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Free mp3 to mp3 compressor

19 February 2015

PST Compressor Free by Compacting Outlook PST

Compacting Outlook PST files within a particular location with the help of PST Compressor free utility. It is not difficult task for the users who are facing problem from a long time. You can use PST compressor free tool to compact the PST file size. This tool compresses the PST file size in three available formats. User is able to compress the PST files with all the attachments. You can easily get the attachments of the emails while compacting Outlook PST files. But this option saves the attachments in the common folder created in the system. This option is one in all solution because here you can compress the PST files with all the attachments and save these attachments in a .zip folder so save your space. Download the demo version for compacting Outlook PST and free demo of tool to compact 5 emails. And this is the intelligent approach to compact the Outlook.PST files. So, install it in your system and compress the files to some extent. To compress complete Outlook.PST files you should get the full version of this tool by paying $69.
22 April 2015

Sevana Image Compressor by Sevana Oy

Advanced Image Compressor, Bitmap compression Sevana Image Compressor provides high compression ratio comparable with JPEG2000 Sevana Image Compressor is a tool providing advanced compression for different types of images. Compression ratio and quality are comparable with JPEG2000 and wavelet algorithms. Unique compression technologies also encryped compressed images. This is a unique tool that allows you to store your images with a higher compression ration and unavailable to the others to be seen. Each person copy of the tool provides unique encryption algorithms that make different private copies incompatible of reading images compressed and encrypted by other personal releases.
13 March 2015

Exclaimer Store Compressor by Exclaimer Ltd

Exclaimer Store Compressor allows you to compress large Exchange stores, reducing the size of attachments and emails putting you in control of your Exchange store. It does this by giving you the ability to zip attached files, remove Internet Headers and HTML formatting from email messages and delete specific mail items that are older than a specific date. If you are trying to maintain a strict limit on the amount of space each user mailbox is allocated, Exclaimer Store Compressor gives you the flexibility to control the mail items that are being stored in user?s mailboxes. For example, some users may forget to empty their Deleted Items or Junk Mail folder, which in the most extreme cases can amount to hundreds or even thousands of messages. Exclaimer Store Compressor can help you manage these and other items in your Exchange store more effectively.
06 May 2015

Image Compressor 5 by MasRizal & Partners

Image Compressor 5 is an award winning compression software that lets you compress your JPEG - digital photo file with barely noticeable quality loss. Image Compressor analyze each pixels and automatically adjust compression level to maintain picture quality. The result is a JPEG file with a very good image quality and smallest file size possible. As easy as zipping your files! Image Compressor 5 for Windows also provides image resizing tool, rotating, watermarking, and several effects mostly used by digital photography users. All compression and image processing can be done in batch mode. Features and Benefits + Save more photos in your hard drive and memory card, up to 10x more. Standard JPEG compatible, with very minimum quality loss you may not notice the difference. + Reduce upload, download and e-mail transmission time. Save more bandwidth. With up to 90% compression ratio, Image Compressor makes sure you photo can be viewed by others. + Make your photos compatible with popular websites instantly. Many photography, auction and networking websites limit the size of image that can be uploaded. Using Image Compressor's file size limiter, this can be achieved with a breeze. + Make your photo looks better in low resolution device. With high quality resize capability, your photos will looks good on gadgets such as digital photo frame, MP3 player with photo capability, cell phone and your TV set. + Protect your photo from illegal copying with Image Compressor's watermarking function. + Fix photo orientation. Convert from landscape to portrait and vice versa easily with image rotate function. + Process 1000 images in a single-click. Batch image processing simplify your boring task. + Image compression for photographers. Enhance photo quality with Image Compressor's special effect functions.
23 April 2015

MKV To AVI With Subtitle by DigitByte Studio

MKV To AVI With Subtitle can convert mkv with subtitle to avi file. It can recompress mkv file to avi with flexible video compressor and audio compressor such as DivX or XviD, multiplex or mux mkv and its subtitle together, select audio stream or track in the mkv file. It can convert other video formats MPEG, MPG, ASF, WMV, VCD, DAT to avi file also. It is necessary to install extra mkv codec so that the converter can work.
06 March 2015

123 Flash Compressor by Flash-Utility Software Technology Inc.,

123 Flash Compressor is a powerful Flash Optimization tool for you to reduce flash file size up to 70% without losing flash quality, so you can make your web page load faster, save your server bandwidth charges and disk space. It also works with Flash 3, 4, 5 and Flash MX. Key Features: (1)Revolutionary compression methods that allow to optimize SWF files to save up to 70% of their size (2)Easy to use interface with intellectual; (3)Works with Flash 3, 4, 5 and Flash MX; (4)Backup flash file before optimizing it; (5)Support Batch file compressing; (6)Speedly,reliability and without losing Flash quality; (7)Save your server disk space and bandwidth
24 February 2015

