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Ethernet lg r

09 April 2015

Serial to Ethernet Connector by Eltima Software

With Serial to Ethernet Connector you can share up to 255 serial devices over network turning your computer into a terminal server. With this serial over network solution any device connected to a COM port can be accessed and used from any spot on the globe as if it were physically connected to the local machine. The data sent by serial port device is transmitted over a TCP/IP network. This is achieved thanks to our virtual serial port technology that emulates standard COM ports behavior and Windows OS treats the virtual ports as the real ones. Although the ports are treated as physical you are not limited to the quantity of physical COM ports and can create COM port connections without occupying real serial ports. With Serial to Ethernet Connector you can: share serial port for incoming connections, connect the port to remote host, or share port using UDP connection. Starting from version 6.0 Serial to Ethernet Connector got absolutely new user interface for even easier creation and management of connections with latter conveniently visualized; possibility to set conditions for packets transmission for all connection types; possibility to add several remote computers for simultaneous UDP connection; and more.
16 March 2015

epb - Ethernet Package Bombardier by Matti Vaittinen

Epb is a SIMPLE tool, allowing one to send hand crafted ethernet packages, or to replay captured network data. Packages can be specified in human readable text file or libpcap, snoop or .cap files ( captured for example using wireshark, tcpdump, SUN's snoop sniffer, Microsoft's NetMon versions 1 and 2,...). No GUI offered, but also not many libraries needed. Furthermore understanding and customizing code is easy.Epb was originally intended to be used to test network implementations/rule configurations by sending handmade packages. File formats:epb supports two different plain text file formats in addition to mentioned capture files. Version 1 is simple and usable for sending one or many similar packages.Vesion 2 can be used to specify sequence of different packages. Version 1 Package is specified in text file, in format: : One item / row. Possible datatypes are:u8,i8,u16,i16,u32,i32,u64 and i64, meaning either signed (i) or unsigned (u) values.Numeric part of datatype tell the width of value in bits. A colon(:) is used to separate data type and value fields. Value is given as number, defaulting to base 10 integer. However, if value is prefixed with 0x, then it is interpreted as hexadecimal. Lines beginnign with hash (#) - mark are interpreted as comments. Version 2 has some additional fields in file. See man pages for more details. There is also a few example files in examplepackets directory. Epb also allows editing pcap and snoop capture files, by selecting packages based on ethernet header fields.
06 May 2015

Portable MicroXP 2011

Portable MicroXP 2011 | 563MB One of the smallest Windows XP. You can use 99% of the programs you always use. Includes the installation of the default XP, drivers for Ethernet / Sound / SCSI / RAID. All languages kept, except Chinese, Japanese and Korean. There is every keymap selection. Added Service Pack 3 Final. LAN network - Using the Map Network Drive and just put the computer name of the computer you want to talk. Digital cameras and scanners can now also be used. Installed software: Opera 2011 CCleaner NOD32 On-Demand scanner. Checksums: CRC32: 399B9718 MD5: 19E836667A696223779368DDFFFBC935 SHA-1: B3EA737DB785C9C697E08D87C14E49AD004DCE96 Download (Filesonic)
22 January 2015

iNetBau PlotManager by Ralph Meinel

PlotManager, PlotConverter and PlotViewer in one program! The iNetBau PlotManager is a program for the output, conversion and viewing of plot files in the HP-GL, HP-GL/2 and HP-RTL formats. The output of plot files is possible even on plotters that don't support the HP-GL protocol! In addition, you can send plot files directly to a plotter with this program (regardless whether the plotter is connected by LPT, USB or ethernet). The files don't need to be interpreted and will thus be plotted genuine, looking the way they were produced by the user.
22 May 2015

PCR Automation by PCRBOX

PCR Automation software,to manage the interfaces 1018, 1019, 1070 and 1072 of Phidgets. Download from PCRBOX: Interfaces connect either locally via USB or via Ethernet or Wi-Fi Internet. Supports 8 analog inputs, 8 digital inputs and 8 outputs. Configuration of each input / output (Label, NO / NF, counter, sensor type, sensitivity, offset ...). Log individually configurable input / output, sending the log by e-mail. This version allows you to test all the functions of the application.
05 May 2015

Windows 7 Drivers x32x64 (201012)

