Windows 10 Professional by OVGorskiy 12.08.2015 2DVD (x86x64)

Assembly based on the original Russian image latest operating system, Windows 10 Pro / Core (x86-x64) (msdn) from Microsoft with additional material on the various bit 2 different DVD (x86 and x64). Installation is fully standard hand with the choice of operating system installation options. Integrated: the program to return to our usual system of buttons and Start menu, desktop gadgets, additional themes and desktop images, updates and so on.

Assembly based on the official image MICROSOFT MSDN (Release date: July 2015):

- Update on August 10, 2015 important and recommended (See note.) One of them the second large cumulative;
- Additional themes, wallpapers, gadgets, avatars user.

The application is automatically installed during the installation of the operating system:
- ClassicShell 4.2.4 Final (RU), the program to return to the usual attributes of a system OS - button and Start menu (See note.);
- Ultra UXTheme Patcher v3.0.0.1, a program-patcher to add the possibility of using third-party themes;
- 8GadgetPack v14.0, software for installation in desktop gadgets;
- Anti-virus database defender windows on 10 August 2015;

Installing the operating system is no different from installing the operating system from the original. Time OS installation varies from 20 to 35 minutes depending on the bit depth and power of the computer. Applications are installed by post-install internal OS installer. The content of the images can be transferred to bootable USB flash drive or burn to a DVD for the appropriate procedure to create bootable media. The assembly was tested in all installations on a real machine with a DVD drive and a bootable USB drive. Installation errors are not detected. The most optimal option to install from a USB drive as the fastest and most reliable. It is recommended to use to create a bootable USB drive Rufus.
The efficiency of assembly is guaranteed only when installing on a clean, ie during the installation of a boot the computer to a clean formatted partition (disk). So I recommend immediately after installing the system to restart the computer to reset the settings of the current user. Owners of computers with GPT disks with the structure remind you that the installation can only be a 64-bit version of a UEFI interface from a DVD or USB drive, designed to meet certain conditions, such as program Rufus (UEFI to GPT, FAT32).
Read instructions for installing Win10.

For the convenience of the OS in the form of small changes are made:
- Running OS component .NetFramework 3.5 (2.0 3.0 m inclusive), it requires a lot of programs,
- Show the My Computer, Control Panel and Internet Explorer on the desktop,
- In the File menu added to open notepad file (Open with Notepad), Move to ... and Copy to ...
- In the Computer added Device Manager (Device Manager),
- Show hidden files and folders,
- To show the file extension,
- Changed the site to Google Search into Internet Explorer,
- Including transparent bottom panel (depending on the inclusion of the topic)
- Added more background pictures for your desktop,
- Added additional themes desktop;
- Added more gadgets;
User Account Control (UAC) transferred to the lowest level of notice.
- Services, processes and components of Windows are left by default. Nothing was removed and changed.

All changes in the assembly, registry tweaks, adding the material produced by standard means of Windows ADK.
Applications are installed by post-install internal OS installer.
Just to drive the additional material is added.

Additional material:
After installation on the system disk will be created a folder with additional material.
- Folder Strart Buttons contains additional ifor programs Start button ClassicShell.
- Folder Desktop Wallpapers contains additional images for your desktop.
- In the folder Avatars contains avatars users.
Also in the DVD images are added to create a flash card program, a program to change the information in the Properties pane, poster and cover dvd. Extract can mount an image to a virtual drive or any archive.
Note: all the additional material is designed for self-installation of your choice.

Notes to the assembly and useful recommendations
1. Before installing the system (10), make sure your computer (laptop) supports it, as well as whether there are drivers on all equipment (suitable from 8 and 8.1). Download and save it to some sort of support.
2. The proper and safe way to install the system, this installation from the DVD, provided that it is correct and error-free recording.
3. Owning a UEFI-based computer you need to know what is available for setting only a 64-bit version, and when installing from a USB drive, it must be formatted in FAT32. I recommend the latest versions of the program Rufus.
4. If you connect to the Internet system is quite slow. Give her own upgrade and everything will come back to normal.
5. The assembly set is not activated immediately after installation activate its proposed recommendations.
6. After installing advise customize ClassicShell, select the Start button from the folder. Just go to customize, choose a theme and desktop wallpaper to your taste. In the settings you can choose a user avatar of the appropriate folder.
7. If you are installing can be used as an account Microsoft, and to create a local account. Some applications require an account Microsoft. Subscribe or not, you decide.
8. Updates to the site updates are installed automatically when you connect to the internet so greatly slows down the computer first. Internet connection can take place automatically at the stage of installing the system in the presence of his physical connections.
9. Built-in anti-virus Defender Windows initially quite slows down the system. By default, it is launched. Disconnect it or not, you decide. Many third-party anti-virus software is not supported on Windows 10.
10. General impressions of the system are mainly positive, if it is a bit customize himself. Microsoft regularly fixes system errors and makes new ones.
11. Voice Assistant Cortana is not working in the Russian version of the system.
12. The users who are hypersensitive about their confidential advice when installing the system does not accept the default settings and customize them for yourself, turn off everything that keeps track of users and make local uch¸tku.

Activating the system:
To activate the system, use your license or think about its acquisition. People are not satisfied with this option, use an alternative. After installing the OS on the system drive will create a folder Activators, where you will find a selection of tools for system activation. I recommend to use the automatic KMS activator KMSAuto Lite Portable.
1. Disable antivirus, if installed (recommended, not required)!
2. Open the folder Activators on the system drive (C:), or pass the link on the desktop.
3. Run the file KMSAuto folder KMSAuto Lite Portable v1.2.1.
4. Activate.
5. Reboot and check the result after the restart.
6. If you are not successful, try the other methods of activation of the material presented.
- Note: The activation of the system is possible KMS activators for 180 days with the subsequent reactivation in manual or automatic mode. Additionally, the activator can create a schedule for automatic periodic activation system not to worry about in the future.

Unlike previous versions:
1. Replace the images of the official sources of OS installation images from the site microsoft.
2. Replace the software automatically installed on current versions. Classic Shell updated to the final version.
3. Added new workers activators tested on a date August 2015
4. Integrated update on August 10, 2015, 3 pcs., One of them the second large cumulative.
5. Added themes for a desktop, fully compatible with the final version removed inconsistent.
6. The image file install.wim system of maximum compression to reduce the size.
7. DVD image added to the program to create flash cards, and a tool to change the OEM information, see. Screenshots.
8. Added to the installation of anti-virus databases for Windows Defender on August 10, 2015
9. Fixed minor shortcomings and a little logo of the author.

Minimum system requirements
If you want to use on your Windows computer 10, you will need:
• Processor: Minimum 1 GHz processor or SoC
• RAM: 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
• Hard disk space: 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)
• Video Card: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver
• Display: 1024 x 600 pixels.

Windows 10 x86 Pro Ru by OVGorskiy 08.2015.iso
CRC32: F8544010
MD5: DC3616B522326A6B025D4700B9C54BD5
SHA-1: 6F1B5300655A646514024A4C15C278B95D5469C2

Windows 10 x64 Pro Ru by OVGorskiy 08.2015.iso
CRC32: 630B4101
MD5: 7733D9E85F8D710B9EB342C9070F35B6

Release Date: 8/12/2015
OS version: 10.0 build 10240 (10.0.10240.16384 RTM)
Developer | By assembling: Microsoft | OVGorskiy
Platform: x86 | x64
Language: Russian
Treatment: KMS Activator
Size: 2.77 Gb | 3,45 GB


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