Axialis CursorWorkshop Pro 6.33

Axialis CursorWorkshop Pro 6.33 | 16.3 MB

With CursorWorkshop make your own hi-quality static and animated cursors for Windows and Web sites. The new generation of cursors uses variable transparency (alpha channel). This feature permits creating beautiful cursors with smooth borders and shadows. You need a professional tool to create such cursors. Axialis CursorWorkshop has been designed with one goal in mind: Quality. Enjoy the powerful editor which permits creating the various image formats of a cursor from an original drawing without quality loss. The cursors can be created to customize Windows or enhance applications. You can also add your own cursors in your web sites.

Axialis CursorWorkshop allows creating all kind of static cursors for Windows (extension CUR). All sizes and color depths are supported up to RGB with alpha channel for Windows XP and Windows Vista. Many features are implemented to help you creating your static cursors in minutes: create all image formats from images in one click, create new formats from existing ones, use of ready-to-use image objects and more. Use the advanced editor to create animated cursors (extension ANI). Many features permits to make smooth animated pointers. You can edit each frame in a powerful editor, specify the display delays and see a live preview of your animated cursor while creating it. Create your animated cursors from existing animations: Filmstrips with alpha channel (BMP, PNG, PSD, Jpeg 2000...), Animated GIF, FLI/FLC and more.


- Axialis CursorWorkshop is compatible with Windows Vista
- Create hi-quality cursors for Windows
- Make static and animated cursors
- Create cursors using built-in assistants
- Easily produce attractive cursors using Image Objects
- Compatible with graphic industry standards
- A powerful built-in Librarian
- Use a Media File Explorer with previews
- Batch procedures
- Learn using a Comprehensive Help
- Redistribute your cursors
- Customize Windows mouse pointers
- Customize cursors in web sites
- Full Drag & Drop support in all workspace
- Automatically creates a multi-format cursor from an image in one click
- Imports/Exports Adobe Photoshop PSD images with layers
- Imports/Exports PNG, JPEG2000 and BMP with smooth transparency alpha channel
- Batch create PNG, JPEG2000, PSD or BMP images from cursors (several cursors at once)
- Batch create static and animated cursor from images
- Drop shadow effect
- Create a cursor from a screen capture
- Create an animated cursor from an animated GIF
- Create an animated cursor from a FLI/FLC animation
- Create an animated cursor from several static frame images
- Create a rotating animated cursor from a static image
- Create a cursor with all its formats from an external image file in one operation
- Open any executable file (EXE, DLL, OCX...)

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