Windows 7 Drivers x32/x64 (2010/12) | 1.78 GB Package of all the workers at this time drivers for the operating system Windows Seven x86/x64 bits. All these drivers are for Vista and for the operating system Windows Seven as the operating system are very similar. But in the pack includes the driver only with the official support of the operating system Windows Seven. Build 08.January.2010 After installing Windows 7, you may need to download the latest Windows 7 drivers for some of the hardware in your PC. Since Windows 7 is a new operating system, manufacturers are now releasing Windows 7 drivers for their products. Updating to the latest Windows 7 drivers may help keep your PC running at its best. Compilation of all known at this time of drivers under the operating system Windows Seven x32/x64 bits. All these drivers are for Vista and for the operating system Windows Seven as the operating system are very similar. But the package included the driver only with the official support of the operating system Windows Seven. List of drivers: Audio (Audio) * Analog Devices SoundMAX HD Audio Windows 7 Driver - x32/x64 * C-Media CM106 - x32/x64 v.2111 * C-Media CM6501 - x32/x64 * C-Media CM8738 - x32/x64 * C-Media CM8768 - x32/x64 * C-Media CM8770 - x32/x64 * C-Media CM8787 - x32/x64 * C-Media CM8788 - x32/x64 * Conexant Hermosa HD Audio Windows 7 Driver v.4.98.9 - x32/x64 * Realtek HD Audio Driver R2.40 - x32/x64 * Realtek AC97 Audio Driver PG537 - x32/x64 * Realtek HDMI Audio Driver R2.39 - x32/x64 * VIA HD Audio Codec (VT1708B, VIA HD Audio Codec VT1702S, VIA HD Audio Codec VT1708S) v.7.30a - x32/x64 Video (Video) * AMD / ATI Catalyst 10.6 Desktop WHQL x32 * AMD / ATI Catalyst 10.6 Desktop WHQL x64 * AMD / ATI Catalyst 10.6 Mobility WHQL x32 * AMD / ATI Catalyst 10.6 Mobility WHQL x64 * AMD / ATI Catalyst 10.2 OLD GRAPHIC CARDS WHQL - x32/x64 * Intel Graphics Driver (G41; G43; G45; Q43; Q45; GL40; GS40; GM45; GS45) v.15.16.6-x32/x64 * Intel Graphics
09 January 2015

Learn TCPIP Addressing Subnetting DNS Video Tutorials [ISO]

Learn TCP/IP Addressing Subnetting DNS Video Tutorials [ISO] ISO | 669 MB -A TCP/IP and Networking Protocols Education Series -A place to learn IP, TCP, Ethernet, IP Addressing, Subnetting, DNS, and the OSI Model -A Lecture-based Educational Course on IP Addressing and Subnetting. * How the OSI Model Works -A Lecture-Based Presentation on How the OSI Model Works * How TCP/IP (Networking) Works ™ -A Lecture-Based Presentation on How TCP/IP Networking Works! * How The Internet Runs™ -A Lecture-Based Presentation on How the Networks of the World Interconnect to Create the Internet! * How DNS Works™ -A Lecture-Based Presentation on How the Domain Naming System Works! -Subnetting Section Helper
13 February 2015

Port Locker (Complete Data Leak Prevention) by Unistal System Pvt. Ltd.

Lock Flash drive, DVD/CD writers, PCMCIA ports, Ethernet ports, Printer ports, Infrared ports and Bluetooth port. Options to open single or multiple ports with authorized password. Block ports to prevent unauthorized access. Block ports when PC is idle. Special feature of Print Screen Locking Block ports in scheduled duration. File Transfer Log shows the detail reports of files added, removed and renamed to and from USB mass storage device. Feature of USB Read Only makes any USB mass storage device read only. E-mail Filtering log shows the complete report of filtered and blocked Emails of the MS Outlook client. Unique feature of White listing the authorized USB by using unique hardware ID of the device. Alert, if any one tries to use the Locked Ports.
20 May 2015

iAtkos S3 10.6.3 Ver.2 (Intel Only)

iAtkos S3 10.6.3 Ver.2 (Intel Only) | 4.38 Gb Year: 2010 Version: 10.6.3 Platform: Intel only Language: English + Russian Tabletka: Not required Size: 4.38 Gb System requirements: Minimum: - Intel support SSE2/SSE3 - 512 MB RAM - 128 MB Graphics Card - 15 GB of free disk space Recommended: - Processor Intel Core - 1 GB RAM - 15 GB of free disk space - SnowLeo-compatible nVidia 6600 or higher / ATI X1300 or higher / Intel GMA 950 or X3100 graphics card. List of changes from S3 to version 2 S3: - IOATA and RTC frightening problem for about 945 and 965 backplanes settled. - 32-bit package RTC added for those problematic backplanes. - AppleIntelPIIXATA Non-AHCI SATA driver, which supports 6 ports added. - Language packs updated to the 10.6.3 versions, as they were on 10.6.0 and they caused some annoying bugs, so they are well be good modernization since that time (except for the Turkish language, which is not supported Apple). - VoodooHDA upgraded from 0.2.2 to - Intel Pro V100 ethernet driver updated. Now this - 64/32 and work well. - Marvell 88E8038 ethernet support added. - Utility Kext updated to 2.4.2 versions that work better.
16 February 2015

