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Fun games cz arkanoid

29 April 2015

Arkanoid Games Pack! by Alawar Entertainment

Arkanoid is one of the world popular arcade game. Our games games pack contains four different remakes of classic Arkanoid - Sav-Arkan II, Doomball, Arkanoid 3D and Arkanoid The Virtual Isles. The main goal of the game is always the one: you break different bricks gathering bonuses to pass level after level. Your game's set of tools includes a moving racket and a ball, but the features are different in each game of the pack. SAV-Arkan has a great number of blocks and special blocks with bonuses inside. Doomball is a bright and colorful remake of classic arkanoid game. Arkanoid 3D is a three dimensional arkanoid with nice graphics. And Arkanoid TVI differs from the usual arkanoid with the length of each level. Try our most favorite arkanoid games and enjoy this virtual world of Arkanoids!
25 March 2015

QuadroNoid : The Magic Worlds V1.02 (ENG2002) serial included

QuadroNoid - The Magic Worlds is an absolutly new clone of popular arcade game Arkanoid (also known as BreakOut). Various new elements have been added in this game, so the gameplay is really incredible! The main difference between QuadroNoid and a common Arkanoid is that you can select the game type from Arkanoid, DoubleNoid, TripleNoid and QuadroNoid. About game: Tags: download Quadronoid Magic Worlds from turbobit fast, retro arcade games, arkanoid clones, Quadronoid Magic Worlds crack etc... Title: QuadroNoid : The Magic Worlds V1.02(2002/ENG) with serial Year: 2002 Genre: Arkanoid Developer: Divo Games Platform: PC Language: ENG Publication Type: License Crack: serial File Size: only 2 mb! System requirements: Windows Download QuadroNoid : The Magic Worlds V1.02(2002/ENG) with serial:
17 April 2015

Arkanoid -The Virtual Isles by Alawar Entertainment&GameOverGames

From the name of the game you can see that this is one of the countless remakes of the glorious Arkanoid. The game's indubitable plus is the creativity of the authors who departed from making another blunt clone of the game and came up with the following new features: 1. Non-linear levels. It's up to you to choose the level (island) to play. 2. Game process. You don't need to destroy all the blocks on the game arena. Instead make your way up the level that is scrolling down. 3. Bonuses. Like in all games of this genre, there are bonuses in the blocks. In this game the blocks are also hiding the money for which you can buy various bonuses at the end of the level. And the best is that the bought bonuses can be used whenever and wherever you like, at any level and at any time. The authors managed to do the impossible - they have perfected the idea that was already perfect. Together with nice-looking graphics and good sound it makes a good product of the Arkanoid line for those who like it, but, alas, it's not more than the same old Arkanoid.
06 May 2015

Active Ball for SPV by Activekitten

New things are cool, but classics are better.And no game gets closer to that status as Arkanoid, which was based on Ping - the first computer game ever created.Is it any wonder that Active Ball, an Arkanoid remake for smartphones, is one of the most popular game for handhelds on the Internet (962,000 links in to arkanoid Google alone!) Do your phone a favor and ask it, Are you tired of running boring applications?Would you like to take a break and grab a byteful of fun? If your smartphone says Yes, it needs some Active Ball.Wait, are you talking to your phone? Hey, you work too much and need a break yourself.What could be better than playing a carefully crafted arkanoid remake with a twist?Nothing, except playing Active Ball with your officemates to see who gets the highest score. The game is full of exciting bonuses and is saved upon excite.This means you can have long Active Ball marathons that can last days, weeks or months!Ready to start?Go!
05 June 2015

Tinbo V1.0 (2001ENG) vertical arkanoid

TURBO vertical arkanoid! You control a paddle...and you use it to hit a ball...and the you use the ball to destroy bricks. Anyhow, the main feature of the game is it's visual effects. About game: Extract and run Tinbo.exe simple as that :) Title: Tinbo V1.0 (2001/ENG) vertical arkanoid Year: 2001 Genre: Arcade, vertical arkanoid Developer: Joseph Carmer Platform: PC Language: English Publication Type: License Crack: Not required File Size: 1 mb System requirements: Minimal (Windows) Download Tinbo V1.0 (2001/ENG) vertical arkanoid:
25 May 2015

