SpatialVerb VST by ExperimentalScene

SpatialVerb VST has a powerful ray tracing system for generating the early impulse response of the reverb unit. The late impulse response is generated by a feedback delay network to minimize ringing. This simple to use yet powerful VST effect is great for those who want a realistic reverb effect. This plugin has high quality 32-bit processing with full stero input and output. Reverberation is modelled with a raytracer which generates the early reverb response and a feedback delay network which generates a smooth (no ringing) late response.

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Overloud REmatrix v1.0.5 WiN MAC-R2R

Overloud REmatrix v1.0.5 WiN/MAC-R2R TEAM R2R 2014.10.22 | WiN: 139.63 MB | MAC: 210.01 MB REmatrix features five individual convolvers and an effect chain working together to create complex and unique spaces that cannot be obtained with any other tool. The most impressive reverb ever created by a plugin a streamlined workflow: go from the idea to the final tone in a few clicks a huge factory library created by one of the world-leading sound designers, MoReVoX, specifically designed and supported by an extensive preset list a proprietary technology to add liveliness and richness to the static nature of convolvers Why REmatrix Impulse Response [IR] reverbs are great when you need to replicate a sampled space; however the typical IR offers only simplistic adjustments and does not allow

Audio Damage ADverb v1.1.0 Win Mac OS X

Audio Damage ADverb v1.1.0 (Win / Mac OS X) | 10.2 MB ADverb is a plate reverb simulation inspired by vintage digital hardware. It faithfully recreates the thick sonic character and easy-to-use interface of those early units, while providing the low noise floor and big headroom inherent in modern software-based reverb.

VirSyn REFLECT v2.5.0

VirSyn REFLECT v2.5.0 | 12.1 MB True Stereo reverb tail in REFLECT 2.5. The algorithmic reverb tail of REFLECT is now made with a true stereo processor - this means that the spatial position of the input signal influences the character of the resultant reverb tail.

Lexicon PCM Native Reverb Bundle v1.3.6 MacOSX

Lexicon PCM Native Reverb Bundle v1.3.6 (MacOSX) | 97 Mb For over 40 years Lexicon has been recognized as the gold standard of digital reverb and effects processing and has continuously introduced leading edge technology for the audio industry. Lexicon has again rocked the audio industry with a complete collection of the finest reverb plug-ins available.

Lexicon MPX Native Reverb v1.0.2 MacOSX

Lexicon MPX Native Reverb v1.0.2 MacOSX | 15 Mb For over 40 years Lexicon has been considered the gold standard of digital reverb and effects processing. Now that same distinctive, smooth, rich Lexicon Sound is available in a plug-in specifically designed to take any home or project studio to the next level.

Sound Effect Maker by DigitByte Studio

Sound Effect Maker can create sound effects for sound file. It supports the sound effects such as chorus, compression, distortion, echo, flange, gargle, parametric equalizer, reverberation. It can adjust the following parameters of the sound effects: Chorus: wet/dry mix, depth, feedback, frequency, delay, waveform, phase.

Voxengo CurveEQ by Voxengo

Voxengo CurveEQ VST is a professional WYSIWYG ( what you see is what you get ) linear phase spline equalizer. CurveEQ shows you actual filtering information: the filter's frequency response, and both input and output FFT spectrums. You can actually see what the EQ is doing with the sound. This, in turn, allows you to get the best from your mix and your tracks.

Dexster by Softdiv Software

Dexster is a perfect audio editor tool for your music production that supports many popular audio formats and features audio cd burning.Dexster provides cool and easy-to-use interface that allow you to edit an audio file visually (Cut, Copy, Delete Select, Delete Silence, Paste, Paste From File, Mix, Mix From File); apply different effects (Amplify, Compressor, Delay, Envelope, Equalizer, Expander, Fade, Flanger, Invert, Normalize, Phaser, Reverb, Reverse, Silence, Stretch, Trim, Vibrato, Chorus, Pitch Shift); Vocal Reduction; Mix Stereo Channels; Insert noise and silence in an audio file; Insert and change described information about a marker; Apply different filters to the selected part of an audio file (Band Pass Filter, FFT Filter, High Pass Filter, High Shelf Filter, Low Pass Filter,

Virtual Room Emulator VST by Syntheway

Virtual Room Emulator is a VST reverb plug-in for native PC platforms. Used to create psycho-acoustic models in the DSP environment. It simulates the reverberation of a sound in a rectangular type room, allowing separate control of the room's width, depth and height. It also allows you to control the distance between the listener and the sound positioned in that virtual room.

Student Response Network by Parallel Divergence Software

If your school or training center has a computer classroom with a projector, then you really should add Student Response Network to make it a real powerhouse of learning. There are so many educational advantages when using audience response systems. With Student Response Network, you?ll quickly find that it costs a tiny fraction of the price of hardware-based ?

Blue Cat's Dynamics by Blue Cat Audio

The most flexible dynamics processor on the market - Blue Cat's Dynamics is a complete dynamics effect processor: it can be used as a compressor, limiter, gate, expander or even distortion unit. You can manage the dynamics response of the plug-in with a unique two-thresholds system.

Supersynths Monstrous VST v1.0

Supersynths Monstrous VST v1.0 TEAM ASSiGN | 07 SEPTEMBER 2010 | 1.55GB The 2.0GB sound library will quickly have you creating scary atmospheres and haunting textures, perfect for science fiction scenes, horror flicks, moody atmospherics or just to have some fun with friends and family.However, this instrument is no joke.

Best Service Halls Of Fame

Best Service Halls Of Fame | 7.74 GB 32 Bit True Stereo High Definition Impulse Responses from the World’s Most Famous Reverb Units! Act on impulse! This collection of IRs from the worlds most famous reverb units takes your convolution reverb plugin to the next level.

LiquidSonics Reverberate VST RTAS 1.650 x86x64.

LiquidSonics Reverberate VST RTAS 1.650 x86/x64 TEAM AiR | 30.11.2010 | 374MB LiquidSonics' Reverberate is a highly efficient convolution audio processor offering true zero-latency operation for two separate, stereo impulse responses. Reverberate seeks to provide a richer and more dynamic sounding reverb from impulse responses by optionally modulating an amalgamation of two, separately controllable IRs using an LFO.

Kazrog LLC Recabinet 3 VST 3.0.1

Kazrog LLC Recabinet 3 VST 3.0.1 | 17.7 MB Recabinet is the world’s ultimate cabinet simulator, launched in 2008 as the most comprehensive speaker cabinet impulse response library on the market. Since then, it has become a secret weapon of major artists and producers such as Steve Stevens, Vernon Reid, Devildriver, and Ill Nino.