OpenMeetings 1.3 RC1 3264 (2010)

OpenMeetings 1.3 RC1 3264 (2010) | 956 Mb OpenMeetings - open-source project web-video conferencing. Multi-platform, with support for multiple languages. No customer enough web-browser. This release is ready for deployment and represents. HDD image for VirtualBox. Released: 2010 Version: 1.3 RC1 3264 Language: English Medicine: Not required Size: 956 Mb Just install the VirtualBox, create a virtual machine, make a network adapter (Ethernet Bridge) and as a hard disk indicate unpacked from the archive image. Start. If you are using a DHCP server, the machine will receive an address automatically and be ready for use. Otherwise, you want to specify IP-address manually. Entrance to the conference _http://Ip_address:5080/openmeetings/ As a bonus - the installation process step by step in pictures. Passwords: Debian - root / root user / user MySql - root / root to the conference itself - admin / admin
13 January 2015

NetTraffic by Patrice Zwenger

NetTraffic allows you to view and to be informed of download speed and upload speed in real time. Select a Network Interface Card (by eg. Fast Ethernet Card, Wireless Card...), and instantly it displays the network traffic (graphic bars and animated icon if you choose this option). The Options button opens NetTraffic options: run at Windows startup; bars/icon scale; max values; refresh time; you can display the speeds in window title. With the System Tray option, balloon tips appear in the taskbar tray; you can choose the condition to display the message (e.g. if download speed >= 1000 KB/s). This version fixes a graphic bug; adds a Run at Windows startup option and adds a autosave settings file. This program works with all version of Windows except Windows 98 and Windows Me. If your system is Windows XP or older, it requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher.
22 January 2015

Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool by Northwest Performance Software, Inc.

The Managed Switch Port Mapping tool communicates with a managed ethernet switch using SNMPv1/v2c and maps the physical port connections to MAC and IP addresses of the attached devices. Capable of mapping many different brands and models of managed switches. Saves technicians time mapping out the physical layout of your network by helping identify network devices attached to the physical switch ports. Shows multiple downstream devices connected by hubs or other switches. Shows VLAN assignment, port status, speed, duplex, bytes in/out, connected device interface manufacturer, interface bandwidth utilization and more. Shows Spanning Tree Protocol status and root information. Reports Microsoft and VMWare virtual operating systems attached to ports. Spreadsheet format results can be printed in color and searched for text strings. Export results to XML or tab delimited text. The XML file can be directly opened by Microsoft Excel XP/2003/2007 or OpenOffice Calc. Results can be saved and reloaded for later review. Switch and device 'configurations' including IPs and community names are automatically saved in an SQLite database and can be loaded for rapid change between multiple switches. No need to re-enter switch information.
19 May 2015

Connectify Hotspot & Dispatch Pro

Connectify Hotspot & Dispatch Pro | 8 Mb Connectify Hotspot PRO is an easy to use software router for your Windows computer that lets you transform your laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot so you can share a single Internet connection such as wired ethernet, a 3 or 4G card or adapter, even another Wi-Fi network with your friends, co-workers, and mobile devices. With Connectify Hotspot PRO, you can turn your Windows computer into a real Wi-Fi hotspot that shares that single 3G/4G connection with any other Wi-Fi enabled devices. You will maximize the value of your 3G/4G card and get all your peripherals online at the same time! Easily Connect All your Devices to WiFi Connectify Hotspot makes all your devices happy. Share the WiFi from your laptop with your smartphone, tablet, media player, e-reader, other laptops, and even your nearby friends. Avoid Overcharges for Costly Connections Stuck at a hotel that charges for Internet per device? With Connectify Hotspot, join the WiFi, start a hotspot, and get all of your devices online for the price of one. Share 3G, 4G, and Tethered Connections over WiFi PRO Got a 3G or 4G USB adapter or a tethering plan for your mobile phone? Connectify Hotspot PRO works with any Internet connection to keep all your devices online wherever you go. Boost your WiFi Range PRO Connectify Hotspot PRO can even re broadcast an existing WiFi signal, extending service to a hard-to-reach basement or bedroom all without the need for expensive hardware. Setup in Seconds Easy to Use Connectify Hotspot will have your devices online in seconds. See how easy it really is. Unlock the Powerful Features of Connectify Hotspot PRO - Remove the 90 minute shut-off timer and run your hotspot 24/7 - Easily share your mobile broadband connection with other devices over WiFi - Remove the Connectify prefix and name your hotspot whatever you want - Extend the range of your existing WiFi network with just a few clicks Your Computer Just Learned How to Add
11 March 2015