Block Busting Madness V1.0 (ENG2001) crack and trainer included

One of the best 3D arkanoid! Made in isometric view, which distinguishes it from other games. About game: Tags: 3D Block Busting Madness V1.0 cracked,3D Block Busting Madness V1.0 cheats, download 3D Block Busting Madness from depositfiles for free, isomethric arkanoid etc... Title: Block Busting Madness 3D V1.0 (ENG/2001) cracked with trainer Year: 2001 Genre: Arcade Developer: Cosmic Software Platform: PC Language: English Publication Type: Full Crack: Patch (crack) File Size: 5 mb System requirements: Windows 98/2000/XP Download Block Busting Madness 3D V1.0 (ENG/2001) cracked with trainer:
08 May 2015

Balloon 'o'Rama (1996ENG) funny arkanoid for children

Call it silly, Call it cruel, but there is something satisfying about bouncing a dog through the air with a purple car :) About game: The game starts with Putt-Putt (the purple car) and Pep (his brown puppy) driving on to the screen with a bunch of balloons in peps mouth. Putt-putt tells his companion to hold on to the balloons tightly, which Pep immediately lets go of by barking. In the rest of the game, you progress through different levels popping the balloons which seem to have multiplied hundreds of times. Using the mouse, you move Putt-putt across the screen, bouncing Pep on the seats or dashboard. Different balloons are introduced during the game including candy balloons which give you 50 points for each piece of candy you catch, paint-bucket balloons which change your color depending on the balloon, and question mark balloons which give you a power-up such as Fireman Pep. It also has a level builder for hours of balloon popping fun. Title: Balloon 'o'Rama (1996/ENG) funny arkanoid for children Year: 1996 Genre: Arkanoid, arcade, for children Platform: PC Language: English Publication Type: License File Size: 10 mb System requirements: Minimal Download Balloon 'o'Rama (1996/ENG) funny arkanoid for children:
16 February 2015

Arcanoid 3D version 1.5 (ENG) serial and trainer included

Classic arcade game in 3th dimension by Alawar! About game: http://onlinegid.com/1282900797674.html Title: Arkanoid 3D ver.1.5 (ENG/TRAINER/SERIAL) Genre: Arcade Developer: Alawar Entertainment Platform: PC Language: ENG Crack: Serial key File Size: 3 mb System requirements: Windows 95/2000/XP Download Arkanoid 3D ver.1.5 (ENG/TRAINER/SERIAL):
27 January 2015

3D Ultranium V3.0 (ENG2000)

Famous Arkanoid clone including musics by Red Ribbon and Will Lamy, multiplayer Lan Game and Game via Internet options. Minimal system requipments! About game: You never get tired of playing a classic game, that even as the years pass still maintains its addiction. We are talking, of course, of the legendary Arkanoid and its multiple versions. You know how it works: use the bouncing ball to break down the brick wall and pass to the next level. On this occasion, Ultranium 3D gives you a 3D version. The game`s concept is unchanged, but visually it`s much stronger. It doesn`t lack the boosting objects that appear behind certain bricks, that you need to collect if you want to advance. The control of Ultranium 3D, obviously, isn`t complicated, and the fun is absolutely assured. Title: Ultranium 3D V3.0 (ENG/2000) Year: Windows Genre: Arcanoid Developer: Jadeware Platform: PC Language: English File Size: 5,5 mb System requirements: Windows Download Ultranium 3D V3.0 (ENG/2000):
25 March 2015

Breakout Casino V1.2 (2002ENG) with crack and trainer

A great and quite unusual pastime where you play the Arkanoid-style game with flashy casino chips, trying to win as many as you can and getting a whole range of bonuses on the way. About game: The goal of the game is to win all the chips from the casino. At the beginning of every level the gambling-table is filled with different chips. There are many types of different chips, bonuses, and other tricks that will entertain you all the way through the game levels. Title: Breakout Casino V1.2 (2002/ENG) with crack and trainer Year: 2002 Genre: Arkanoid, arcade Platform: PC Language: English Publication Type: License Crack: Crack and trainer included File Size: 2 mb System requirements: Minimal Download Breakout Casino V1.2 (2002/ENG) with crack and trainer:
30 March 2015

