Toontrack Beatstation STANDALONE VST RTAS v1.0.2 x86.

Toontrack Beatstation STANDALONE VST RTAS v1.0.2 x86

At its core, Beatstation marks the next step in Toontracks evolution of creating virtual instruments that are both simple and effective to use but also very powerful sound design & music production tools. Offering drum, bass and lead instrument creation & arrangement with drag and drop simplicity, Beatstation is your go to instrument for quickly getting a full groove up and running in no time at all. As if thats not enough, weve also added full MIDI & REX file support. Couple those features with the flexibility of working in Beatstation as a stand alone instrument or an AU, RTAS or VST plugin inside your favorite DAW and Beatstation becomes a creative musical force to be reckoned with.

Beatstation comes standard with a 1.5 Gb core content library packed full of beautifully recorded instrument patches, loop ready REX files and even completely customizable MIDI arrangements.

If you can think of a sound, Beatstation can help you bring it to life.

Beatstation also lets you use and combine all of your existing Toontrack EZX & SDX drum libraries together to create one of a kind drum kits and sounds. From basic musical sketches to lavish complete productions - Beatstation gives you the tools and freedom to design your own musical agenda any way you want to.

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