Capsa Network Analyzer by Colasoft LLC

Capsa is an easy-to-use Ethernet packet sniffer (network analyzer or network sniffer) for network monitoring and troubleshooting purposes. It performs real-time packet capturing, 24/7 network monitoring, reliable network forensics, advanced protocol analyzing, in-depth packet decoding, and automatic expert diagnosing. By giving you insights into all of your network's operations, Capsa makes it easy to isolate and solve network problems, identify network bottleneck and bandwidth use, and detect network vulnerabilities. Key features of Capsa include: - Improved network analysis experience that users are able to control from capture source, filter, to network profile and analysis objectives. - Record network Profile, set your analysis objective and perform customized analysis that boost working efficiency. - Customize dozens of alarm trigger combinations. - Import multiple packet files and replay the packet flow. - Capture and save data transmitted over local networks and conduct both real-time and post-event analysis. - Identify and analyze more than 300 network protocols, as well as network applications based on the protocols. - Monitor network bandwidth and usage by capturing data packets transmitted over the network and providing summary and decoding information about these packets. - View network statistics at a single glance, allowing easy capture & interpretation of network utilization. - Intuitive TCP Timing Sequence. - WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Packet Filter - Dynamically display the logistical packet filtering chart instantly. - Diagnose and repair network problems in seconds by detecting and locating suspicious hosts. - Map out the details, including traffic, IP & MAC address, of each host on the network. - Your Own editable Dashboard, Important Parameters in One Place and in Graphs. - Enhanced, Customizable Report.
02 February 2015

Gateway Profile 5 Driver Restore CD

Gateway Profile 5 Driver Restore CD Gateway Profile 5 Driver Restore CD | 684 MB Genre: Driver This is an automated Profile 5.5 Windows 7 drivers recovery cd. The Profile 5.5 drivers are supplied in a special windows friendly format. This means that your Gateway Profile 5.5 Windows 7 Desktop will automatically find and install all the drivers for your system, with hardly any user interaction. If you have installed a new windows operating system and half of your Desktop just wont work (with errors like no sound no internet or bad graphics) then this is exactly what this CD has been designed to fix repair. You can also use this CD Disk If you just need to return your software broken Desktop back to the factory setup. There are also a lot of utilities and resources on this cd that you would of found on your Desktop when it was new in its original new condition. Normally you would need to independently download and install each driver and often enough it will be the wrong one! If you already have other drivers installed it can get very over complicated with device drivers not loading showing errors (like code 10 device cannot start) To make matters worse you end up with allot of older and newer revisions of driver too. With this driver recovery system all you need to do is wait until the Desktop can not find the device driver it is looking for and put this CD DVD in. Sometimes you may need to select the DVD CD as the location for your driver. That really is all there is to it. Works every time! Guaranteed! THIS CD DOES NOT CONTAIN AN OPERATING SYSTEM! YOU WILL NEED TO INSTALL WINDOWS FIRST OR USE IT IN AN EXISTING INSTALL. This CD DVD contains every driver you need for your Gateway Profile 5.5 Windows 7 Desktop. You are buying an automatic system that installs every driver onto your system with minimal user knowledge and interaction. This recovery disk includes much of the original factory software and utilities. THIS RECOVERY CD RESTORE DISKS IS DESIGNED
10 April 2015

