IMKT Alex Cleanthous - Web Profit's Seo Training Course [$397 Value]

IMKT Alex Cleanthous - Web Profit's Seo Training Course [$397 Value]
English | 2 Weeks | AVC | 480x320 | 961kbps | 29fps | AAC | 96kbps | 1.05 GB
Genre: Elearning

SEO Secrets is the exact strategy we use at Web Profits to achieve top rankings for our clients in every market we work in. It’s a complete blueprint to mastering your online presence. From SEO to website optimisation, SEO Secrets builds an impenetrable fortress around your online presence that the toughest competition won't be able to break.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn from the SEO Secrets training program...
* What SEO is all about, and why a handful of your competitors are going to use it to dominate your market unless you get in first
* Which search engines you should optimise your website for, and more surprisingly...which ones to ignore.
* The secrets to making Google LOVE YOU and keep putting you at the top of its search results pages
* Why it's having the right systems, not technology that'll make you money. You’ll learn how to quickly and easily set up the systems that have made millionaires of our clients
* How to get maximum results for minimal effort, and why people who spend hours on their website a week are actually hurting their profitability
* How to capitalise on phenomenal growth of social media. We've done it time and time again with incredible results for our clients, and you’ll learn how it's done properly.
* How to attract the right kind of traffic...i.e. serious players who have money to spend
* How to quickly identify the best keywords for your website, and why this list of keywords will be the most powerful asset your business has
And more....

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