Image Compressor by Task Soft

GUI with clearly outlined steps for the proper preparation and preview of the compression procedure: (1) choose the quality level with a preview window (2) calculate the compression -> the amount of disk space saved by the compression procedure (3) once the settings are correct, compress the images. Choosing the quality level of the compressed Jpeg image, the level of compression can be optimised; a perfect balance between compression and quality level can be adjusted. For example, if you need to save only some disk space, a quality level of 100 (maximum quality) won't reduce much quality of a bitmap image. A sample test gives a compression of around 80%, which is already a 1:5 ratio. Reducing the quality level down to 50 gives a compression of 97.5%, which is a 1:40 ratio, with no or hardly any visible signs of image quality deterioration! Files converted include: BMP, PNG, PCX, PSD, TGA, TIF, JPG (compressed further). Replace option: specify whether the images to be compressed are replaced by the compressed image. This is a useful distinction, since the quality of the compressed images can first be previewed, before the original images are deleted manually. Subfolder option: Choose whether Image Compressor will scan through all subfolders as well as the current directory specified. Progress Bar: This displays the progress of either the compression calculation or the final compression procedure.
17 March 2015

Voxengo Crunchessor by Voxengo

Crunchessor is a general-purpose track compressor for professional audio production applications.One of its main advantages is the ease of tuning, which at the same time instantly delivers an excellent sonic performance.Another remarkable feature of Crunchessor is its valve-type processing, which is applied in parallel to compression.This makes Crunchessor an ideal choice for musicians and producers who are fond of analog compression sound and its warmness. Beside this, Crunchessor offers you a selection of compression coloration styles--by itself a pretty unique feature for a compressor.By choosing an appropriate coloration style, you can add the character most suitable for the sound material you are working with.As an option, you can disable both coloration and valve warming processing to get a neutral and clean compression sound. Crunchessor also accepts external side-chain source signals and allows you to filter key signal sources before they are used for compression. Being a general-purpose compressor, Crunchessor can be used for any kind of sound material: drums, vocals, bass, guitars, synth sounds, etc.Crunchessor can be suitable both for single track and whole mix processing.Full multi-channel operation is supported.
09 April 2015

IMEASequencer by IMEA

Easy to use, this new sequencer allows you to create your own music (House, Electro, Techno, Progressive ...). It comes with the plugins IMEA (Drums, Sampler, Synth, Chorus, Flanger, Reverb, Delay and Compressor), and is compatible with all VST plugins. Feel free to download the demo version for discover it. Sequencer: ? 16 Patterns per instrument. ? Tool to help you create patterns and to improvise drum solos live. ? Controls and external MIDI keyboard. ? Compatible with VST instruments. Morphing: ? The Morphing allows you to interpolate one or more settings of an instrument simultaneously. ? It acts on the plugin , effects and mixing parameters. ? Ability to control up to 4 morphings per instrument. Mixage: ? 4 effect sends and 2 inserts per instrument. ? Sampling rate of 44.1Khz to 192Khz. ? Saving the output mix in WAVE or MP3. ? Compatible with ASIO audio output drivers.
29 May 2015

DOLly by DOL Ltd

DOLly image converter/compressor for users and specialists. Special purpose is to introduce L* Data Compression Methods via appropriate L* files, as well as to take info or to make conversions among usual (BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF) files. File encryption/decryption is also available (see http://dol.vnurin.net/software.htm).
03 April 2015

Apple Compressor 4.1.3 for Final Cut Pro MAC cracked

Apple Compressor 4.1.3 for Final Cut Pro (MAC cracked) SIZE :?286 Mb Advanced Encoding for Final Cut Pro Intuitive interface - Compressor features a single-window layout, simplified icons, and a darker look to match Final Cut Pro and Motion. The dynamic Preview window shows results in real time as you prepare your footage for encoding. Scrub through video with frame-accurate timecode controls, trim media, and instantly see how effects and filters look when applied to your audio and video. Customizable settings in Final Cut Pro - Final Cut Pro lets you access the complete library of export settings available in Compressor. Customize any setting just by opening it in Compressor. After saving your changes to the setting, you can access it directly from the Destinations preference pane in Final Cut Pro. Streamlined workflow - Quickly execute common encoding tasks by selecting from a list of presets and destinations like iPhone, iPad, and video websites like YouTube and Vimeo. For more advanced exports, open the Inspector to access all custom controls in a single window. Custom Destinations - Destinations allow you to combine an encode setting with a post-encode action, which automates tasks such as emailing, copying, and moving files or executing a custom script. Industry-Standard Encoding Support Web sharing and disc burning - Upload files to popular video websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and CNN iReport. You can also choose from a set of menu templates to create basic Blu-ray discs and DVDs right from Compressor.* *Blu-ray recorder required for burning Blu-ray discs. Image sequence support - Import Targa, DPX, or Cineon image sequences and encode them to any Compressor setting. You can even include an audio track when you encode. Broad format support - Quickly set up encoding jobs for a broad range of industry-standard formats, including MPEG-2, H.264, and QuickTime. Or encode to ProRes for stunning quality at surprisingly small file sizes.
05 February 2015

