Digidesign Strike 1.0.2-1.0.3 RTAS MAC OS

Digidesign Strike 1.0.2-1.0.3 RTAS MAC OS | 6.2 Gb
Digidesign Strike is a revolutionary RTAS instrument plug-in that makes it easy to create, control, and produce professional drum performances right from within Pro Tools with uncanny realism.

One part intelligent virtual drummer, one part professional drum module, Digidesign Strike features a wide range of high-definition drum kits and style choices, and allows for unprecedented control over the virtual drummerís performance.
Users simply pick the kit and tell the drummer how to play, adjusting the playing intensity, complexity, timing, groove, dynamics, and much more in real time. Strike offers editable preset patterns based on real recordings and lets users create their own patterns with the onboard Style Editor (Strike also doubles as a powerful drum module). Proprietary technology eliminates the mechanized artifacts of typical sample-playback devices, while a comprehensive built-in mixer with a full palette of effects processing and multi-channel output capability provides full control over every aspect of the drum kit sound.

Year: 2010
Version: 1.0.2-1.0.3
Developer: Digidesign
Platform: Intel only
Medicine: Present
Language: English

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5.8 or higher

Digidesign Strike main features include:
* Easily produce professional, highly realistic drum performances right within Pro Tools software
* Full, real-time control of the virtual drummerís performance, including intensity, complexity, timing, groove, dynamics, and much more
* Groundbreaking realtime performance engine allows for gradually adjusting the dynamics of a drum performance without the typical machine gun effect or audible velocity layer switching
* Choose from 5 high-definition drum kits, each featuring up to 12 instruments per kit and up to 300 samples per instrument
* Includes over 20 GB of 24-bit audio stored in just 5 GB of space via proprietary lossless compression
* Over 1,500 editable preset drum patterns/performances covering dozens of musical styles and song section structures
* Intelligently mapped drum patterns and sounds allow for fast, interactive real-time arrangement and composition of drum parts
* Doubles as a powerful MIDI drum module for use with your own drum patterns and sequences
* Built-in virtual mixing console for full control over drum kit sound, including room ambience, microphone levels/leakage, EQ, dynamics, and more
* Dedicated EQ and 2 insert effects processors per channel including compressor, limiter, tube saturation, distortion, bit crusher, filter, ring modulator, delay, reverb, phaser, chorus and more
* Support for multi-channel plug-in output for discrete routing and mixing of each drum kit component independently in the Pro Tools mixer
* MIDI Learn functionality allows for easily mapping plug-in parameters to MIDI instruments for hands-on control
* Full support for Pro Tools automation and control via Digidesign control surfaces and ICON integrated consoles
* Highly optimized RTAS instrument for Pro Tools HD 7, Pro Tools LE 7, and Pro Tools M-Powered 7 software

1) Copy the file from the root Strike.dpm image in a folder User-> Library-> Application Support-> Digidesign-> Plug-ins;
2) Run the updater 1.0.2 (10.5.x) or 1.0.3 (10.6.x), depending on the version of OSX;
3) Copy untied (unpaced) plug-in folder User-> Library-> Application Support-> Digidesign-> Plug-ins;
3) Copy the folder Strike in the desired location on the HDD and run from this location Set Strike content location.app;

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