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Gujarati riddles in english

25 May 2015

G-Dictionary by Multiicon

Everyday life and higher education demand across Gujarati community, has arose need of English meanings in Gujarati language along with its English pronunciation. Looking to this requirement, we have introduced G-DICTIONARY which is useful for the ones who requires Gujarati meaning of English word with it's pronunciation in English. Features: Database of 1,00,000 + English Gujarati words It has a large database of 1,00,000 + words with meanings. English to Gujarati Searching Type English word for Gujarati meaning in English word box and then you will get Gujarati meaning of it if it?s available in the dictionary. Gujarati to English Searching Type Gujarati word for English meaning in Gujarati word box and then you will get English meaning of it if it?s available in the dictionary. Quick search on single click For quick search of your word, you can click on the characters available on the window as shown with the arrow on both the sides. Gujarati meaning Search while using any applications Search Gujarati meaning while you are accessing other applications in English. Pronounciation of English words To listen pronounciation of any English word, double click on that word. (Sound card and speaker/Headphone must be duly attached). English/Gujarati words adding facility With this facility you can add end number of English or Gujarati words and their meanings for future search. Virtual Keyboard If you want to type Gujarati word through the software then it is possible from virtual keyboard option. The layout of the key board is Ba, Ka, Ma. There are two segments of fonts available, you will get the first one as and when you open the virtual keyboard and then by clicking on the shift button, other segment would be available. Phonetic Keyboard If you want to type Gujarati word through the software then it is possible from phonetic keyboard option as well. It is as simple as the way you type Gujarati message in English language.
28 January 2015

English to Gujarati Character Converter by Multiicon

E2G is very powerful software which is used to convert English Characters into Gujarati. At times, it?s a necessity to prepare a document in other languages other than English which becomes tough because your computer might not support other languages. So we at Multiicon recognized this limitation and have developed the E2G character converter software, which is developed for day to day work that requires the Gujarati typing in office or for any personal work. It is as simple as you type English language and speak Gujarati or same as typing Gujarati SMS in English which we are doing in our day to day life. Features :: English to Gujarati Typing Editor (Human phonetic language) Real Time Gujarati Typing Full Guajarati Keyboard Help Export to Notepad Export to Microsoft Word Export to UNICODE for E-mail and/or web File Open & Save facility
03 February 2015

GujaratiPad by Publicsoft India

Now you can too write letters and emails in Gujarati without having to learn Gujarati typing. GujaratiPad is a full featured Gujarati wordprocessor that makes Gujarati typing and wordprocessing easy thanks to its unique type as you speak layout that allows you to type Gujarati the same way you pronounce it. Amazing typing layout provides unmatched ease. No need to remember complex combinations or ALT key combos, just type as you pronounce. Ex. type Hindustani to write Hindustani in Gujarati. GujaratiPad is compatible with all popular wordprocessors and designing software. Just type in GujaratiPad and Copy-Paste the text to your favourite software.
08 May 2015

3 in 1 Dictionary by Multiicon

Everyday life and higher education demand across every industry, has arise the need of English meanings in various languages along with its English pronunciation. Looking to present basic requirements, we have introduced 3 in 1 DICTIONARY which is very useful for the one who requires Hindi, Gujarati and Urdu meaning of English word with the pronunciation of the same in English. Features : Database of 2,00,000 + words English to Hindi Search English to Gujarati Search English to Urdu Search Hindi to English Search Gujarati to English Search Urdu to English Search Quick search on single click Gujarati, Hindi & Urdu meaning Search while using any applications Pronounciation of English words Individual Virtual Keyboard for Hindi, Gujarati & Urdu language In this way, 3 in 1 Dictionary is incredibly useful to the one`s with knowledge of multiple languages.
02 February 2015

Top 5 Amazon Bestsellers in Economics 2010 - English edition

Top 5 Amazon Bestsellers in Economics 2010 - English edition Link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/bestsellers/books/25811. The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine2. Freakonomics Rev Ed: (and Other Riddles of Modern Life)3. Principles of Microeconomics4. All the Devils Are Here: The Hidden History of the Financial Crisis5. The Road to Serfdom: Text and Documents--The Definitive Edition (The Collected Works of F. A. Hayek, Volume 2) Download Links :
08 April 2015

