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Copy data from table to table in sqlite

24 April 2015

PL Table by ChemTable Software

This Periodic Table is an excellent tool for both students and serious researchers. It has over 20 types of data on each element and all known isotopes in customizable, user-expandable tables. All sixteen numeric data types (plus any user-added data) can be corelated in particle or line graphs. Includes a powerful chemical equation balancer that can solve the most complex organic reactions and calculate molecular weights and amounts of reagents
04 May 2015

JenaSoft DatAdmin Ultimate v4.0.3

JenaSoft DatAdmin Ultimate v4.0.3 | 5.4 MB DatAdmin is a database administration tool that allows working with MySQL, MS SQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL and MS Access databases. Its design is primarily focused on easy usage and thanks to the modularity and flexibility of the tool, it can be from functionality standpoint compared to single-database focused programs. Functionality Database connection Connection using native ADO.NET, ODBC, OLE DB drivers. Native support for Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Postgre SQL, SQLite, MS Access. PHP-tunnel function for connection to MySQL without direct access to the database server. Database management Tables, keys, indexes and references creation and editing. Database object management (views, procedures, functions, schemas, triggers). Support for specific database objects compatible with MySQL versions 4.x, 5.x, MS SQL 2000, 2005, 2008. View and edit data Table data editor with handy functions such as paging, filtering, searching, generating SQL for data row (UPDATE, INSERT, etc.). Display other table references, automatic master/detail views. Backups, exports, imports Database backup, export and import. Table data export/import from/into formats including CSV, TXT, HTML, XML, Excel etc. Command line support. Scheduling. Table copying by drag & drop also between different servers. Database design and comparison Database model and table structure editing. Database diagrams. Synchronization with real database. Database schema comparison. SQL Editor Graphic query design, syntax highlighting. SQL query management New version 4.0.0 Today, 2010/09/19 was released new major version, 4.0.0. DatAdmin has a bit changed businnes model. Now it contains of: DatAdmin platform - free DatAdmin Personal Tools - free DatAdmin Professional Tools - commercial DatAdmin Database Versioning - commercial DatAdmin Data Synchronize - commercial Product DatAdmin Ultimate was removed from our portfolio, as it is hard to define target user. Also some new
20 January 2015

The New Yankee Workshop - The Pier Table

The New Yankee Workshop - The Pier Table English | DVDRip | avi | 640 x 480 | 29.97 fps | DX50 1001 kbps | PCM 1536 Kbps | 450MB Genre: Video Training A pier table is a small table that is meant to be located between two windows. Norm finds a beautiful example of one at GKS Bush Antiques on Nantucket, Massachusetts. Made of poplar and beautifully painted with classic designs and a faux marble top, the original is stunning. Norm builds a copy and has it painted to match the original. ScreenShot
25 February 2015

Access Data Recovery by Access Data Recovery

Have you lost your important MS Access Database? And you really want to get this database again? Get Access Database Recovery software & scan corrupted ms access database file & restore working copy of MS Access database. Access file recovery software uses more advanced & powerful mdb recovery techniques to repair access files & recover mdb database with all Access objects such as table structure, table data, primary key, foreign key, auto numbering, queries, macro etc. Corrupt Access database Repair to Fix MDB file and repair password protected MS Access or mdb files is a superlative Access Database Repair Tool. You can get the free demo of the software from our different sites. Trial version helps you in analysis the working of the software. Purchase the license version of Access Database Repair software at $69 for full benefit of the software.
06 January 2015

Simple Periodic Table by Chemiasoft

Simple Periodic Table is a virtual and simplified version of the well-known periodic table that is considered the basis of chemistry. This software will come in handy to a wide range of people, including students, teachers and even chemists.
09 February 2015

