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6 possible numbers out of 49

17 February 2015

Bates Numbers PDF by Bates Numbers PDF

Insert bates numbers in PDF through which the bunch of PDF pages should be well arranges and it will be easier for you to handle the bunch of PDF pages. For adding Bates Numbers PDF you are definitely searching for a third party tool with which this Bates Numbers PDF will become simple and easy, so for that our company has launched PDF Bates Numbering tool which has inbuilt feature of adding Bates Numbers PDF. The PDF Bates Numbering tool will also label Bates in PDF and manage the PDF pages in an organized manner. Along with insert bates numbers in PDF you can also add current date, confidential text, and align those texts anywhere in the PDF pages. You find that when you add bates numbers PDF the Bates Numbering tool will save edited pages in separate folder, with which you can notice the changes which has been made by our PDF Bates numbering tool commanded by you. You can try demo version of this tool as with which you can get to know that how to insert Bates Numbers in PDF, and this trail version is absolutely free of cost. If you want to purchase its full version then you need to spend only $129. http://www.batesnumberer.com/bates-numbers-pdf.html
04 March 2015

Big Number Calculator by MySoftwareFactory.net

Add, Multiply, Subtract, and Divide large numbers! Have you ever wanted to do simple math with really big numbers? Now is your chance! Big Number Calculator will allow you to do math with really big numbers! But would if you wanted to do it using binary numbers? No problem! Simply change the base to 2 and fire away! Big Number Calculator allows you to choose any base between 2 and 100! This is both a helpful tool for those who actually need to perform the calculations and fun for those who wanted to play around with math and not get errors for trying numbers that are too big. Enjoy!
31 March 2015

Winning Lotto Numbers by Winning Lotto Numbers

Winning Lotto Numbers Toolbar. This is for your internet explorer browser. It has a sky.fm 80's radio station included. You can use this while you search for lucky lotto numbers. Visit our website for the most winning lotto numbers.
21 April 2015

Thai Lottery Lucky Numbers Generator by FIRST AND LAST Co

A handy thai lottery numbers generator based on previous draws. Increase your chances by picking numbers and combinations statistically generated! Thai Lottery Lucky Numbers Generator is a useful and reliable application designed to automatically generate lottery numbers. It is the first and actually the only statistical number picker developed specifically for the Thai Lottery. All numbers selected are chosen using a half-random number generator that also picks lottery numbers with the most chances of winning, according to statistical calculations and manual exclusions. With the help of Thai Lottery Lucky Numbers Generator you can increase your chances by selecting the day you are interested in and choosing numbers or combinations statistically generated by the application. Moreover, you can manually exclude up to four numbers, thus viewing the most reliable suggestions. You can never be sure that your lottery ticket will be a winning one, but you can increase your chances by picking more possible numbers and combinations statistically generated. Thai Lottery Lucky Numbers Generator will stop you from making guesswork and get you into a more scientific approach of lottery draws.
18 February 2015

Random Number Generator Pro by Segobit Software

Random Number Generator is a Windows based application designed to generate random numbers.Program allow users choose lower and upper limits and increments of the numbers.Limits can be positive or negative values.User can exclude digits from generated random numbers.Random numbers can be edit and copied to the clipboard for pasting into other applications.Random Number Generator can print all random numbers or save numbers as file.Random Number Generator will generate to 9999 numbers at the time.
11 February 2015

Mobile Number Generator by Lantech Soft

Mobile Number Generator generates mobile numbers of any number of DIGITS like (9919914756, 62534152, 91872635433 etc). It generates MOBILE & PHONE numbers in SEQUENCE and in RANDOM with in the given RANGE. It is very efficient tool for GENERATE mobile & PHONE numbers. It can generate mobile & PHONE numbers in Random sequence and SEQUENCE. Generated mobile numbers can be saved in .CSV/.TXT file format. * It is a very fast tool. * Capable of generate MOBILE Numbers upTo 100 Million at a time. * Generated Numbers Can Be saved in .CSV/.TXT file format.
17 April 2015

Print Merge Numerator - for Corel DRAW by Hard - Soft

With this program & Corel DRAW you can print anything with serial numbers. Serial numbers will be replaced automatically. Would you like to print tickets, labels, lottery tickets,... with serial numbers. It's easy NOW ! With this program and Corel Draw you can print everything ! Adjustable options: Range: from, to and step. Add string before and after numbers. Arrange blocks (for professionals). Repeat each number 'n' times. Zero-pad to 'n' places. Format for Corel DRAW Print Merge (if you need that), etc...
01 April 2015

Phone Number Reverse Search by Reverse-Search-323.com

Phone Number Reverse Search. Find the Owner of Any Phone Number, including all mobile cell phone numbers and even unlisted and private phone numbers. Get Instant Access to the owners name, address, list of other people living at that address, cell phone or landline identification, phone service provider, address history and more. 800 numbers, 888 numbers, and other business phone numbers as well as unlisted phone numbers are also covered. This service is provided discretely and is 100% private. The owner of the phone number will never know that you searched for his or her phone number. Try it now!
17 April 2015

