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Civil work work order template

12 May 2015

Work Schedule Template With Shifts and Labor Costs by Business Management Systems

An Excel scheduling template designed to let you create and print a weekly work schedule for up to 20 employees and 9 shifts. Work hours and labor costs are automatically computed based on shift assignments and hourly rates. The template's 3-tab system lets you configure the worksheets to match your operations.Use the Employees worksheet tab to enter employee names and labor rates.Shifts and shift durations are defined in the Shifts tab.The Schedule tab displays a weekly table that clearly shows days and shifts worked by each employee.To assign a shift to an employee, click on the corresponding schedule cell and pick a shift from the drop-down list.
03 April 2015

Civil War Quotes, Notes, and Facts by NELLA_WARE

Full of quotes, notes, and facts of the Civil War. Has Text-To-Speech technology, this software talks and will read the Civil War information to you in a human-sounding computer generated voice. Learn about the Civil War. View Civil War pictures. Has three entire books about the Civil War. Easily transfer the Civil War information to documents in other software. You can read, listen to, or print out the Civil War quotes, notes, facts, and librarybooks. Read and listen to information about Abraham Lincoln, U.S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, William Tecumseh Sherman, Thomas Jonathan Stonewall Jackson, Frederick Douglass, the common soldiers, the citizens, Billy Yank, Johnny Reb, the generals and officers, the politicians, Gettysburg, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, First and Second Bull Run, Alexander Stephens, the Confederacy, African-American Union soldiers, slaves, Civil War equipment, and lots, lots more. This software will help you to learn about this amazingtime in United States history. Civil War pictures are shown along with the quotes, or notes and facts. Something for everybody is included, whether you are a Civil War buff and student of many battles, or a new recruit starting out on your first Civil War learning campaign. Find out what the people of the Civil War said and did. Read about the concerns, fears, experiences, and problems of the every-day Yankee or Rebel. Read about the famous battles from the words of those who fought in them. Uses Microsoft Agent Technology. Through an animated character (Merlin - the Civil War Reading Wizard) who speaks to you in a human-sounding computer generated voice, you can listen as the text of the Civil War quotes, notes and facts, or Library books is read to you.
03 March 2015

FileRow Soft Archive by SoftArch

FileRow sources are a PAD enabled software archive template. The template will help you setup a simple software downloads site. To see an example of work visit the main page of the site: filerow.com FileRow template requires PHP and MySQL support to work. The sources need some modifications in case to support a specific site settings like: MySQL username and password, database name, PAD reviewing page password etc.
02 June 2015

Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 x64 English Rus Sian

Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 x64 (English / Rus Sian) | 7.68 GB AutoCAD Civil 3D - a CAD system for the design of infrastructure and documentation, workflows, which are based on information modeling (BIM). AutoCAD Civil 3D helps professionals to better understand the performance of the projects, to maintain consistency of data and processes, and respond more quickly to changes. Buy Premium Before
26 May 2015

Civil War Screen Saver by Net Executive

These screen savers have incredible images ofpatriotic military soldiers of the North and the Confederate - Civil War ...but one of them would make war rather than let the nation survive, and the other would accept war rather than let it perish, and the war came - Abraham Lincoln, 4 March 1865.If you are a Civil War buff here is the best award winning screen saver on the Internet., all with wallpaper and music.For more fun screen savers please visit our site at http://www.netexecutive.net.
27 January 2015

TemplateTamer by Bytesmith

TemplateTamer is a web application development tool for creating and maintaining a template based dynamic PHP web applications, with clearly and completely separated php code from the html design. As such it is a great tool for complex dynamic sites, especially where Designers and Programmers work together on the creation of the site. It's main parts are: Integrated development environment (IDE), Framework for development of template based applications, PHP Code generator, PHP Template engine. One of the strengths of TemplateTamer is that it offers separation of html design and application logic, by keeping them in completely separate source files. Hence, it is possible to change the visual appearance of your web without changing your code, since in TemplateTamer, templates are pure html, without code polution, which is common in some other template engines. Also, your web site can be designed in your designers favourite tool, since TemplateTamer is orthogonal to the html design tool used
03 April 2015