SQLite Expert Professional 2.4.45

SQLite Expert Professional 2.4.45 | 22.5 MB SQLite Expert Professional - a powerful visual tool that allows you to easily work with databases SQLite3. Contains effective data management tools. Provides all the necessary tools to work: viewing, creating, editing, copying, deleting, export objects, *** management database, management functions and procedures. The program has simple and intuitive graphical interface. Features: Edit and view tables Easy to rebuild the fields, indexes, triggers without losing data in the table Construction of SQL scripts and generate views visually using Query Builder tool built Create SQLite3 databases, view and change database parameters, check database integrity Easy transfer of data between SQLite databases Import and export data from SQL scripts or ADO data sources Display and edit data in the grid, including BLOB and image fields Supported file formats BMP, JPG and PNG to display in the graphics field Execute SQL queries and display results in grid or text SQLite Expert Professional is a powerful visual tool that enables you to easily administer your SQLite3 databases and gain significantly better visibility into how your databases are operating rlt. SQLite Expert integrates database management and maintenance into a single, seamless environment, with a clear and intuitive graphical user interface. Features and Benefits By using SQLite Expert you will be able to: • Edit tables and views visually, without writing a line of SQL. Easily restructure fields, indexes, constraints, triggers without losing data already existing in the tables. • Build SQL scripts and generate views visually using the integrated Query Builder. • Create SQLite3 databases, view and change database parameters, check database integrity and vacuum (compact) databases. • Easily transfer data between SQLite databases, import data from SQL scripts or ADO data sources, or export to SQL scripts. • Display and edit data in the grid, including BLOB
05 May 2015

Table Tennis Deluxe (ENG) with keygen

3-dimensional simulation of table tennis with the ability to pick up a partner with the appropriate skill level. About game: Sufficiently comfortable control, good graphics, lots of tables and room to play. Title: Table Tennis Deluxe (ENG) with keygen Genre: Sport, tennis, arcade. Platform: PC Language: English Publication Type: License Crack: keygen included File Size: 8 mb System requirements: Minimal Download Table Tennis Deluxe (ENG) with keygen:
19 February 2015

The New Yankee Workshop - Table Saw 101 - Part 1 & 2

The New Yankee Workshop - Table Saw 101 - Part 1 & 2 English | DVDRip | avi | 720 x 480 | 29.97 fps | MPEG2 8500 kbps | MPEG 224 Kbps | 2007 | 700MB+700MB Genre: Video Training As with his previous programs dedicated to a single tool, Norm takes viewers on a special two-part program that explores the usefulness of the table saw. He begins by showing various table saws and what they can do and goes on to describe and demonstrate adjustments to make them more accurate. In the first program, he concentrates on the most common task a table saw will be asked to do—ripping. Norm discusses how to do it safely and accurately. He demonstrates his technique for cutting large panels and shows a safe way to handle narrow stock. He completes show number one by building an ingenious “out feed” table—so clever every saw owner will want one. In the second part of Table Saw 101, Norm goes on to demonstrate dadoing, setting up stacked dado cutters, the making of rabbets, and the building of a sacrificial fence. Then he turns to evaluating miter gauges and shows how they may be used to make precision miters. He demonstrates the process of making accurate tenons with a factory-built jig. In the same program, he builds a cross cut sled and a stop block that extends any table saw’s potential. Measured drawings are not available for this project. ScreenShot
09 April 2015

Create Excel table in AutoCAD 2009 by CADAddOn.com

AutoXlsTable 3.0 is a higher version against 2.53. AutoXlsTable fully integrates Excel into AutoCAD/Microstation/IntelliCAD. It can create table in AutoCAD/Microstation/IntelliCAD or import Excel spreadsheet into those CAD environment. You can edit the imported table and keep it updated to original Excel spreadsheet. Besides, you can perform block/area/length real-time calculation.Great for creating BOM & Schedule. Key Features Create table in AutoCAD/MicroStation/IntelliCAD with Excel - Import Excel spreadsheet into AutoCAD/MicroStation/IntelliCAD - Update table to its original Excel spreadsheet - What you see in Excel is what you get in AutoCAD/MicroStation/IntelliCAD - Override Excel text style/size/color with that of AutoCAD/MicroStation/IntelliCAD Calculation - Block quantity calculation - Area/length calculation BOM/Schedule
07 May 2015

Navicat Premium (Cross-database Admin Tools for MySQL, SQLite, SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL) for Mac OS X by PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.

