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3d platform game

19 February 2015

Montezumania (2010)

Montezumania (2010) Language: English | 2010 | PC Game | 114.09 Mb Arcade Description: The game features a battle on the floating platforms against the ferocious Aztec keepers. Keepers of the load platform, on which they stand, and if the platform reached a threshold weight is reduced. To resist sacrificial behavior, the player is armed with a different kind of magic that can throw enemies off the platform. To be successful in this game, the player must demonstrate a good strategy, skills, accuracy and responsiveness. System requirements: System: Windows XP SP2/3, Windows Vista Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz, Memory: 1024 Mb Video: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 Hard disk: 200 Mb Download :
09 March 2015

Ms. Pac Man - Java Game

Ms. Pac Man - Java Game Platform: java | English | 14 Mb | Screen Size: All The world-famous classic arcade game. The game has 256 levels, several designs of labyrinths and different levels of complexity. This game is already one of the most popular mobile games in the U.S.. Screen sizes: 128x128, 128x160, 176x208, 176x220, 240x320, 320x240, 352x416, 360x640, 480x800.
11 March 2015

123 Flash Game Desktop Client by TopCMM Software Corp.

123 Flash Game Desktop Client 1.0 is a new released. It is integrated by flash game and 123 Flash Chat. There is various interesting games to play. It enables you play hundreds of flash games and chat freely, even don't install Flash Player. It provides chat platform for you to chat with the persons who are playing games which make chat more cheerful. By clicking the convenient desktop icon, you could feel the joy of the game and chat. Benefits: Users play flash game even though they don?t install Flash Player. They can chat with the person who is playing game. Chat becomes more interesting. Features: *Hundreds of games to play with. There are about three hundreds games. *Featured game. The game is easy to operate and is interesting. *Game is sorted by Category. There?re sixteen sorts, namely Featured, Action, Puzzle, Motorsport, Shot, Multiplayer, Learning, Sports, Winter, Dancing, Platform, 5 Minute, Game Store, Retro. *Chat with the person who is playing game. Clicking into 123FlashGame and starting to play and chat. *Games update automatically. Don?t worry that games will be out-fashioned. *Add games to Favorites by clicking icon ?add to favorites?. If don?t like some favorite games any more, just clicking icon ?remove from favorites?.
08 January 2015

Koumajou Densetsu II: Stranger's Requiem (2010JAPENG)

Koumajou Densetsu II: Stranger's Requiem (2010/JAP/ENG) | 422 MB Genre: Action/Adventure | Developer: Frontier Aja | Platform: PC Koumajou Densetsu II: Stranger's Requiem - an exciting platform game in the genre of action - adventure with a very good graphics, sound and decent gameplay. The game is a sequel to the first part of Koumajou Densetsu: Scarlet Symphony, and was done in the style of game Castlevania. Will play for Sakuyu, it tries to find his mistress. Sakuya can fly, throw knives and to cause damage in the melee. There are a few new tricks and jumps. It is possible to change the type of special attack (early in the game only knives and moon dialde) System requirements: - Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 - Pentium 4 2GHz or higher - 512 MB RAM or higher - 450 MB Free Disk Space on HDD - 3D-video with 128 MB vRAM, DirectX 9.0c compatible - Audio Card, DirectX 9.0c compatible Screenshots
27 May 2015

Internet Freecell Hunter by www.graphichunter.com

Internet Freecell Hunter is an internet version of the Microsoft Window's game called Freecell, which itself is a single user desktop game. With Freecell Hunter, it provides an online game platform for a group of persons to play the same set of Freecell game and do competition over the Internet. The competition will stop when the first one finished all the Freecell game in the shortest time. The average time used per game will recorded and mark as his high score if it is faster than his history record. For example, Peter login Freecell Website and start a new game table of 4 users and play 5 freecell games. After the table is created, he will wait other users to join his table. After 3 other persons has joined the games, a set of 5 games numbers will be random generated, for example say 11223, 8481, 23, 45, 23344. Then each user will be asked to play the first game 11223. After the first game is finished, the second game 8481 will be followed, and so on until the last game is finished. The fastest user will be the winner.
14 April 2015

Cheesecake (PC2010)

Cheesecake (PC/2010) | 106.71 Mb Title: Strawberries Year: 2010 Genre: Erotica Platform: PC Size: 106.71 Mb On the game: Supereroticheskaya game, unforgettable sex simulator with beautiful models
21 April 2015

Doodle Tower - Stack The Shapes For iPhone Game by RV AppStudios

Doodle Tower is an extremely fun strategy tower stacking game with real physics elements! Do you have the expertise to build-up a tower? Play this fun game and find out!! Drag the falling shapes on the platform and try to build a stackable tower. Different shapes will fall from the sky so use all the shapes to build-up your stack but don't let that stack fall. The objective is to have the stack of shapes reach a set height and stand without falling for 3 seconds. There are multiple shapes and obstacles added in every level to make the game-play more interesting and challenging! You've got a limited amount to time to stack different shapes at the defined height, so use it wisely. Features: * Cute graphics * Post your achievements on Facebook or Email * Addictive game-play * Different colourful shapes * Amazing sound effects * 15 challenging and interesting levels Tip: If you stack two identical blue square shapes together then the shapes will be removed. Doodle tower is a stacking physics based game which can provide hours of fun to those who are up for the challenge. Download this fun game today!
13 March 2015

Strip Domino v.1.1.32 [2010ENGRUS]

Strip Domino v.1.1.32 [2010/ENG/RUS] | 17 MB Title: Strip Domino v.1.1.32 Year: 2010 Genre: Puzzle / erotic Platform: PC On the game: Playing Strip Domino is gambling battle in all the well-known game of dominoes with charming rivals. You can play with one, or simultaneously with three girls of your choice! Each girl has their own style of play. The game supports two modes: normal (PC), or play with the girls on the strip. The archive includes additional competitor. Language: English / Russian Medicine: not required Size: 17 Mb System requirements: Minemalnye.
29 May 2015

Maman Chun-Li (PC2009)

Maman Chun-Li (PC/2009) | 66 MB Name: Maman Chun-Li Year: 2009 Genre: Flash, BDSM, Rape Developer: N / A Platform: PC On the game: Hentai flash game with the heroine fighting game Street Fighter. Language: English Publication Type: exe, swf Size: 66MB
28 January 2015

Sidewalk Surfer by ANTi-Ware

Sidewalk Surfer is an old school style platform skateboarding game. In this game, you arent trying to score points, better yet, you are just trying to survive! You can kickflip, shuvit, grab and grind your way through many deadly obsticle courses.
20 April 2015

Bleach M.U.G.E.N 2010.

Bleach M.U.G.E.N 2010 | 684 Mb Genre: Arcade/Fighting | Developer: joker11 | Platform: PC | Version: 1.0 The game is made for Bleach game with new characters, equipment and other gadgets that will surely love the fans and the anime Bleach Mugen. According to the game itself I can say that although the drawing and not by 5 but all the techniques of characters made realestichno and exactly what they they were in control of the game quickly and easily mastered. System requirements: Operating system Microsoft Windows XP or VISTA - Processor with 1 GHz - Memory: 256 MB - Video Class Video Card GeForce FX / ATI - Free disk space 2 giga - Sound DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card - CD-ROM DVD-ROM drive - Office Keyboard Management: qwe - strikes asd - strikes zxc - strikes Walk on the arrow combo and the combination of attacks carried out promptness different keys (each character is different). Installation: 1.Unrar game 2.In a folder and run the file Bleach MUGENexe 3.Enjoy!!! Screenshots
11 February 2015

Pheasants Forever (Wii) USA.