ArtsAcoustic CL Series v1.0.19 Win Mac OS X

ArtsAcoustic CL Series v1.0.19 (Win / Mac OS X) | 114 MB The ArtsAcoustic CL Series is a bundle of 3 accurateley analog-modelled photoelectronic dynamic processors, nameley CL-1, CLMS-1 and CLMS-1 XL. They`re based on various analog optoelectronic diode tube compressor schematas used during the late 70`s up to the mid 80`s. There are several other compressor/limiters out in the plugin realm, so what was the reason for us to do dynamic plugins, too? The answer is simple: the sound. While a lot of compressor/limiters claim to give you the true analog sound, we think that there is still room for a lot of improvement. In short: in our opinion it`s not done by simply adding a bit of saturation at one place in the signal chain. There`s way more to it. ArtsAcoustic CL Series v1.0.19 (Win / Mac OS X) So what was the goal? Our destination was a dynamics processor suite that gives us what we precieve as true analog sound. Of course that`s subjective. But spending the last 25 years with every compressor we possibly could get our hands at, we felt that the sound, while certainly good on some plugins, still isn`t what we precieve as analog sound with strong character. So through the last 1 1/2 years we`ve dissected every rare analog high end compressor/limiter we own or could get our hands on (1176 silverplate, dbx 160, valleypeople dynamite, to name a few). Developing the compressors, we didn`t stop at just emulating the circuit structure, but we modeled the crucial parts of the units themself (such as transistors, resistors, capacitors, etc), where we felt it was necessary, as only then the desired effects take place. The result is an algorithm that provides the same sound of an analog circuit, along with all beautiful side effects we love from those old, colourful machines. Out of this algorithm the cl series came to life. It is our contribution to get truly musical, analog sound into your digital hosts. Features the mid/side
10 March 2015

Steinberg AiO 2010 MiCRO

Steinberg AiO 2010 MiCRO | 333.72 MB Steinberg.MiCRO.AiO.2010.08 -Runs on 100% Air. Click Here for Alternative Download Links includes: Cuabse 5.1.2 MiCRO v3_r33p -superslim DAW with all functions intact Wavelab MiCRO v2_r33p -superslim Editor with all functions intact Steinberg Nuendo 4.3.0 MiCRO_r33p -surround DAW with all functions intact VSt FX MEGAPACK 2010.08.xx v2_r33p -Latest plugins for the above apps VST FX MEGAPACK 2010.08_r33p Active Equalizer AMT Amp Leveling AMT Max Warm AMT Multi-Max Autotune Evo Bass Amp Room BlueVerb DRV-2080 British MCL-2269 British NEQ-1972 bx_digital V2 Mono bx_digital V2 bx_dynEQ Crystallizer D1 1ch D1 2ch D82 Sonic Maximizer Decapitator Detailer EchoBoy Effectrix
24 March 2015

Blue Cat's Dynamics by Blue Cat Audio

The most flexible dynamics processor on the market - Blue Cat's Dynamics is a complete dynamics effect processor: it can be used as a compressor, limiter, gate, expander or even distortion unit. You can manage the dynamics response of the plug-in with a unique two-thresholds system. The plug-in includes an input filter as well as a side chain filter, in order to control the frequencies affected by the compression. Its continuous VCA/Opto and Peak/RMS controls let you smoothly and precisely choose the behavior of the envelope detection like you have never been able to. A brick wall limiter/clipper has been added to the output for a complete control of the dynamics response. You can use this software as a real time side chain compressor as well, thanks to its unique MIDI CC & automation output. Side chaining has never been so easy, as you can see in our tutorial, and it even lets you trigger external hardware devices! It's also possible to trigger other effects according to the dynamics response, as shown here: you can build your own dynamics processing effect. The real time display of the detected envelope under the compression curve let you know what's exactly going on in the dynamics processor. You can also visualize what's been applied to your audio signal with the real time in/out envelopes display: there is no easier way to compare the input and output signals in real time. You can also record all this information as automation curves, so that it's possible to monitor the modifications applied to the signal on top of the audio signal representation in your favorite host. See our monitoring tutorial. All these features can be controlled from a user-friendly and skinnable user interface (customize it to your own needs!), or from any hardware/software MIDI controller. MIDI learn has not been forgotten so that MIDI setup is fast and reliable. The package includes a mono and a stereo version for optimal CPU usage.
17 March 2015


