C-Arts – OctoberNovember 2010

C-Arts – October/November 2010
English | PDF | 100 pages | 56 MB

Asian Contemporary Art and Culture. C-Arts is an international art magazine which focuses on informing the readers about art life in Asia, especially in South East Asia. Hence, international problems or events that are important for the development for the arts of Asia—specifically South East Asia will be a major part of the magazine’s coverage.Following the interest in South East Asian contemporary art, a group of art lovers and businessmen have recognized the need for this magazine. Articles revealed in C-Arts discuss vital art trends in Asia and the world, recognize and identify the latest art discoveries as well as previews and reviews of the latest art exhibitions, biennales, art-fairs and/or auctions.C-Arts will subsequently include up-to-date issues about galleries, artists, and museums that focus themselves on the contemporary art of Asia.

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