARIS repository. Software and Procedure Models for Business Process Excellence ARIS Solutions combine selected ARIS products with ARIS Value Engineering procedure models designed to meet specific needs. These specialist solution portfolios have proven successful in numerous customer projects. Leveraging this experience enables fast, cost-effective creation of customized solutions. All solutions are based on the central, integrated ARIS repository, so data can be exchanged and processed across multiple solutions. All the targeted user groups - organizational department and management, operational and IT departments, and financial controllers - work in an integrated environment. Integrated process management is therefore possible throughout the enterprise. Modules of ARIS Platform Based on IDS Scheer’s approach to BPM projects, the ARIS Platform products are assigned to four specialized modules: ARIS Solutions for Business Process Excellence ARIS Design Platform Careful analysis and continuous optimization of business processes can deliver a real competitive advantage. Conversely, a random