Magic Ball by Alawar Entertainment

Magic Ball is a highly addictive Arkanoid remake that won't let you go outside for at least a week once you install it. Unlike other Arkanoid clones, Magic Ball prides itself with professional 3D graphics, studio-level sound effects, awesome original soundtrack and well-designed gameplay with tons of new brick types, bonuses and special effects. The point of the game is to destroy all the bricks the level is comprised of using the rockets. Sometimes you will get bonuses for destroying the bricks. Those bonuses can be good ones - bullets, magnets or rockets, for example, - and getting them will hell you to pass the level, or bad ones, such as Jack - the Bat Killer or ball Speed-Up, that will negatively affect your performance.
24 March 2015

Krakout v1.4.2 (ENG2002) with serial

Remake of a classic arkanoid style game. Destroy all bricks while keeping the ball on the playing field. Some bricks will give you special powerups such as missiles, gun, long or double pad, and many more! Also, you will get additional points by hitting monsters. About game: * Many amazing Episodes * Increasing speed and difficulty level. * Digitized sound FX. * Authors ingame sound tracks. * Hi-color animated graphics (65536 colors). * Full-screen operation. * Very fun gameplay. Title: Krakout v1.4.2(ENG/2002) with serial Year: 2002 Genre: arkanoid Platform: PC Language: english Publication Type: license Crack: serial included in archive File Size: 5 mb System requirements: Minimal Download Krakout v1.4.2(ENG/2002) with serial:
16 January 2015

Ultranium 2 Christmas Edition (2002ENGCRACKED) with trainer

Ultranium2 - Christmas Edition is a breakout game that features full 32-bit color, stereo sound, and even a multiplayer mode! About game: The game has been fully redesigned since the original version, and it now features spectacular gameplay never before seen in any other arkanoid type clone. Grab the different bonuses and watch as this classic game takes on a whole new dimension. Ultranium2 also features a new set of levels with very different themes that make the game a lot more interesting to play. Along with these new breathtaking graphics is a surprisingly complete soundtrack that will in itself make you want to keep playing the game. CD listening capabilities are also included. Title: Ultranium 2 Christmas Edition (2002/ENG/CRACKED) with trainer Year: 2002 Genre: Vertical arkanoid, arcade Developer: Jadeware Platform: PC Language: English Publication Type: License Crack: Cracked File Size: 3,10 mb System requirements: Minimal Download Ultranium 2 Christmas Edition (2002/ENG/CRACKED) with trainer:
20 February 2015

MozPong Deluxe V1.07 (ENG) exotic arkanoid

MozPong DX is an updated version of MozPong, a game heavily inspired by the classic Breakout, but with its own twist. New adventures of MozMOz-Kun! About game: MozMoz-kun, a kid with a bowl cut, has to break all the eggs on the screen by bouncing a round, pig-like animal named Butasan on his head. Once the eggs are cracked, baby chicks fall out of them, which he must then grab. The more baby chicks he catches in a row, the bigger the bonus points he'll get for them. But if he misses just one, the streak is broken and he has to start again. Once he collects twelve baby chicks, the Baby Chick Roulette on the side of the screen will start up. This roulette can earn you bonus points, special power-ups, or other bonuses! There are also special eggs in the playfield. Some eggs need more than one hit to be cracked open; a Rainbow Egg will give you the chance to use two Butasans at the same time; and a bomb will destroy any eggs that are around it when it blows up. But you have to watch out for Josephine; if you let her catch you, you won't be able to move for a few seconds, which may cause you to lose your Butasans! Unlike the original Macintosh version, MozPong DX was recoded to run natively on Microsoft Windows systems using DirectX. Three difficulties are now available, each one with its own set of levels. A level creator is also included in the program, and you can now create and load level replays so you can show off your skills at the game! Title: MozPong Deluxe V1.07 (ENG) exotic arkanoid Year: 2000 Genre: Arkanoid Platform: PC Language: English File Size: 2 mb System requirements: Minimal Download MozPong Deluxe V1.07 (ENG) exotic arkanoid:
23 April 2015