Lottery Wheeling Software by Ion Saliu

Lottery Wheeling Software converts lotto wheels to playing lottery tickets. Lotto Wheeler takes source system files and replaces the numbers by player's lotto picks.This program can only fill lotto wheels in the format '1 2 3 4 5 6', but not '24,17,33,9,20,44'. The program assumes that you saw the original lotto wheel file and know for how many lottery numbers it was designed; e.g. system for 18 lotto numbers must have numbers from 1 to 18. Lottery Wheeling Software converts lotto wheels to playing lottery tickets. Lottery Wheeling Software takes source wheel (abbreviated lottery system) files and replaces the numbers by player's lotto picks. This program can only fill lotto wheels in the format '1 2 3 4 5 6', but not '24,17,33,9,20,44'. Lottery Wheeling Software assumes that you saw the original lotto wheel file and know for how many lottery numbers it was designed for; e.g. abbreviated lottery system for 18 lotto numbers must have numbers from 1 to 18. Read more: http://saliu.com/bbs/messages/857.html (you can copy-and-paste the best 6-number lotto wheel in 51 lines, 4 in 6); you can also download freely over 100 lotto wheels for 5, 6, 7 numbers, plus Powerball lottery wheels. Lottery Wheeling Software works best at the command prompt for best speed; all 32/64 bit versions of Windows supported. Study all about lotto wheels, lottery wheeling, reduced lotto systems, abbreviated lottery systems; all part of Lottery Wheeling Software for free.
14 May 2015

Windows Lotto007 For wheeling by Lotto007 Lottery Software Team

Windows Lotto007 For wheeling lotto wheeling system support generator pick 4, pick 5, pick 6, pick 7 lotteries with 0, 1, 2 bonus numbers , this lottery wheeling software include more than 1521 lottery wheels! Use wheels! Can help you with minimum of put into and acquire biggest repay! Windows Lotto007 For wheeling is the best llottery wheeling software. Use Windows Lotto007 For wheeling can save your money! Wheeling systems simplify the betting process, guarantee a cash prize when the numbers drawn appear in your larger group of numbers wheeled, and maximize your payoffs through multiple ticket hits because you play many combinations of the same numbers. It can honestly be said that Wheeling reduces the odds against you! First, by playing more numbers (more than the standard four, five, six, seven etc.), in a group, you have a better chance of having the officially drawn numbers match your wheeled numbers. Second, by playing more tickets you increase the odds mathematically of holding a cash paying ticket(s). Probably the greatest single benefit of wheeling is the payoff maximization which is inherent in a wheeling system. Because you are playing several combinations of the same numbers, when a few of these numbers are selected they appear on your tickets in a shotgun fashion. Any professional gambler who is successful uses a wheeling system. The wheeling system concept provides a methodology for playing numbers and provides payoff maximization through multiple tickets wins. It is a matter of personal choice as to whether or not you want to play the lottery. However, if you do play the lottery, wheeling systems represent the most intelligent way to play and win!
20 March 2015

Tool PDF Bates Numberer v3.5 by PDF Bates Numberer

Do you want to review your PDF pages in ordered manner? If yes then try our PDF Bates Numberer software which will help you to add page numbers in PDF so that you will be able to manage the PDF pages in an organized manner. From many times our support team receives many queries like how to insert page numbers in PDF, is there any way to disclaimer to every PDF pages and many more other issues which are become a need for every PDF users to manage number of PDF pages. But after the development of PDF Bates Numberer software all these queries are solved easily and without any changes in the original data. The software is available for you at free of cost in which you only need to download the software in your machine and then start adding bates numbers into PDF. There is some restriction in the demo version of PDF Bates Numberer software as it will add watermark in the PDF in which you added bates numbers, so for limitation free tool to put page numbers in PDF purchase its full version which will cost $129.
24 March 2015

Free Numerology Calculator by Spiritual Numerology

Numerology Calculator Functions: * The Profile Page: When you launch the numerology calculator for the first time, you arrive directly at the contact management page. You can also access this page at any time simply by clicking the Profiles button on the top navigation bar. Here you can add an unlimited number of contacts (friends, family members, yourself...) for whom you would like to perform numerology calculations. To create a complete numerology chart for anyone in your list, simply double-click the desired contact in the list and all numerology numbers and charts are calculated in less than a second. Afterwards you can also print out the entire chart with all the different numerology number calculations by clicking the Print button on the top navigation bar. * Numerology Core Numbers & Secondary Numbers: When you double click on one of your contacts on the profile page, you arrive directly at this page which shows: +All numerology core numbers (Life Path Number, Expression Number, Soul Urge Number, Personality Number... - see image above for all other numbers) +The challenge numbers and karmic lessons +The bridge numbers and +Some secondary numerology numbers * Numerology Cycles: This window shows all important numerology cycles (Personal Year, Transits, Pinnacle Cycle...) for your entire lifetime. Again, to find out what the various cycles- and the calculated numbers mean, simply put your mouse pointer over the desired item.
20 May 2015