Civil War Books: Robert E. Lee by NELLA_WARE

Learn about Civil War Confederate General Robert E. Lee. This is a computer version of the book: Recollections and Letters of General Robert E. Lee by Captain Robert E. Lee, His Son. A view of Robert E. Lee from letters Lee wrote to family, friends, business associates, and by personal stories and memories of his son. This engaging book will help you to understand what Robert E. Lee was really like as a general, husband, friend, father, and president of a college. Read, print, or listen to the book. Features Text-To-Speech technology. This software speaks in a human-sounding voice and will read aloud to you. There is more to Robert E. Lee than just his being a famous Confederate Civil War general. He was also devoted to his family, an animal lover, and as its president, he made Washington College a success after the Civil War. Learn about General Robert E. Lee and his life before, during, and after the Civil War from this interesting book by Lee's son, Captain Robert E. Lee. General Robert E. Lee never wrote his memoirs after the Civil War. Instead, he dedicated the remainder of his life to being a husband, a father, and president of Washington College in Lexington, Virginia. In this book, Robert E. Lee's son tells through his father's correspondence, conversations, and by his own personal, and other family member's and friend's stories and recollections, of what his famous father was like as a man. Learn about Lee's life after the Civil War as he adapted from being a Confederate general to becoming a college president and living a civilian's life. You will probably be surprised to learn that Robert E. Lee is much different than the impression you might have of him only as a Confederate general. You will see that the ''Marble Man'' was really made of flesh and blood like the rest of us and often suffered poor health, great sadness, loss, and challenges in his life. Serious Civil War buffs and casual readers of the Civil War will enjoy this book.
06 January 2015

CE CALC - Civil Calculator by Up2Specs Engineering Software

Civil Calculator - Civil Engineering calculation software, performs calculations for hydrology, open channels, culverts, gravity sewer, pressure pipe, traffic, road geometry, topo surveying, earthwork, pavement, concrete floors and unit conversions.Available in two versions x86 for 32 bit architecture and x64 for 64 bit architecture.
08 January 2015

Civil Disturbance

Civil Disturbance PC game | Genre: First-Person Shooter | 156 Mb Civil Disturbance transports you to a future where America's fate s uncertain. Fallen under the rule of a power mad politician and usurped into a global government those still faithful to the true America have rebelled and now civil war rings out all across North America. You begin your journey in Canyon City, the first bastion of hope for the Militia rebels, where the first blow was struck by the newly formed World United Military Force. Features: * Fight the war using over a dozen weapons, all with upgrades and attachments available as you progress * Communicate with computer controlled allies to coordinate strikes on your enemies * Advance your character through the ranks, giving you access to new weaponry, vehicles and more. * Engage the enemy in various battlefields, ranging from major cities, to open fields, to large military structures. System Requirements : * OS: Windows XP/200/Vista * Processor: Pentium 4 @ 2 GHz or Athlon Equivalent * Memory: 768 MB * Hard Drive: 2 GB Free * Video Memory: DirectX Compatible with 128MB or more * Sound Card: DirectX Compatible * DirectX: 9.0c Installation: - Burn/mount. - Install. - Then play. Download: ( You should buy Premium account to download with High speed )
23 January 2015

ToDo_List_Template by TASKey Pty Ltd

A free simple To Do list template is provided in WORD, Excel and PDF formats.Instructions are included.The To Do List Template is easy to learn and use. A free one page action plan template is also provided to make identifying To Do's easier.Many To Do list templates and many one page action plan templates can be synchronized using web software.Web software can keep all users informed about other peoples? changes that affect them. Instructions are included on how to complete an action plan in less than 10 minutes.Examples of completed plans are provided.The Plan Template is easy to learn and use.The plan template is provided free of charge for personal use. Key benefits of integrating many lists and TASKey Action Plan Template are: ? a simple easy to understand layout is provided ? relatively complex plans can be developed in less than 10 minutes ? other people can easily contribute to the plan ? templates can be joined to create project and strategic plans TASKey Me2Team web software to plan and get work done fast makes it easy to manage many templates together. More information on Me2Team software is available at www.taskey.com and www.me2team.com
13 January 2015