3D Brickanoid V 1.1 (1998ENGSERIAL)

The game 3D Brickanoid similar to several games - Arkanoid and Invaders, but in fact completely different game. The goal - to destroy the Boss. Use the laser missiles, rockets, you can use a protective field of the attacks of the enemy. About game: An extremely addictive game and simple to play. The object of the game is to destroy the Boss and advance to the next stage. The Boss is hiding behind the rocky bricks. You can only destroy the bricks with the Missiles. Colored bricks are your friends. Don't just kill them but use them to find Power Ups. You can find Laser Rockets, Missiles, Lives and Shields. You'll have a greater chance to find something valuable if your Ammo runs low. Certain colored bricks givecertain Power Ups (Blue bricks give you the Shield and so on). Shield can't be transfered to the next stage, so use it when you have it. All of your Ammo is transfered with you to the next stage. Use your Ammo wisely, make sure you have enough to advance in the next level. Don't shoot Power Ups! The Boss does not like Lasers, and he does not like Missiles even more. If you destroy all colored bricks - you'll regret it! Title: 3D Brickanoid V 1.1 (1998/ENG/SERIAL) Year: 1998 Genre: Arcanoid, shooter, arcade, logic Developer: Crescent Studios Platform: PC Language: English Publication Type: Sharevare (but serial included) Crack: SERIAL included File Size: 1 mb System requirements: Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT Download 3D Brickanoid V 1.1 (1998/ENG/SERIAL):
21 January 2015

Blazer Ball V1.01 (2001) trainer included

BlazerBall is based on classics such as Arkanoid and Breakout, but instead of having one paddle to control, you must in BlazerBall control four paddles all at the same time! About game: BlazerBall is based on classics such as Arcanoid and Breckout, but instead of having one paddle to control, you must in BlazerBall control four paddles all at the same time. With over 150 levels and 16 different types of power-ups and power-downs the game will last a long time. 4 different difficulty levels so gamers with different skills can still enjoy BlazerBall. Tags: download blazer ball from fileserve fast, blazer ball serial, blazer ball trainer, old 3d arcanoids... Title: Blazer Ball V1.01 (2001/ENG) with trainer Year: 2001 Genre: Arcanoid Developer: Magic Software Platform: PC Language: English Publication Type: License Crack: Serial in archive File Size: 1,21 mb System requirements: Minimal Download Blazer Ball V1.01 (2001/ENG) with trainer:
27 March 2015

AquaBall by Alawar Entertainment

Get ready for an exciting deep-sea experience in Aquaball, a new Arkanoid game from the publisher of Magic Ball 2.You won't be smashing bricks, though, but rather the things a scuba diver might see when plunging into the crystalline waters of a tropical paradise.From brilliantly animated seashells, starfish and other marine life to anchors, treasure chests and explosive mines, Aquaball is brimming with creativity.Aquaball offers more than crustacean-crushing action; it also contains five mini-games unlocked at various points throughout the campaign, including a fun memory matching challenge.In addition, you can utilize 23 bonuses and wreak havoc with several weapons, including the devastating Aqua-Gun, which fires an expanding ring of water-bullets.Of course, all of this looks great in action!Items swirl and dance across the screen in a dazzling aquatic ballet while vast columns of steam rise from ancient volcanoes in the background. Download Aquaball today and begin riding the wave to watery thrills!
22 January 2015

Bongo Boogie 1.0 (2002ENG) with keygen and trainer

Break away and bounce down to Bongo Boogie! A dazzling game with beautiful graphics and music, featuring monkeys that have gone...bananas! More than 200 fun levels to entertain you for hours! About game: Title: Bongo Boogie 1.0 (2002/ENG) with keygen and trainer Year: 2002 Genre: Arcade, arkanoid, for children Platform: PC Language: English Publication Type: License Crack: Keygen included File Size: 39 mb System requirements: Minimal Download Bongo Boogie 1.0 (2002/ENG) with keygen and trainer: