PROJECT 7. Black & White Ultimate x86 (by AMJ)

PROJECT 7: Black & White Ultimate x86 (by AMJ) | 3.71 GB

This is my latest and in my opinion, best OS to date. It several stunning themes, all new token white icons, cursors and best of all: Windows XP Mode built in as well as Office 2010 Professional x86.Previously, you could only run XP Mode on newer PC's that supported virtualization, but I have slipstreamed the hotfix so any PC capable of running 7 will be supported.
All updates until 10/2010 are also slipstreamed.

Post Installer will silently install:

Windows XP Mode
Office 2010 Professional x86 (build 4670)
Photoshop CS4
xDark Firefox
xDark Google Chrome
Windows 7 Manager
Foxit Phantom Suite
Revo Uninstaller Pro
xDark iTunes 10
Google Earth Pro
DAZ Loader 1.93
Office Activator 2010

Included as Extras:

Stardock Fences
Nod32 Business AV
MS Security Essentials AV
Remove WAT (by Hazar)


Speech Support
Languages (English and Dutch only)
Tablet PC
Welcome Center
Parental Controls


Q. Can I do an upgrade with this OS?
A. No, you must do a clean install. Backup all your data and format.

Q. Is it activated?
A. Yes, DAZ Loader and Office 2010 activator run at post install

Q. What is x86, or what bit is this?
A. x86 is 32 bit

Q. Are you doing a 64 bit version?
A. Eventually, lol

Q. Do I have to enter a serial?
A. No, just skip it

Q. How do I set up the XDOCK?
A. Read the READ ME doc on the desktop

Please read the included instructions on how to create a bootable flash drive.

*On first start-up, you will notice a delay before the post installer fires up - DO NOT RESTART! It did not freeze, just let it go (may take up to 10 min)

Please, I have noticed my stuff being uploaded on other sites. I have no problem with that but please give me credit.

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