101 Languages of the World (Complete 4CDs) Interactive Tutorial

101 Languages of the World (Complete 4CDs) Interactive Tutorial | 1.06GB
Whether you want to learn a foreign language for travel, school, business or for your own personal enjoyment, here is the quickest, easiest, and most fun way possible. Languages Of The World teaches language Survival Phrases which introduce you to concepts of meeting and greeting, exchanging money, navigating travel situations and much more. Right from the start learners of any level even complete beginners can start using a foreign language with this unique learning system.

Learning is as Easy as One, Two, Three!
1. Tune your ear and build your comprehension with Languages of the World s many games and listening activities,
2. Perfect Your Speaking Skill with the most advanced pronunciation analysis available, and
3. Participate in Real Dialogs to Learn to Speak Like a Native


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