Right Hand by Multiicon

In today?s era of Information and Technology, there arise needs of software through which we can do many of our day to day work easily and comfortably for personal, official or any other use. So, we at Multiicon recognize all this needs of our client and developed a potent Right Hand Gold Software. Right Hand is the powerful software which works as your real Right Hand. In today?s era of Information and Technology, there arises a need of software which helps us to do our routine work easily and comfortably such as record keeping of key clients along with their particulars address, contact numbers, reminder facility, calling service, follow up, etc. which can be done using this software. This is mainly required in office there because it helps to save records of the client like address of the client, there phone details etc. So we at Multiicon recognized all this needs and have developed Right Hand Software which acts as a personal assistant for official or personal use. Right Hand software has significant features which are listed as below. Features:: Address Book available in English & Gujarati language Accurate Reminders Set Appointments & Tasks English to Gujarati Converter English to Hindi Converter Selected Email facility Phone Dialing Option All India STD Code available ISD Codes available Personal Diary Manager Personal Phone Book Phone Book & Mailing Label Print option Game & Other Utilities Login Security Backup Security Printing Security Thus in this way, Right Hand Gold Software acts in as a personal assistant in order to manage the important records for personal and official use.
19 February 2015

Timeless The Forgotten Town Collectors Edition v1.0-TE

Timeless The Forgotten Town Collectors Edition v1.0-TE Year: 2011 | PC | English | Developer/Publisher: Big Fish Games | 237.840 MB Genre: Hidden Object After stopping a runaway train, you must now escape from a town that is lost in time and space! Explore the mysterious city and solve its riddles to uncover the roots of a terrible disaster. Free yourself from the timeless trap as quickly as you can since the Chronometron is counting off the seconds of your life. Dive into Timeless: The Forgotten Town and use your Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure skills to survive! Features: * Bonus gameplay * Integrated Strategy Guide * Stunning Soundtrack * Wonderful Wallpapers System Requirements: * OS: Windows XP/Vista * CPU: 1.6 GHz * RAM: 1024 MB * DirectX: 9.0 * Hard Drive: 270 MB download Wupload:
10 March 2015

Panini Keypad by myMobile Ergonomics

Panini is a new multilingual Keypad system for India supporting 11 languages of India on the Mobile phone. The Panini keypad system when installed on a cell phone allows the user to type conveniently in Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Gurmukhi (Punjabi) and Assamese. There was no such easily usable means to type in a regional language of India available until now. Mobile penetration in India is high with phones having reached those segments of society who are unfamiliar with the English alphabets and hence had no way to utilize the texting applications of the phone. This new Mobile Texting technology called Panini named in the honour of the well known ancient Sanskrit Grammarian who lived 2500 years ago, is from a Noida based Indian startup myMobile Ergonomics. Panini allows one to compose a text message in a regional language of India, and send it to any other phone as a low cost SMS. Panini also offers SMS compression which increases the standard payload of a single SMS from 70 characters of Unicode to about 240 characters of Indian language text in a single message for the same cost. This opens up new possibilities for cost effective Mobile marketing and meaningful Information enabling applications for rural India over the ubiquitous SMS. Mobile phone penetration in India is very high with about about 336 million active mobile phone users. And growing at over 10 million new users per month in the past months. Panini also offers automatic transliteration between the languages of India in the manner that a person can write a message in Hindi and send it in Malayalam, a language of Kerala in South India. Or receive a message in Tamil and read it in Gujarati. This would be helpful in a country of many languages. Indian language scripts typically use many characters not all of which are used equally frequently and the Abiguda scripts are full of ligatures which follow complex rules of usages.
26 May 2015

The Clockwork Man The Hidden World-JAGUAR

The Clockwork Man The Hidden World-JAGUAR Year: 2011 | PC Game | English | 684 MB Genre: Hidden Object The Hidden World is exciting PC game with joyful air and recherche depictions. After lost into this corking colorful Hidden Object, Puzzle, Adventure game Realm you will experience this marvelous feeling again: beauteous fun of solving challenging riddles, no matter how challenging the are. Aside from that, in The Clockwork Man: The Hidden World you are challenged with several good mini-games. This outstanding recital and posh design makes good game process of The Clockwork Man: The Hidden World the best in it’s class. The Clockwork Man: The Hidden World will gratefully entertain all admirers of exciting Hidden Object, Puzzle, Adventure genre. Features: * Incredible graphics * Wonderous gameplay * Help Miranda find her parents
09 March 2015