Boot Camp Update 3.2 for Windows 32 bit64 bit - Mac OS X

Boot Camp Update 3.2 for Windows 32 bit/64 bit - Mac OS X | 400MB Boot Camp is software included with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard that lets you run compatible versions of Microsoft Windows on an Intel-based Mac. This update adds support for the ATI-Radeon HD 5870 graphics card, Apple USB Ethernet Adapter, MacBook Air SuperDrive, and addresses critical bug fixes. This update is highly recommended for all Boot Camp 3.1 users. If you have an Intel-based Mac and there's a PC application you need to use, you can run it using Boot Camp. You'll need to provide an authentic copy of Microsoft Windows but Boot Camp is included in Mac OS X Snow Leopard. System Requirements System requirements for Windows XP and Windows Vista To use Boot Camp with Windows XP or Vista and Mac OS X v10.5 or later, you need the following: * An Intel-based Mac * A Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard or v10.6 Snow Leopard installation disc. This can be either a Mac OS X disc included with a purchased copy, or a Mac OS X Install Disc 1 from a Mac that had Mac OS X preinstalled * A USB keyboard and mouse, or a built-in keyboard and trackpad. Important: You should use the keyboard and mouse that shipped with your Mac, or a built-in trackpad. * At least 10 GB of free space on the disk you’re installing on (for Windows and Windows-based applications) * Boot Camp Assistant, which is installed in /Applications/Utilities/ You will also need one of the following Microsoft Windows discs: * An authentic, 32-bit Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition or Professional with Service Pack 2 or Service Pack 3 disc * An authentic, 32-bit Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, or Ultimate disc * With some Mac Pro or MacBook Pro computers, an authentic, 64-bit Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, or Ultimate disc See Boot Camp 2.0: Which versions of Microsoft Windows are supported? for more information. Important: For a Windows XP installation, your Microsoft Windows XP
11 March 2015

WebClientPrint for ASP.NET by Neodynamic

WebClientPrint is a plugin-free solution for Raw Printing scenarios for Windows clients, exclusively designed for ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC. With WebClientPrint, you can easily send raw data, text and native commands to printers installed at the client machine without displaying any print dialog box! It supports: Thermal Label Barcode, POS receipt, RFID, Dot-Matrix, Kiosk, ID Card, Laser, Inkjet. Printers Connectivity support: installed Windows printers (for USB connection), Shared Printers on the client machine network with a UNC name/path, printers connected to Parallel Port (e.g. LPT1) Centronics or Serial Port RS-232 (e.g. COM1) as well as IP/Ethernet Network printers. Send any Printer Command Language! Most known like ESC/P, PCL, PostScript, ZPL, EPL, IPL, DPL, EZPL, ZGL, SBPL, RCL WPL, CLP, IBM Proprinter, CPL, Dymo ESC codes, SPL, TCPL, TSPL-EZ, DASCOM. You can also use WebClientPrint solution to send and print common file formats like PDF, TXT, DOC, XLS, JPG, PNG, TIFF (Multipage), and so on.
23 March 2015

TrainSignal Cisco CCNET 640-822 DVD

TrainSignal Cisco CCNET 640-822 | ISO | 5.36Gb Genre: eLearning Over 15 hours of expert instruction with real world examples of Cisco Networking help you deploy and manage your first Cisco Network. Mastering Networking Fundamentals has never been more fun: OSI model, IP addressing, routing and switching, security, wireless, WAN, IOS devices, configuring RIPv2, implementing NAT and DHCP and much more! Acquiring your CCNA certification can be challenging. Cisco recognizes this and has responded with a 2-step solution. By essentially splitting the CCNA into 2 exams (CCENT & ICND2), you can give your brain a break and achieve your goals at your own pace. This course focuses on complete coverage of the CCENT exam. Video 1 Introduction to Networking and the Networking Models To familiarize you with the CCNA and CCENT, explain what you can expect from the course, and cover exam preparation information. I also cover the theory needed for the exam, to accelerate Cisco networking career and for troubleshooting experience * What is A Network? * The OSI Model * The Data Transmission Process * The TCP/IP Model * Why Use Networking Models * TCP And UDP - Part 1 * TCP And UDP - Part 2 * Ports * Sockets * Port Numbers Video 2 Ethernet Standards and Cable Types The CCENT Exam will Hammer You with Questions About Ethernet... so this course breaks down everything you need to know about cable types. This is also crucial for setting up and running a network in the real world. * The Need For And Operation of CSMA/CD * Ethernet Types And Standards * Pins And Transmissions * Crosstalk * Cable Types * Ethernet Addressing * Intro to WAN Cabling and a Cable Type Review Video 3 Switching I Explain How (and WHY) Switches Work... in theory, for real world application and for the exam. * Repeaters, Hubs and Bridges * Building the MAC Table * Flood, Filter or Forward? * Frame Processing Methods * Virtual LANs * Cisco Three-Layer Switching Model * Introduction to STP * Basic Switch