Free Winter Holiday Screensaver by 3D ScreenSaver Jam

The free winter holiday screensaver features traditional Christmas photos slideshow that will keep on rotating. The cheerful scene in the screensaver will enliven your Christmas spirit. The Christmas photo slideshow enables you to enter into the holiday spirit. By watching the slideshow, you will feel warmth in your heart. It is compatible with Windows Vista. The screensaver is completely free. It does not contain any advertisement or spyware.

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Winter Town 3D Screensaver by Eye Catching Screensavers

Winter Town 3D Screensaver is a fine-looking screensaver that may give your desktop a fresh winter spirit. When the screensaver comes to life, you find yourself in a small winter town on a still night. Stars are twinkling bright in the sky and say good bye to the snowflakes, which are silently falling all around the houses.

Christmas Decoration Screensaver by

We also love Christmas holiday. And we made new free Christmas screensaver for you! Christmas tree with classic analog clock will surely impress you and your friends. Enjoy smooth and realistic animation: rotating baloons, flashing stars, decorated tree and other effects.

Free Christmas Vacation ScreenSaver by Download for Free

This beautiful screensaver will put you in a holiday mood and remind you of the coming Christmas. Huge sparkling snowflakes will give you winter feeling even if the Sun is in your window (for those on a Southern continent). The beautiful landscape is complemented by clocks, which seem to dissolve along with the snowflakes in the background.

Free Scary Halloween Screensaver by 3D ScreenSaver Jam

The scary Halloween screensaver is designed specifically for people that are celebrating the Halloween. The animated graphics in the screensaver are displayed in high resolution. The slideshow of the Halloween scene will keep on rotating. The screensaver is unique. It is completely free and available for download by people around the world.

3D White Christmas 4.0 Screensaver

3D White Christmas 4.0 Screensaver | 6.29 MB Christmas favorite holiday for many. Now you can get into the spirit of this holiday in any season with 3D White Christmas screensaver. Watch the brilliant lights of the Christmas tree, festively lit cabanas. Snowman and fireworks. Download this screensaver and get ready to celebrate Christmas.