Yetisports Penguin X Run v1.0

Yetisports Penguin X Run v1.0 English | iPhone-iPodTouch | Developed: itunes | 59.76 Mb Genre: arcade Move over, Lemmings. Here come the penguins! You take control of the cute little fellows and make them solve riddles, lead them through labyrinths and help them avoid traps or landmines. By using the motion sensors you will guide one, two .. or even crowds of penguins at once. Once you solved all missions, attack the online highscore by solving each map as fast as possible. Of course there are some helpful features to make this a great experience: - Tap on individual penguins to make them stop/walk. Or use special buttons to stop/walk all at once. - Tap on trapped penguins to set them free - Double Tap on any map point to gather penguins - Drag the map to explore and find your way - Let penguins run over switches to open or close doors - Use mines to blow up gates - Pause or restart the mission at any point Feature: - 25 unique islands - full resolution on iPad and iPhone 4 - global online highscores - expect free updates with even more levels Enjoy great 3D-graphics, animations, sounds, music and ... REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later
13 January 2015

Pirate Mysteries v1.0-THETA ( PC2010ENG).

Pirate Mysteries v1.0-THETA ( PC/2010/ENG) Language: English | PC | Developer: Kristanix Games | Publisher: Softpedia | 107 MB Genre: Hidden Object Explore exotic lands while trying to save your demon possessed father in this fun and humorous hidden object game! Meet unique characters, solve ancient riddles and journey through an adventure that stretches from the shores of the Atlantic to the darkest corners in the Land of the Dead! Screenshots Features * Embark on a grand hidden object quest! * Fun and comedic story line! * Meet strange and quirky characters along the way! * 30 unique and exciting locations! * 10 minigames that needs solving! System requirements: • Windows XP / Vista / 7 • DirectX 7 or above • 1 Ghz
27 January 2015

The Ultimate Mental Challenge Over 500 Differfent Puzzles and Tests Designed to Give Your Brain the Ultimate Workout

The Ultimate Mental Challenge: Over 500 Differfent Puzzles and Tests Designed to Give Your Brain the Ultimate Workout!B.rnes & N.ble Books | English | ISBN: 1566199778 | 304 pages | PDF | 15 MB No special skills are needed to tackle these fiendish puzzles beyond common sense, logic, a little general knowledge and a tenacious will not to give up. This is the biggest and toughest collection of riddles, word games, number puzzles, mazes and logic problems that the boffins at Mensa have ever produced. So put on your thinking cap and have some fun working these out. These puzzles are by no means easy, and if you can work them out you may be a candidate to join Mensa - the internationally famous high IQ society. Over 500 opportunities to test your mental agility with lateral thinking puzzles, visual conundrums, fiendish riddles, and impossible brain twisters. Puzzles are graded in three sections - easy, medium, and mind-bogglingly hard. Features The Mind Maze- a series of puzzles linked by a story. The right answer leads you on to the next puzzle, but get it wrong and you'll wind up in a dead end! Complete answers and explanations given for all the puzzles. Download Links :
20 February 2015

Halloween Night Riddle by GameHitZone.com

3D logic/puzzle board game. The Halloween night is a period of time when even the most unbelievable thing may happen. And this is my story that happened on the Halloween night. You may believe me or not but suddenly I found myself in the dark forest. And there was a strange mansion... I did not know why I was there.But the beautiful witch told me that if I wanted to find the way home I had to go to the mansion and solve some riddles! Complete 30 levels of riddles of the Halloween beautiful witch and find your way home through the strange abandoned mansion.
16 February 2015

