Tom Holland's Total Body Workout 2.

Tom Holland's Total Body Workout 2
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Tom Holland's Total Body Workout II: Guaranteed to whip you into shape in just 20 minutes per session - this is a heart-pounding, energy-burning Strength, Cardio & Ab workout with a no-nonsense approach.
Although shorter than the first Total Body Workout, this 20-minute program is just as jam-packed with circuit-training that utilizes compound movements. In addition to the cardio, the workout simultaneously addresses the lower and upper body, while carving out time to work the abs and lower back.

Total Body Workout II came about because so many people loved Tom Holland's original workout and wanted more. You get the same circuit-style workout only this time, thanks to upper body and lower body combo moves, it's just over 20 minutes long.

This is a scientifically-based fat-burning, muscle-toning and abdominal workout all in one. Shorter, harder, and incredibly effective - it's simply the best complete workout in the shortest time possible. The DVD also features a great music soundtrack by Tom's brother, Joe Holland.

Tom Holland gets down to business right away and offers lots of form pointers. Although he maintains a no-nonsense professional stance, Holland conducts his workouts in a way that is friendly, to-the-point, and attentive.

As with Tom's past workout DVD, you choose the type of cardio being done. Tom usually does jumping jacks, but you can jog, walk, etc. The workout consists of doing cardio spurts for 30 - 60 seconds in between a long series of compound movements such as:

* Forward lunges & bicep curls
* Forward lunges & overhead press
* Alternate lunges & alternate side and front raises
* Bent rows
* Bent knee pull-ups for abs
* Plank pose (30 seconds)
* Child's pose stretch
* Plie squats & bicep curls
* Stationary lunge & overhead press
* Stationary lunge & front raise
* Squat & side raise
* Two-armed tricep kick-backs
* Bent-over flies
* Raised bent-knees (abs-obliques)
* Push-ups
* Alternating dips w/ bicep curls, overhead presses, with front and side raises
* Bent row & tricep kickbacks
* Squats

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