Autodesk Autocad Raster Design 2010 x32x64

Autodesk Autocad Raster Design 2010 x32x64 | 1 Gb Year: 2009 Version: 2010 Developer: Autodesk Platform: Windows x32 x64 Compatibility with Vista: complete Language: English Tabletka: Present System requirements: To install AutoCAD Raster Design requires a computer one or more of Autodesk products from the following list: * AutoCAD 2010 * AutoCAD Architecture 2010 * AutoCAD Electrical 2010 * AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010 * AutoCAD Map 3D 2010 * AutoCAD Mechanical 2010 * AutoCAD MEP 2010 * AutoCAD P & ID 2010 * Autodesk Topobase 2010 * AutoCAD Civil 2010 Here are some additional system requirements for the product, in combination with which to work AutoCAD Raster Design. For 32-bit version of AutoCAD Raster Design * Operating system Microsoft Windows XP Home or Professional edition (SP2 or SP3), or Microsoft Windows Vista (SP1) Home Premium, Enterprise, Business or Ultimate. * Processor Intel Pentium 4 or higher. * 200 MB free hard disk space for installation. * DVD-drive. Note: 32-bit version of AutoCAD Raster Design can not work with 64-bit versions of software products based on AutoCAD. For 64-bit version of AutoCAD Raster Design * Operating system Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (SP2 or SP3) or Windows Vista. * Intel Pentium 4 or higher. * 200 MB free hard disk space for installation. * DVD-drive. Program tracing AutoCAD Raster Design allows architects, engineers, design engineering systems and industrial designers to reduce time spent on perecherchivanie through the use of scanned drawings and plans obtained using software on a platform of AutoCAD . Among the key features include: * Display pictures * Editing and clean image * Manipulating bitmaps * Means of tracing, including optical character recognition (OCR) AutoCAD Raster Design, used in conjunction with AutoCAD Map 3D, provides designers of engineering structures, transportation networks and development plan, as well as cartographers and GIS
21 January 2015

Work Time Tracking by Work Time Tracking

Work Time Tracking is an automatic computer time tracking solution. It tracks applications, documents, games and Internet time. Work Time Tracking works in the background without interrupting your work. It also can track your time under different projects you work on. Comprehensive reports help you to analyze your time and bill your clients. More features are available, some of them are: project autochange, notes about your work, manual time recording, running from USB, invisible tracking, tracking documents in any designer tool, including InDesign, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver. Easy, fast and reliable time tracking solution - suits from a single user to a large company.
13 January 2015


YooTutorials Video training | 660 Mb Install a Joomla template In this tutorial we show you, how to install a template in your existing Joomla installation. This tutorial can be used for Warp templates and Pre-Warp Templates. Install a template with democontent This tutorial is a step-by-step guide that will show you how to install a Template Demo Installation Package. This tutorial can be used for Warp templates and Pre-Warp Templates. Use the template parameters This is documentation about the template parameters in the Warp 5.5 framework. Set up the menu In this tutorial we show you how you use the Menusystem of the Warp Framework. Set up the modules In this tutorial we show you how to setup the module system for a template based on the Warp Framework. javascript & CSS compression This tutorial explains how to enable the CSS/JS compression for YOOtheme templates Warp 5.5 templates. How to update Here is a brief instruction on how to update a template based on the Warp framework without uninstalling and reinstalling the template.
13 May 2015

