Total Body Workout Make Awesome Abs

Total Body Workout Make Awesome Abs | 886MB

In this killer routine, you ll get an intense total body workout and have your own Situation in no time!
1-Five-15 minute express segments:
2-Ripped Upper Body: Get large and in charge working the upper body with 3 sets of exercises focused on each muscle group.
3-Juiced Glutes and Legs: Use dumbbells in these powerful plyometrics to get pumped, lean legs.
4-Killer Arms: Star in your own gun show by working those biceps, triceps, and forearms for explosive results
5-Awesome Abs: Hit the floor for an abs routine to get your own six-pack.
6-Insane Abs: A more challenging routine for those that really want a set of Situation abs.
7-BONUS! The Sitch s Secret Exercise: THE secret recipe to Mike s famous abs.


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