NEW CODECS DETECTOR. The Player Ceremu Suite is a sound player for WAV, AIF, AU, and MP3 audio files. It is also a movie player. Play DivX, AVI, MPEG1 and MPEG2, VOB, WMV, and DVD. Features an MP3 encoder, a ZIP compressor, a file encryptor, and a rapid launch menu. With Player CEREMU SUITE, you can save and load lists of files in the players, change backgrounds and colors in the sound player, etc. The DVD Player has all the standard features and much more.
25 February 2015

AudioD3CK ChopChop v1.5 Win Mac OS X

AudioD3CK ChopChop v1.5 (Win / Mac OS X) | 10.9 / 12.2 MB ChopChop's algorithm was originally designed to be reasonably clean while operating with a very fast attack time and classic peak detection. The result is a very flexible compressor with a distinct sound. ChopChop is best used when the compression is meant to be heard, but it can act as an invisible tool too! It offers a rich feature set presented on a very simple user interface, designed for a optimal workflow. Distinct features like the adjustable range knee or the release acceleration control distinguish it form other compressors. Lastly, its external side-chain allows ChopChop to duck tracks or tame fighting frequencies, which might come in handy at any time! Featuresexternal side chain linear domain compression for an old school sound high pass filter in side chain range control to limit amount of gain reduction range knee to alter character of compression range mid/side mode Link
17 February 2015

JPEG Imager by V-Methods Software

JPEG Imager is an interactive image compressor. It provides a real-time preview of a compressed image and handy means to compare it with original one. You can fiddle with various compression parameters and observe the effect of changes almost instantly. You can also specify a desired file size and let the program select the proper value of the quality parameter automatically. In short, JPEG Imager is perfect for Quality vs. File Size optimization. It may prove to be very useful if you need to optimize your images for publishing in the Web. Speaking about other features, JPEG Imager includes a set of basic image manipulation and enhancing operations such as Resample (resize), Crop, Rotation, Gamma correction, Levels adjustment and so on. There is also a cleaning tool for noise removing and, of course, the TWAIN support for image acquisition from scanners and digital cams. Working with JPEG Imager you can acquire, enhance and optimize your images not having to use any other programs. Besides, JPEG Imager has a simple built-in batch processor and thumbnail generator.
20 March 2015

eJay Dance 7 (ENG)

eJay Dance 7 (ENG) | 1.02 GB Creating a Dance hit never so much easier with eJay Dance 7! Over 5 Million eJay Products Sold Worldwide! eJay Dance is a great application to free your creativity, helping you to make your own themes, songs and mixes. If you're a fan of the most daceable music and you simply wish to allow the possibility, eJay Dance 7 will probably be your software. Due to its library with more than 5000 free samples that may be used, you can actually create any song, it doesn't matter if you prefer dance, house, techno, chill or trance. eJay Dance contains a multitrack mixer able to managing up to 48 tracks as well, so you'll be getting enough in your loops and samplers, won't you? If you don't have a clear idea, eJay Dance contains a sample song which could explain to you the proper structure as well as the easiest mode to generate any musical theme. All of this and more within an pleasing interface well designed which wil be loved due to the intuitivity and easyness. eJay's Dance offers 5,000 new royalty-free sounds (samples, loops, beats and patches), many effects (eg. echo, chorus, reverb, compressor), new instruments (eg. Sample Loop Player, Drum Machine, Poly Synth and Bass Synth) as well as a completely redesigned interface. Features * 5,000 royalty-free professional samples, loops, beats and patches. * 4 virtual instruments; Sample Loop Player, Drum Machine, Poly Synth and Bass Synth - switch between beginner and advanced mode as desired. * 6 high quality effects; echo, chorus, reverb, compressor, distortion and equalizer with the ability to add more. * Master Effects: offers the power to make a polished final mix. * Sample studio: professional audio editor to generate and modify samples. * Volume & Pan Curves: offers full mixing desk style treating each track. * Sample direct from CD or from any device associated with your sound card. * Auto Archive: automatically creates a backup of every song you can lay aside. * Burn your tracks to