Video Training: Meet the Numbers - Meet digits

Video Training: Meet the Numbers - Meet digits DivX | English | 720 x 480 | AVI | 29.970 fps 2489 kbps | MP3 256 kbps | 565 MB Genre: eLearning The figures are involved, one after another in a small animated scenes. Voice of the announcer repeats the name of the figures at the time, as the screen moves the figure. Voice of the announcer repeats the name of the figures at the time, as the screen moves the figure. In the second part of the film translated items. In the second part of the film translated items. Using the numbers from 0 to 10. Using the numbers from 0 to 10. For children from 9 months to 3 years. For children from 9 months to 3 years.
27 February 2015

PowerPlayer For Pick 3 Pick 4 lottery by EverestSoft

PowerPlayer Pro for pick 3 pick 4 lottery software is a powerful tools, With this pick 3 pick 4 lottery system you can track and analyze historical winning numbers, generate new numbers, apply numerous filters and statistics to generated numbers. PowerPlayer Pro for pick 3 pick 4 is a windows lottery software program for playing digit lotto games - Pick 3 and Pick 4. Like cracking a code,PowerPlayer Pro for pick 3 pick 4 does the math for you breaking the lottery game down to its basic components and their percentages of occurrence. Lotto PowerPlayer For Pick 3/4 support more than 100 lotteries for the United States and Canada pick 3, pick 4, works with all pick 3, pick 4 numbers. We update all the lotteries drawings every day. PowerPlayer For Pick 3/4 Main Features: 1. Support all daily pick-3, pick-4 lotteries for the United States and Canada. 2. Free update more than 100 lotteries drawings. 3. Generate tickets very fast. 4. More than 40 kind of filters. 5. Filtering support The Logical Condition AND and OR. 6. Support more than 50 charts and 16 kind of statistics. 7. By statistics automation set base filters value, save your time.
26 February 2015

Coded X-Word by Yoogi Games : Free Downloadable Games

This game is an interesting variation of traditional cross words. In this exiting word game, a letter is represented by a number. Cross word grid is filled with such coded numbers. Three of those numbers are decoded and providedto help you decrypt the rest. A number always represent a single letter in a game. Position of numbers to be used to find all letters and complete thecross word. Unlimited number of games and fun guaranteed.
19 January 2015

Lottery Winner (UK) by RabitSoft.

Lottery Winner v1.1 (UK Only) This is the Lottery Winner v1.1 Software from RabitSoft. It uses mathematics to predict a realistic set of Lottery Numbers, unlike the UK National Lottery's Lucky Dip which produces very few winners. Select Luck Dip or choose each ball separately then save/print your numbers. Very simple to use but could improve your odds!!!
15 May 2015

PC Fax Sender by bit4free.com

This freeware program allows you to send faxes from your PC and 56K modem. The PC Fax Sender allows you to send a tiff (fax capability) file to a list of fax numbers, one by one and automatically! just set the phone numbers you want to send your fax and the program will send it to any one from the list. Also, you can set the phone line device, and much more.
04 May 2015

Visual Lottery Analyser by Sprintbit Software

Visual Lottery Analyser is comprehensive lottery analysis software with many unique features. It supports almost all of lottery games in the world and includes everything that you may need to play lottery, analyze, calculate and keep statistics of lottery games. It can help you to increase your chances of winning. Program use new innovative analysis methods like visual graphical analysis (including popular charts), mathematical analysis, geometry (special Ticket View), and even colors! New lottery theories are introduced: Ticket View, Contact and Outside numbers, Hot and Cold numbers. You can analyze single numbers, group of numbers, our special numbers, numbers in lines - blocks and more analysis methods. No more staring at tables of columns filled with numbers, that don't tell you anything. One look at a Graphic Analyser and you will know the probability of a number or group of numbers being drawn. Some of major features are Games Database for creating, setting up and opening lottery games. Drawings Database is for creating and managing the drawings. Lottery Analyser is dedicated to perform visual analysis of numbers, to show its frequency, occurrence and more. Mathematical Systems with editor, you can use your own numbers with mathematical systems. Mathematical Systems Reducer allows you to apply our filters to system and reduce the combinations to those that match your analysis criteria. Program comes to you with over 100 systems. Calculations & My Tickets are for performing financial calculations and managing your tickets. Statistics sheet and graph charts are features for keeping the financial statistics and track your hits. My Tickets Generator is a special tickets generator that use filters and analysis methods to generate tickets that match specified criteria. There are more other features like exporting systems and other data to Excel, printing various data.Add Game Wizard and Drawings Database Wizard will help to setup the program fast and easy.