Classic Start Menu Pro 3.85

Classic Start Menu Pro 3.85 | 8.21 MB

Are you missing the Classic Start Menu in Windows 7* If so, you are not alone; we have developed this Classic Start Menu for you, and now you can easily change the unusable menu of Windows 7 to the well known classic start menu with Aero skin.
Actually, you can use other skins too, not just the Aero one. Yet, with Aero, you make the Classic Start Menu look like a real part of Windows 7. Classic Start Menu is also highly configurable and exceptionally easy to use.
You will realize the power of the new Classic Start Menu as soon as you try it out. Having tried it once, you will gain considerable advantages of the new Classic Start Menu in Windows 7, so that you'll hardly ever want to get back to the Windows 7 System Menu.
Our Classic Start Menu doesn't change Windows files, so you can easily uninstall it or even access the system menu by holding the Shift key and clicking the Orb button. So, don't waste any precious time, try it now and enjoy the Classic Start Menu in Windows 7

Here are some key features of Classic Start Menu:
One-click launch helps you run programs faster.
Power button timers. Now you don't need to wait for when a long process will be completed. All you need is to turn on the timer and Classic Start Menu will turn off or reboot PC for you.
Aero Skin and others help you to change the look of the menu.
Quick un-install feature allows you to uninstall any program with a right-click, even if the program doesn't come with an uninstall shortcut in menu
You can add any folders to the menu, including special system folders, drives, or shortcuts, and get access to any point of your PC with few clicks from one single place.

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