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3gp care racing

05 June 2015

Browser Care 2.2.3 Multilingual MacOSX

Browser Care 2.2.3 Multilingual | MacOSX | 3 Mb Browser Care is an application that allows you to keep your browsers clean and under control since navigating accumulates files on your Mac. Browser Care provides detailed information on each item. It has everything you need to care for your browsers in the most simple manner. How much space can you recover on your Mac? Browser Care is the ideal solution. Features: -Care: A button for everything. Take Care of your browser to recover space on your Mac. -A glance: The icon size of the browser changes according to the used space. -Simple presets: Convenient presets that are fast and easy (even for beginners). -Items size: Constant monitoring of elements in the browsers to check the exact space used on your Mac. -Notifications: Browser Care will alert in the menu bar and window when to a browser should be taken care. -Auto Activate: Automatic detection of browsers and the installed versions on your Mac. -History of care: Keep track of all care of your browsers: date and browser. Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor Home Page - http://www.browsercare.com/ No mirrors please
13 February 2015

Dodge Racing: Charger vs. Challenger (Wii) PAL.

Dodge Racing: Charger vs. Challenger (Wii) PAL | 4.2GB Year: 16/12/2010 Genre: Racing Developer: Zoo Games Publisher: Zoo Games Platform: Wii Region: PAL Language: Multi 5 Heat up the engine and blow on highways and byways of America in a racing tournament. «Dodge Racing: Charger vs. Challenger »will give you the best cars for the American Royal Rumble, which identifies the coolest racer of all time. Screenshots
30 April 2015

Truck Racing by Renault Trucks (2009ENG)

Truck Racing by Renault Trucks (2009/ENG) Year: 2009 | Language: ENG / FR | PC | Developer: Game Seed | Publisher: Renault Trucks | 380 MB Genre: Arcade / Racing / 3Dn Truck Racing by Renault Trucks - quality car simulator, but instead of the usual racing car you are driving a huge truck. Excellent game designed for fans of trucks and not only these powerful machines are not only carrying cargo but also make good opponents, swallow the dust from the wheels. Features: - A choice between arcade and simulation control - Possibility to race with 15 opponents - Support for Force Feedback - Damage model - View from the cockpit System requirements: System: XP / 7 Processor: 1.8 Ghz Memory: 512 MB Video Card: 128 MB Hard Disk: 500 MB Screenshots
27 March 2015

Portable City Racing v1.0.1

Portable City Racing v1.0.1 | 67.7 MB Release: 2010 | Developer: EA Group Genre: Racing Do you like GTA style games? Then download this free game. Try to survive in a huge city. All things here are like they are in reality: illegal racing, rude opponents and corrupted cops. Earn money, upgrade your car or buy a new one. Drive your way to glory.
03 February 2015


NASCAR Racing 4 | 373 Mb PC game | Publisher:Sierra | Developer: Papyrus | Genre:Stock Car Racing NASCAR Racing 4 is Papyrus1 next evolution of the awardwinning racing series. NASCAR Racing 4 showcases a revolutionary new 3Dphysics model, designed by Papyrus founder, Dave Kaemmer, that adds realism to the reactions of the carswith body rolls, the ability to become airborne, and tires that spin and lock up. The cars also feature a virtual 3D cockpit that allows you to look left and right, more dynamic arm and steering wheel movementenhancing the immersive quality of the game. To further improve the quality of the gameplay, the interactive user interface includes widget sound, background music, and popup help for car setup and configuration options.
09 January 2015

History Of Horse Racing by Horse Betting Tactics

Learn about the history of horse betting and horse racing from its beginnings in the time when the first horses were domesticated around 4500 BC by tribes located in Central Asia in this eBook. You will also learn about the introduction of horse racing to the countries of Britain and the United States of America. All of the sections in the eBook are listed as follows: -Introduction -Horse Racing History in the USA -Recommended Resources. The Introduction section introduces the topic of the eBook which is about the history of horse racing and betting from its beginnings in Asia. The Introduction section also provides more information on the beginnings of horse racing in England. The Horse Racing History in the USA section provides more detailed information on the introduction on horse racing and betting in the United States of America. The Recommended Resources section provides additional links for the avid player to find out about other gambling games they may be interested in.
19 February 2015

Ford Racing 3 portable (PC GameMulti) [220 Mb]