Moorhuhn Piraten

Moorhuhn Piraten PC game | Windows | Phenomedia | 66 MB Moorhuhn's- pirates engaged small idyllic archipelago in the Caribbean sea. You now appeared, in order to restore peace on the islands! In this new strelyalke Moorhuhn you will meet with one-legged captain, series artilleryman and hen, that go through the countless dangers, with the aid of the concealed additions, secret weapon and riddles to the graves with the treasures. Download
08 April 2015

SerpentHead Revisited by Pharos Games

This adventure game is set in a mysterious castle, where a dragon and a demon cat guard the secret passageways.As Sir Mharim, you must infiltrate Castle SerpentHead to uncover the lost SerpentScepter, then use it to defeat the evil wizard Salorann forever! That means uncovering forgotten clues, deciphering ancient riddles, and overcoming obstacles set by the Sorcerer himself. You will have to rely on your wits to solve the many mysteries you will encounter. With luck, you might find a clue or two left behind by other adventurers.
04 March 2015

Baraha by Baraha Software

Baraha supports Kannada, Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Gurumukhi, Bengali, Assamese, Manipuri, and Oriya languages. Baraha - a standalone program for editing, printing documents. BarahaPad - a standalone program for editing Unicode documents. BarahaIME - an Input Method Editor for typing Indian language text in any Windows application; compatible with MS-Office. BarahaSort - sort Indian language text. BarahaConvert - convert documents from one script to another. FontConvert - convert documents between Baraha and other 3rd party fonts. E-mail, blog, build web-sites, and DTP in Indian languages. Phonetic keyboard for Indian languages. Brhkbd Keyboard - a user friendly keyboard for Indian languages. Inscript Keyboard - a govt. of India standard for Indian languages. TrueType fonts for Indian languages. Script Override converts Indian language text from one script to another; Useful for learning one script using another. Export the documents as Text, RTF, UNICODE, HTML documents, and as BMP, GIF, JPG picture files. Supports latinized Indian language text (ISO 15919, IAST) Braille script for sightless people. and much more...
29 May 2015

The Ball (2010ENGDemo)

The Ball | PC | 360 Mb The Ball - an innovative new single-player first-person action with original gameplay that will give players the most complex 6:00 puzzles, riddles and bloody battles with lots of monsters, flesh and blood. Game Information: Original title: The Ball Demo Year: 2010 Genre: Action (Shooter / Puzzle) / 3D / 1st person Developer: Teotl Studios Publisher: Tripwire Interactive Platform: PC Publication Type: Demo Language: English System requirements: - Operating system: Microsoft ® Windows ® XP SP2 / Vista / Windows ® 7 - Processor: Intel Pentium IV 2.0 GHz or better (dual core recommended) - Memory: 1 GB (2 GB recommended) - Video card: SM3 Compatible video card (Geforce 6800 minimum - Geforce 8800 or higher recommended) - Sound Card: DirectX ® 9-compatible sound card - Free space on your hard disk: 1.5 GB - DirectX ®: DirectX ® 9.0c Ext. Information: - Install and play - Full version of the game will be released on October 26 File format:. Exe /. Rar License: Freeware Size: 360 Mb Download:
19 March 2015

Dracula Series - The Path of the Dragon - Part 3 (MACOSX)

Dracula Series: The Path of the Dragon Part 3 | MACOSX | 488.33 MB Come face to face with the immortal Count in Dracula Series - The Path of the Dragon Part 3 for Mac, the final chapter of the frightening tale. After examining Irina's library, Father Arno is even more determined to follow The Path of the Dragon to destroy the evil at its source. He returns to Vladoviste and visits the Castle of Twilight where he finds many unexpected circumstances, some that will test his faith, and others that will change his fate. Join Father Arno in the suspenseful conclusion as he comes face to face with Dracula himself. Walk the darkened streets of Vladoviste, travel the spine-tingling trails of the catacombs beneath the castle, and step through the haunting halls of the Count's lair. Solve countless riddles and puzzles, speak with helpful villagers, and figure out the truth to this most unnerving of situations. What will become of Father Arno? Features: * Discover the terrifying conclusion in this suspenseful point-and-click Adventure. * Follow Father Arno on his quest to stop Dracula. * Visit terrifying locations including the catacombs and the Count's lair. * Solve countless riddles and puzzles, and speak with helpful villagers. * OS version: Mac OS X 10.6 or later