Navicat Premium is an ideal solution for MySQL, SQLite, SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL administration and development. This is an all-inclusive database front end provides a powerful graphical interface for databases management and maintenance. Easy installation and intuitive interface make it an irreplaceable tool for MySQL, SQLite, SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL on the web or your local desktop. With different connection established, Navicat Premium is an ALL-IN-ONE application to manage MySQL, SQLite, SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL databases on your Mac OS X. It lets you transfer data between MySQL, SQLite, SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL and run Batch job for different databases at a specific time. Other features include Import/ Export Wizard, Query Builder, Report Builder, Data Synchronization, Backup, Job Scheduler and more. Navicat Premium also supports to import data from ODBC, batch job scheduling (create schedule for Import/Export, Data Transfer and saved queries), printing of table structure. It also includes a full featured graphical manager for setting the users and access privileges. Navicat version 9.1 supports Microsoft SQL Server (2000 to 2008R2), PostgreSQL Server 9.0, MySQL Server 5.5, cross data transfer between SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQLite. Navicat is the number 1 MySQL database administration shareware in Download.com with over 2,000,000 downloads.Some of the users including Sony Music, Intel, Kodak, FedEx, KPMG Consulting, Ericsson, Siemens AG, Yahoo!, NTT DoCoMo (Japan), Hitachi (Japan), Imation, Lexmark, Cisco Systems, RSA Security, Avis (Europe), U.S. Department of Energy, UPS, Disney, Oxford University, Harvard University, NASA Space Flight Center, MIT, Michigan State University, University of Michigan, ...Navicat delivers a personal experience, simplifying the way you work. The program is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and supports multiple languages.
03 April 2015

Table2Text by DB Software Laboratory

Command line utility Exports data from any table via ODBC into text file . Great performance - thousands of records per second. Usage example: table2text.exe DSN=odbcdsn;USER=username;PASSWORD=password;TABLE=table_name;FILE=c:test.csv
17 April 2015

Periodic Table Flash Cards by mySoftwareFactory.net

Need to learn the names of the elements fast? PeriodicTable FlashCards can help!Periodic Table Flash Cards is designed to help you learn the elements.Learn the names and symbols of each element from Hydrogen to Ununoctium!Flash Cards has always been a great way to learn - and it can be fun too!Simply start Periodic Table Flash Cards and away you go!
30 April 2015

BLOB Statistics by UnifiedDBTools Software

What do you know about your BLOB data? BLOB Statistics is a tool for collecting, viewing and analyzing information about stored BLOB data. With BLOB Statistics, you can determine the number of images, office documents, sounds, videos (etc.) stored in your Database (or Warehouse), how much space is used, what is the minimum, average and maximum size of data, etc. Key Features: -Automatically determines database BLOB objects and creates statistics for them -Recognizes most popular data formats -Generates statistics for the entire database, for each table, for data formats -Produces reports with drill-down details -Supports ODBC and desktop Databases BLOB Statistics supports the following reports: 1. Database Summary Report - The Summary Report contains summary information about BLOBs for the entire database. 2.Table Summary Report - The Table Summary Report contains summary information for each table. 3. Format Summary Report - The Format Summary Report includes information on all recognized formats. 4. Formats by Tables Report - This report allows you to determine which formats are used in each particular table. 5. Tables by Formats Report - This report allows you to determine in which tables each particular format is used. 6. Database: Recognized/Unrecognized Data - This report allows you to compare the properties of recognized and unrecognized data for the entire database. 7. Tables: Recognized/Unrecognized Data - This report allows you to compare the properties of recognized and unrecognized data for each table. Download your free demo version now!
09 April 2015

Dhaatu: The Periodic Table of Elements by Dhaatu

Get vast information regarding all the elements of the modern Periodic Table. Download this one and you?ll never find yourself short of information about the elements that make this universe. This Periodic Table contains the following information about the 116 elements known to man. * Name * Symbol * Atomic Number * Atomic Weight * 1st Ionization potential * 2nd Ionization potential * Electronegativity * Atomic Radius * Boiling Point * Melting Point * Electronic configuration * Density * Discoverer * Year of discovery * Link to the wikipedia page Also available * Print your Periodic Table * Molecular Weight Calculator * Custom Graphs * Custom Search * Periodic Table Wallpaper * Individual Notes * Chemical Properties and applications of each of the 116 elements and much more... All in all, information at your fingertips.
18 March 2015

Periodic Table of the Elements by Andrey Aleksanyants

Periodic table of the elements showing main properties of each atomic element: Atomic weight, Element category, Atomic number, Melting point (in C and F), Boiling point (in C and F), Valence, Electron configuration, Phase, Density.
18 May 2015

CBT Nuggets - The SQL Language On the Job Training (Repost).

CBT Nuggets - The SQL Language On the Job Training (Repost) English | WMV | 800x600 | WMV1 71.7Kbps | WMA2 48.0Kbps | 530 MB Genre: Training Regardless of which database platform you use -- Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and more -- learning industry-standard SQL query syntax will give your database efforts a real boost. This Don Jones training shows you how to write simple and complex queries in industry-standard SQL syntax, adapt syntax to vendor-specific SQL variants, defend against attacks like SQL injection, understand and optimize database designs, and even help optimize query performance through indexing. What You'll Learn * Video 1: Introduction|08:23 Overview of the series, what variations of SQL this series works with * Video 2: Database and Querying Concepts and Overview|20:29 Terminology, ANSI standards, what is null, default values, auto-incrementing columns * Video 3: SELECT: The Basics|21:01 Querying data, selecting columns, basic filtering, basic sorting * Video 4: Filtering Data with WHERE|20:19 Comparison operators, IN and BETWEEN operators, Boolean operators, IS operator, string and date delimiters, special functions like SOUNDEX and DIFFERENCE * Video 5: SELECT: Using Functions|19:32 How to use common functions in the SELECT statement * Video 6: SELECT: Aggregates, GROUP BY, and HAVING|22:09 Aggregate/set functions, COUNT, MAX, MIN, SUM, AVG, and so on, GROUP BY and HAVING clauses * Video 7: SELECT: Advanced Tricks|26:52 TOP/LIMIT, sub-queries, table and column aliasing, DISTINCT, CASTing data types * Video 8: INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE Queries|18:04 Adding data, deleting data, and changing data; using SELECT in an INSERT, using TOP/LIMIT and WHERE * Video 9: SELECT: Multiple Tables|18:27 CROSS JOIN, NATURAL JOIN, INNER JOIN, and OUTER JOINs * Video 10: SELECT: Advanced MUlti-Table Queries|16:19 UNION operator, UNION JOIN, INTERSECT and EXCEPT operators * Video 11: Common SQL Functions|18:02 Numeric functions,
12 January 2015

Bubble Snooker by Absolutist.com

Bubble Snooker is a game that combines the best features of Bubble Shooter, Pool, and Arcanoid. Your task is to remove the balls from the pool-table by shooting at them with the balls of definite color and combining together 3 or more balls of the same color. If the shot was unsuccessful, additional balls appear on the hexagonal net following the rules of John Conway's Game of Life. The balls that do not have neighboring balls (single balls) are removed from the table. When all the balls are removed you go to the next level. If the balls of the definite color are removed from the table, this color will not appear again on this level. The game is over if one or more balls touch on the lower edge of the table. In case the shooting ball strikes against the lower edge of the table, the colors of the balls on the field are substituted for accidental colors (including already removed colors). On the right there is a cue which serves as the indicator of the power of shot: the more it is pulled out upwards the stronger the shot is and the farther the shooting ball gets between the balls. For every removed ball you get 1 point on the 1st level, 2 points on the 2nd level and so on. Be very attentive and do not leave the islets of balls close to the lower edge of the table because after 2 or 3 misses the islets can grow and some ball will touch on the lower edge of the table (that will lead to the end of the game). The winning strategy is to play from the cusions not letting the balls fill in the whole table. Try to remove at least one color from the very first shots. Do your best to make the winning combination (2 or more balls of a definite colors together) for all colors be available at all times. Good luck!
01 June 2015

The New Yankee Workshop - The Dining Table

The New Yankee Workshop -The Dining Table English | DVDRip | avi | 640 x 480 | 29.97 fps | DX50 3599 kbps | PCM 1536 Kbps | 650MB Genre: Video Training Norm visits an antique dealer who commissions reproduction English antique furniture for his shop on Nantucket, Massachusetts. At the shop Norm finds an extension table, which should be perfect for “dinner for 10 or more and yet collapses down to 6 feet for non-feast days. Norm makes his own out of mahogany with an elegant two-leaved top that sits on a pair of Queen Anne period pedestals giving diners ample legroom under the table. ScreenShot