Ford Racing 3 portable (PC Game/Multi) [220 Mb] Genre: Racing | Publisher/Co-Publisher: Global Star / Empire Interactive | Developer: Razorworks Size: 220 Mb Experience the thrill of racing 55 of Ford's most prominent driving machines from the Model T to the 2005 Mustang GT in Empire Interactive's Ford Racing 3. Test your driving skill on 26 meticulously detailed tracks with interactive scenery from locations like the snow-packed mountains of Europe to the rain forests of South America. Take part in more than 20 hours of intense automobile action while competing in 11 challenging race types such as Boost, Overtake, and Relay while unlocking a huge range of game modes, tracks, and vehicles along the way. Players can even earn up to 14 different championships and contend with their friends in split-screen two-player head-to-head. Screenshots: Download (Filesonic)
24 March 2015

Ultra Drag Racing by GameHitZone.com

3D drag racing game. Complete all races one by one in this high-speed drag racing game. Finish first to earn money and improve your dragster. Be as fast as you can to complete all 20 stages.
14 January 2015

Le Tour de France 2011 EUR PS3-AGENCY

Le Tour de France 2011 EUR PS3-AGENCY | 4.45 GB Platform: PS3 | Release: 5 Jul 2011 | Publisher:FOCUS | Developer: Cyanide Genre: Racing | Language: ENG An official product of the Tour de France racing series, this cycling game allows you to manage your rider, your bike and your racing career while entering cycling races that require strategy and technique as well as racing skills and drive. The game includes 12 official teams and a 2player racing mode. Features: * Official Tour de France license * 12 official cycling teams * Manager your rider, your bike and your career * Arcade racing with crucial strategy elements * 2player mode for headtohead racing
03 March 2015

V-Rally 3 PC ENG -NEO

V-Rally 3 [PC/ENG/RIP] PC game | English | Genre: Rally / Offroad Racing | Publisher: Atari | 316 MB The rally racing series comes to the GBA with texture mapped 3d graphics that take the GBA in a direction never thought possible. Players can choose from a variety of game modes including rally racing, circuit racing and time trials or link up and go head to head with another player. The better and further you get the more cars and tracks are unlocked. View the race from inside the car or behind it as you scream through snow, rain, fog, dirt, gravel and over jumps at different times of day and night as you try to become the best rally racer on the planet. Features battery backup. Minimum System Requirements: * Operative System: Xp / 2000 / Vista / 9x * Processor: Intel 1.7 gigahertz (or equivalent in AMD) * memory RAM: 512MB * 32mb 3D Graphic Card Download (Wupload)
20 April 2015

F1 Racing and more Games by BostonHiTech.com

F1 Racing: F1 Racing - breath taking free motor racing game on Formula 1 cars with rivals. Various effects, superb graphics and a lot of interesting routes will catch your attention to this free racing game. You can choose a favorite car and compete on it till the very finish of the race. Don't think it's so easy. Increasing number of strong opponents will stand on your way to the finish. The obstacles will take the time, that's limited. Pick up bonuses and life. Mad Medley Battle: Download the free battle game Mad Medley Battle, and get off whole-hog! Trash shooter will help you relax after hard working days, and will release the stress. Don?t be at a loss, this free battle game is for your pleasure! Decision makers ordered you to collect the elements of a powerful weapon. They are scattered in tropics of South America where hostile soldiers are concentrated. Trial Bike Ultra: You have not got your own bike? Play Trial Bike Game! If you enjoy motorcycles and you like to overcome obstacles, this is your game! Here you get a chance to test your motorcycle steering skills. Amazing realistic motion, complex obstacles, jumpsand all these are in full 3D! You need to be very cautious to take over all obstacles and keep your balance while cycling.
22 May 2015

Dog Care by Dogs.net

Caring for your dog's health and fitness. Health is a matter of concern for everyone, and dogs are certainly not an exception. Their health is very important to them and their owners. Dogs get sick from different types of viruses, protozoa, bacteria, parasites, and fungus. These diseases and infections are sometimes fatal unless discovered and treated early. This Dog Care Software was created to offer useful dog care information and dog care tips to concerned dog owners.
08 April 2015

Dirt Track Racing 2 (Rip)