Pheasants Forever (Wii) USA | 4.3GB Year: 18/12/2010 Genre: Hunting Developer: Game Mill Entertainment Publisher: Game Mill Entertainment Platform: Wii Region: NTSC Language: Eng If you're in the shower real hunter, the game Pheasants Forever a real treasure for you! Choose your favorite game from the list, which presents more than twenty species such as pheasants, ducks, quail and turkey, take a faithful dog and go hunting. Screenshots
29 April 2015

Yogi Bear: The Video Game PAL WII-iCON

Yogi Bear: The Video Game PAL WII-iCON English | Platform: Wii | Release: 07 December 2010 | Publisher: D3 Publisher | Developer: Monkey Bar Games | 4.3 GB Genre: Action In Yogi Bear: The Video Game, help Yogi Bear (voiced by Dan Akroyd, who also stars as Yogi in the movie) save Jellystone Park from being shut down forever. Players will be able to explore, jump, crawl, belly slide, sneak, and zip-line through majestic Jellystone Park locales in search of wildlife, adventure, and sometimes the distraction of a pic-a-nic basket or two! However, be careful, Ranger Smith doesn't tolerate disturbance of his campers and keeps a watchful eye over the park. Luckily there is Yogi Bear's trusty sidekick Boo Boo, to help Yogi get through difficult challenges and antics. More info: _http://uk.wii.ign.com/objects/086/086483.html Screenshots
17 February 2015

Sex Fantasy - Juici Girls (NEWPC2010)

Sex Fantasy - Juici Girls (NEW/PC/2010) | 665 MB Title: Sex Fantasy - Juici Girls Year: 2010 Genre: Erotica XXX Virtual Game Developer: Galaxy Pink Platform: PC On the game: Game Sex Fantasy: Juici Girls - is the embodiment of all your erotic fantasies into reality. Here you can do and see everything! No censorship and restrictions. Excellent animation, an incredible number of poses and super erotic sound will give you maximum pleasure. Welcome to the virtual world of sexual fantasies. Language: English Medicine: not required Size: 665 Mb System requirements: - System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Seven - Processor: Pentium 4 or equivalent - Memory: 512 Mb (1Gb Good) - Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 5800, ATI Radeon 9800Pro, or better - Sound card: compatible with DirectX 9.0 - 1.0 GB free hard disk space - Microsoft DirectX 9.0c
13 April 2015

Martian Panic (2010ENGWII)

Martian Panic (2010/ENG/WII) | 4.3 GB The game is developed in corporation N-Fusion Interactive Entertainment, Martian Panic platform Wii, with new levels of strategy and experimental weapons. If one gun is not enough, players can grab a second Wii Remote and play a double game mode. Up to four players can fight simultaneously against the Martian onslaught. Game rules are simple, but actions are very intense, so hold on. Features: - 8 levels are packed in colorful videos and intense action game. 10 unique types of enemies. 6 different types of weapons. 5 different types of PowerUp for special action. - Cutscenes and cinematographic films (Each level contains a series of mini-movies which convey the story they give players the opportunity to rest between the action. These videos are humorous and use in-game characters and lots of effects). - Multiple difficulty levels, achievements and funny story, filled with colorful characters increase the value and make the Martian Panic excellent choice for those who owns a Wii. Download Martian Panic (2010/ENG/WII):
15 May 2015

Gutterball 2 - ultimate bowling game (ENG) with keygen

The most realistic three-dimensional game of bowling with you again! Five new rooms, 25 new balls, striking to behold the original look, new game modes and the most realistic physics to date. Try the new version of the original 3D-bowling! About game: Title: Gutterball 2 - ultimate bowling game (ENG) with keygen Year: 2010 Genre: Sport, arcade, simulator, bowling Platform: PC Language: English Publication Type: License Crack: Keygen in archive File Size: 15 mb System requirements: Minimal Download Gutterball 2 - ultimate bowling game (ENG) with keygen:
27 May 2015

Video Strip Poker 2.0 full (PCENG2009)

Video Strip Poker 2.0 full (PC/ENG/2009) | 21.05 Mb Title: Video Strip Poker 2.0 full Year: 2009 Genre: Erotic Games Platform: Windows All On the game: During a poker game girls dancing striptease videos incessantly during the game. Language: ENG Medicine: not required Size: 21.05 Mb
31 March 2015

Best Friends by Retro64 Computer Games

Best Friends is an ultra-cute 3D platform game where you help the 2 friends, Petey and Patty, reunite with each other.Each board is totally unique, almost like its own little game.Try not to fall as the boards twist, turn, and slide.The Japanese inspired cartoon graphics and whimsical speech sounds contribute to the fun.At only 4 megs, it's a quick download, even on a modem.