Excel Invoice Template by Invoice Template Office-Kit.com

Excel Invoice Template, a billing software & invoice software based on Excel, provides a Fill In The Blank invoice form and is capable of creating and calculating invoices. The template shows quantity, description, unit price, taxable status, and amount per line. Sub-total, tax and total amount are computed from the line items automatically. The template offers a What You See Is What You Get invoice form. If you know how to use Microsoft Excel, you know how to use Excel Invoice Template. As an Excel template, all Microsoft Excel features are available to you, from simple formatting, such as replacing default fonts and colors, to more advanced moving and merging cells. See http://www.Office-Kit.com for more information.
27 February 2015


Packmage CAD is a free 3D carton box template packaging design software for corrugated and folding carton box structure design. It has a rich carton box templates library which contains more than 400 carton box templates and 3 modules together with the CAD tools, it could greatly improve the carton box structure design efficiency. The carton box template library has been classified with structure, usage and packaging material, and the carton box template can be displayed as die line, 3D folding, half folding, unfolding status together with their structure and function description, which is very intuitive for people to know the carton box template comprehensively. Once users select the right carton box template in the library, they only need to input the length, width, depth and caliper value of the carton box to get its structure design done. If the carton box template selected need to change the lock style or cover etc. It also can be import into the CAD tool to edit the details. People also could import DXF format carton box template from other CAD software to edit the structure and define the 3D box.After the carton box structure design done, it can be exported as PDF file with remarks for engineering purpose. The PDF file also can be exported for the carton box graphic design. Then the graphic design can be imported to texture with its structure to check the 3D color sample, which could facilitate the carton box design, save cost for proofing and improve the work efficiency. Besides, Packmage CAD step and repeat module offers optimized automatically and manually carton box template step and repeat solutions for people to step and repeat single and multiple carton box templates. It provides the useful information such as die line length, folding line length, box template area and paper utilization etc. to help the printing factory save cost. Unlike other box design software, Packmage CAD software has changed the traditional packaging design process.
16 April 2015

Random Web Template Generator by TheNetter.com

The Easy Template Generator is a simple tool for creating basic single column web page templates using css styling techniques. It's fun, easy & perfect for anyone who wants a simple web page template.Simply click the button and a new web page template will be created for you! What you can do with this tool: - Create web page templates for your own site. - Create web page templates which you can distribute freely to others. - Inspire new ideas for web page template layouts and color combinations for use in your own web design projects.
24 March 2015

Style Portfolio Template XML by MS Design

Style Portfolio Template is a powerful Flash AS3 template driven by XML and CSS. With this product you will be able to build your stylish website very quickly! Style Template supports all common alphabets plus GREEK,TURKISH,HEBREW,CYRILLIC. You can easily add menu item with its picture. This template offers 6 different modules embedded, reusable unlimited times: ? HTML TEXT MODULE ? NEWS MODULE ? FOTOGALLERY/PORTFOLIO MODULE WITH UNLIMITED SUBCATEGORIES and INFOTEXT ? CONTACT MODULE driven by PHP ? EXTERNAL LINK MODULE ? SOCIAL NETWORKS MODULE (you can add how many social networks you want) Style Portfolio template is powered by GREENSOCK CLASSES. All Greensock classes are included as we are club member!
19 May 2015

Autodesk Advance Concrete 2015.1-XFORCE

Autodesk Advance Concrete 2015.1-XFORCE | 1.0 Gb Autodesk Inc., a world leader in 3D design software for entertainment, natural resources, manufacturing, engineering, construction, and civil infrastructure, announced the release of Advance Concrete 2015.1, software for concrete design and detailing is built on the AutoCAD platform. Work with easy-to-use, comprehensive tools to help accelerate more accurate modeling and automate the creation of construction drawings and deliverables. Interoperability with Revit software supports a more connected Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflow. San Rafael, Calif., October 2, 2013 - Autodesk has signed a definitive agreement with the shareholders of Graitec to acquire certain technology assets, including Graitec