Dirt Track Racing 2 (Rip) PC game | English | Genre: Stock Car Racing | 129 MB Capturing the exact experience of competition, Dirt Track Racing 2 straps you in the driver?s seat with a realistic racing simulation like you?ve never seen before! Get down and dirty on the track with a faster class of vehicles and progress through various series from hobby stock to the late models. Dirt Track Racing is back! Offering an extreme style of exciting gameplay that made its predecessors so successful! With new tracks, mind blowing graphics, intense special effects, amazing sounds and introducing a new class of cars to race, the ?Modifieds?. And if that?s not enough, DTR2 will be ?backwards? compatible, meaning the racetracks of Dirt Track Racing and Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars will work for Dirt Track Racing 2 Features * Race 3 classes of cars! * Choose from the Stock, Modified and Late models! * A graphically enhanced “fresh” look to all vehicles! * 14 original tracks! * Replay function! * Career and resource management mode! * Purchase or upgrade new vehicles, rise up from Street Stocks to the powerful Modifieds, do repairs and more! * Real world physics and handling. Training, practice, Quick-race, Championship, and Career Modes. Spectacular collisions and dramatic visible damage modeling. Hardware Requirements System requirements – PII 400 or equivalent RAM requirements- 64 MB RAM Video Memory requirements- 8 MB VRAM DirectX requirements – DirectX v8.0 http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/918/48042100u.jpg Download (Fileserve)
20 February 2015

Bus Driver by SCS Software

Bus Driver is a bus driving game for the PC. In Bus Driver, your job is to transport passengers around an attractive and realistic city. You must drive to a timetable on a planned route, whilst obeying traffic rules, and taking care not to upset or injure your passengers. This makes Bus Driver unlike any other driving game - the experience of driving a bus is very different from blazing through a racing circuit. The game offers twelve different kinds of buses to drive, an expansive city environment with various districts, and thirty routes with varying weather conditions set at differing times of day.
18 February 2015

Earache Extreme Metal Racing (Rip)

Earache Extreme Metal Racing PC game | Genre: Racing Action | 54 MB Extreme Metal Racing features ten evil Earache racing teams burning a lot more than rubber through hell and other wastelands. Along with themed tracks from the combatants on the starting grid there's also a plethora of extreme Earache classics making up the soundtrack of the game from such luminaries as Napalm Death, At The Gates, Cathedral, The Haunted, Hate Eternal, Cult Of Luna, Beecher, Urkraft, Anata, Mistress, Severe Torture and many others. Features * Earache Records teams up with leading UK game developer to make Extreme Metal Racing game. * 10 Totally twisted Earache Vehicles, each with their own unique drivers and weapons. * Maim and butcher zombies as you bludgeon your way to supremacy! * Race, Crush and Slash your way through the fiery wastes of the underworld! * Featuring 48 music tracks - that's nearly 3 hours of ear splitting music. * Bonus: 1 hour of video, with some never seen before clips. ( You should buy Premium account to download with High speed )
24 March 2015

Horse Racing Beginners 2011 Guide by Horseracing How to Win

How to go Horseracing and place a bet. This PDF is a simple guide on how to do it.It tells you about all the various forms of racing, handicapping, horses etc, etc. HorseRacing
12 February 2015

Racing Simulation 3.

Racing Simulation 3 PC game | Published: Ubi Soft | Genre: Racing | 315 MB Buckle up and strap yourself in for the most pulse-pounding realistic driving sim yet to appear on your PC! You're in the driving seat as you cast yourself into the heart of the action, honing your driving and strategy skills down to a fine art that will ultimately crown you Legend of the Track! Features * Featuring 6 breathtaking race mode, including 'scenario mode'. * Master your vehicle up to championship mode before competing against some of the most enhance 'human' competitor Al you've ever seen! * A vast array of car settings and race options allow you to enhance your vehicle to create the ultimate driving machine. * Remember - victory lies in the minutest details! * Create your own competition with an easy-to-see editing system that allows you to modify car textures, driver's names and teams! Screenshots
05 February 2015

Police Supercars Racing v.1.1 (2010)

Police Supercars Racing v.1.1 | PC | 330 Mb Police Supercars Racing takes you to the city of the future Sun City, where the constant increase in crime makes this place a life-threatening. Extremists have blocked roads, cars, criminals teroriziruyut city, hackers have broken the automatic motion control of the city. Have you taken a special police squad Supercar and in that at all costs to stop the mess in the city. You expect 17 not easy mission and you've got 6-speed police cars. Game Information: Title: Police Supercars Racing v.1.1 Genre: Arcade / Racing / 3D Developer: GameTop Publisher: GameTop Year: 2010 Platform: PC Language: English Enabling | reg. Code: Not required Size: 330 Mb + 3% recovery System requirements: - Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Seven - Processor: 2.0 GHz - Memory: 1 GB RAM - Video card: GeForce 6600 or ATI X700 or above - Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible - Free disk space: 500 Mb Download: