Flux 3.1.6 MAC OSX

Flux 3.1.6 | Mac Os X | 55 MB

Flux has an amazing WYSIWYG rendering engine, which means you can drag, stretch, and move objects like a you can in a DTP application, and your webpages will look exactly how you intended.*Flux will generate all the code for you, with no unneccesary tags. Size, position, even margins and padding can be altered with handles on the elements themselves. If the properties are stored in external CSS stylesheets, these are automaticaly updated.

If you’d rather type your code, you can do that too. The objects you create in the Code Editor will appear on the page as soon as you stop typing, they can then be edited using the WYSIWYG display.
Flux doesn’t make a distinction between typed code, or objects created by Flux, you can create anyway you like, and Flux will understand.
The Flux Code Editor has syntax highlighting for HTML and CSS, auto-completion and line numbering.

Flux can edit sites directly off an FTP or SFTP site, so you can make quick changes even quicker. All elements from a DIV to a PARAM to a CSS Rule can be edited in the Inspector. Flux supports Plugins, most CODA plugins work great in Flux.

At least 512MB of RAM
Mac OS X Leopard or Snow Leopard (Recommended)
Both Intel and PowerPC are supported. (Intel or a fast G5 is recommended.)

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